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    Why  system reengineering is necessary for the erp implementation ?


    BPR ( business process reengineering ) is an emerging concept for any organizational environment. Some of the leading organizations have been successful in successfully reengineer their business and many of the organizations have also been unsuccessful in reengineering themselves by lack of creativity.

    In this post, we will try to understand that how ERP is connected to the business process reengineering -

    In the past when ERP software were in the new era in 90s, then companies started to decide that an ERP software should be adopted as per according to the decisions and policies governed by the business owners and administration. But coming to the 21st century, ERP software are very customer friendly and thus can be customised as per according to the business requirements.

    Sometimes a change in information system can be flexible or minor as per according to organization environment and sometimes changes can be major and complex to handle. It would be difficult to imply those changes without understanding the proper business processes. So system reengineering becomes essential to extract the maximum benefit from the information system.

    The unsuccess reason of the erp system implementation in the organization is occured because of the organizations don’t consider it necessary to evaluate the business reengineering process. Business system reengineering is completely necessary for changing in the company culture, business processes & organizational structure as well.

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