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  • How did Logicserve Digital implemented the campaign of #munnakabaayega ?


    Logicserve created a digital campaign as UnWanted21days, in which the motive was to tackle the problem of solving of problem of just newly-wed couples for having a baby soon.


    In this, a quasi puppet campaign was launched to convince the people about this conservative thought. The campaign was related about having baby whenever a couple is ready. 


    This puppet show was prepared on the basis of thematic folksy songs to reinforce the message of privacy and independence amongst the people. 


    Whatsapp stickers were created to highlight family friends and relatives to convey this message. With this, the same video was being translated into Bengali and Oriya. 


    The video garnered more than 150000 views within 24 hours of its launch on the first day. Engagement rate was 0.83%, 11000 total views, 400 shares were accomplishments of this campaign.


    The uniqueness of this campaign was just an effort, that was done to educate and empower the message of audience in the simplest way without being intrusive. 


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  • Why did the swaraj division implement the facebook and whatsapp campaign?

    Swaraj Division is a tractor and farm equipment oriented company which was acquired by Mahindra Company in 2007. In this company, many of the employees are from agricultural background, so this company is made by the farmers, for the farmers.


    The main motive of the Swaraj Division was to make community on Facebook. They also conducted data analysis of the farmers and they came to know that this big data could be used for the social media challenge.


    Swaraj Division first concentrated on to increase the positive zeal in the farmers to have a tractor. The overall objective of the facebook campaign was to get the market share of the company in Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat.


    The main hashtag of the “#MaineChunaMeraSwaraj” was for the campaign and there were farmers in the pictures as the main focus. In addition to this, this campaign was also promoted on whatsapp channel of the Mahindra Tech. 


    This campaign gained more than 15 million impressions and due to this, Mahindra company also got more than 15000 leads. This campaign is also an illustration in itself in which nobody was invited on the basis of price discounts but on the sector awareness. 


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  • How did youtube video campaign of wakefit become successful?

  is a research driven innovative company which deals in democratising the sleep products like mattress since 2016. The mattress market is worth rs. 10000 crores INR.


    This company has its head-quarter in Bangalore, in which it produces mattresses at the most optimum costs through a D2C model.


    At first, Wakefit optimized a comic video campaign on youtube about the online shopping of mattress in a long format video. 


    In this video, Wakefit tried to explain the benefits to customers about the online selling of mattress instead of outdoor shopping. The replacement guarantee was also provided within 100 days.


    This long-form video was promoted very heavily on youtube with the help of online ads and it was also placed on facebook and instagram but not promoted so heavily.


    This video campaign got the 2.1 million youtube views and increment rate of 2x with 4750 subscribers.   


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  • How did #justforbiryani campaign get succeed?


    MTV is a brand name in TV and infotainment having the reach of half a billion downloads. They also have a follower base of 50 million. MTV introduced the #JusticeForBiryani campaign and they wanted to collect the Indian youths together for it.


    MTV created a social media campaign, where they had the motive to collect the youth generation to have a common conversation about their favourite food. The overall concentration was to make Biryani an emoticon through social media interactions.


    Biryani had no unicode standard for the food category, so to provide it that tag MTV collected the force of youngsters. They heard the conversation on young individuals and they felt that young individuals wanted to make themselves the part of his decision making process.    


    In the initial campaigns, they started to have posts which could increase the sappiness of Biryani among individuals. This campaign also got the voice of celebrities and MTV got the support of students of more than 600 students.


    This campaign proved itself as a very successful social media initiative and they got more than 5000 retweets and more on 42000 signs on petition. This campaign was an effort to include the youngsters to make the Biryani a food emoticon


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  • How did tanishq implement the instagram campaign?


    Tanishq is a division of Titan company and a leading jewelry company, which was established in the end of 1980s. 


    In their own instagram campaign, they have generally focused on Jewelfies - selfies of jewelry so that jewelry can be made a part of daily conversatory life.


    Tanishq wanted to make their establishment on instagram and digital market on the Jewelry market. According to Tanishq, every jewelry in a family has its own story.


    This campaign was started as a social media campaign on facebook, instagram and twitter. On instagram, many organic posts coming on everyday basis were posted.


    On a facebook campaign, a separate album of posts was organized and the people were invited through contests to post their own jewelfies. The weekly winners were declared and they offered the beautiful prizes.


    More than 3000 entries were collected with 2 million impressions, 1000 mentions and reach of 30000 people.  


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