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Nissen Chemitec America is the one of the best plastic molding company which is also a vendor for honda motors and Tiger Moly company to supply them the automobile parts in the diverse range and varieties. It is established since 1988 by the contract between the Nissen Chemitec Corporation and Worthington industries.

Why the ERP is needed in the Nissen Chemitec Corporation ?

The following reasons were there for the ERP need in the company like -

  • working and striving in the competitive industry

  • working for the ERP system rather than system working for them

  • No EDI ( electronic data interchange ) system

  • No labeling system

  • Heavy data entry requirements

  • Limited barcode scanning capabilities

Before implementing the ERP of IQMS software they were using a software which was not scalable as per according to their needs and they were in need of the more tailored system which was specially made for the production and manufacturing companies to fulfill their needs.

How the ERP was implemented in the Nissen Chemitec America ?

After inspecting many of the ERP vendors, Nissen decided to select the ERP software of IQMS because their software was made for to solve the routine problems of the manufacturing organizations and automotive industry as well.

The IQMS software led to company for removing the multiple databases and the payment removal as well for which they were paying in the huge amount. As well all the system provided the better barcode scanning capabilities and the 80% time was increased in finding the errors and completing the data entry.

All the EDI files were automatically inserted into single database and there was no additional need of doing the manual work and like the previous software there was no additional hardware requirements of third party.

Benefits -

  • Improved customer communication

  • improved data entry accuracy

  • Additional EDI and quality check parameters facility

  • Improved barcode scanning capacity

  • 80% reduction in processing time

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