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  • What is the role of the course instructor in the online education?

    An instructor is a person who is in charge of the classroom. An instructor is generally a full term employed professional for a specific curriculum. There are sometimes adjunct instructors available in an institute who have short term employment.
    A facilitator also plays the role of the instructor specifically in an online learning environment. An instructor and facilitator has any real significance if they can help to students in making connection with learning objects.
    There is always a requirement in the online institutes that they require the instructors with proper subject matter expertise, not only holding the teaching skills individuals. If they have the required online teaching skills then a student can win at the earliest.
    To get the proper knowledge of the instructor’s credentials, students must proceed to the institute website. Every institute has its own different page pertaining to required credentials. In the lacuna of this, students must move to the right school or institute.
    Instead of the traditional classroom teaching, it is the sole duty of the online incharge to help the students in making information available at the right time and making them workable with those concepts.     
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  • What are the redirects in the ColdFusion framework?

    Redirection is a process in any programming language, in which a user is traversed to another page from current page to provide the real information. The redirected page can be a broken or parked domain page, so redirection is necessary in this case.
    In coldFusion framework, there is facility to serve the redirection facility by using of two methods -
    permanent redirects.
    temporary redirects.
    permanent redirects -
    A permanent redirect should be used when no page exists. In this type of redirection, 301 redirect status code is used. It is implemented by the <cfheader> in the ColdFusion framework. This is generally used for search engines as well and they will index the correct file.
    temporary redirects -
    It is used in the case where a user is being redirected to another page based on a logical rule. In this case, <cflocation> tag is used to induce this redirection. This actually sends HTTP status code of 302 code which means  - “moved temporarily”.
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  • What is the difference between the cohort and traditional learning?

    The adoption of traditional and cohort model depends upon the institute or course, you are being adopted to. It is strongly recommended to the student during the interviewing process while approaching for the courses.
    Traditional Model -
    In the traditional model, a student is required to take on the introductory classes which is his first priority. After taking own path, it is necessary to evaluate that how much a course is offering during the course period of time. After getting independant, it is necessary to take on the responsibility.
    Cohort model -
    A cohort model is the one in which an individual sits with the same peers group in each and every course. It depends upon the elected course. For some students, the kind of cohort model is the best in which academic career is fixed for an individual. But in some cases, to follow different courses with different individuals is also necessary.
    Conclusion -
    To participate in a cohort model or traditional one, it is a concerning matter for those participating in the professional degree. If you are going for the lower course program, it would be much good for you to follow the traditional model.
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  • How to consume other products by coldfusion framework?

    n the ColdFusion framework, the application developer can give access to any ColdFusion component to be used on a public computer so that it can publish it as a web service. To perform this task access= ”remote” property is used.

    We can understand it from the following example - Let’s say you sell ebooks. Somebody wants to show the advertisement of your ebooks on their remote website. When user clicks on the ad, it is redirected to your website.
    This purpose can be achieved from the process that a separate method can be developed by the developer which can retrieve the data from the database. A loop is maintained by the developer which crawls through all the databases.

    There is need to create a separate service which can locate the web service. This can call the WSDL description of the web service. WSDL helps you in creating interface with the actual ColdFusion web application.

    The consumer who is placing your product ads, takes the whole XML code which he can transform into its XSL transformations. This method depends upon the platform consuming the web service.An XMl document can be transformed into any language in which a consumer wants to.  

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  • What is the nature of online learning?

    Online education is all about to complete a student connection to the reading material by the online mediums. Online education combines the elements of the internet connection, reading material and student itself.

    The first design requirements in online education is proper curriculum for student which he can complete by himself independently on time with the helpful instructors of his instructor. This instructor properly facilitates you with your whole learning journey.
    Many instructors find it more convenient to take a test after some introductory classes. This method is considered very inconvenient and dull by some students.

    After a test, a student can interact with the peers about the answers but in self-paced courses, this is not necessary.
    To take a test to demonstrate student understanding about a subject is a much broader idea. This approach is also very traditional. This thing requires adjustments in class schedule and also included in instructor-led courses.  

    Online education success depends upon the nature of students for taking the charge and complete the work. Your compassionate and encapsulating faculty would definitely love to see you succeeded in your academics. More of all, there is noone to tell you about log in and out.

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