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Like other states of India, Odisha is famous for all of its arts and handicrafts especially in cottage industry. There are totally more than 1200 cottage industries which are providing employment to more than 1500 individuals which are totally dependant on this segment for their primary and second income resource.

The number one quality of handicrafts of Odisha ia that there are paintings which are made on the rock surfaces and this type of sculpture can be seen in the caves also. There is also work related to the pigment coating can be seen on the idols and paintings of caves. There is also an ancient form of pata painting style is found which is found in the world famous temple Jagannath Puri.

With this the sambalpuri textiles and sarees are also seem to be very popular from Odisha. Sambalpuri sarees are very famous for their ethnicity and splendour. The colour dying work of Odisha on these sarees to make them more shining is also very famous in artisans.

Problems pertaining handicraft sector of Odisha -

  • less working capital requirements

  • marketing and finance problems

  • Artisans losing their parental clients due to competition.

  • Change in working patterns due to Governmental programmes.

  • Lucrative market opportunities and urbanization

  • Losing the handicraft business due to low income

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