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  • What is the impact of the erp on the overall performance of the organization ?

    In the early phases of erp implementation in any company, end user attitude towards the ERP project plays a very important role. Change management has a very significant role in improving the status of employee mindsets towards the ERP implementation. End user resistance can severely impact the growth of erp software.

    There are many post implementation strategies like - routing, strategic decision making which are important for the continuity of the ERP software successfully in the organization. The successful implementation of the ERP software increases the internal competencies of the organization like -

    • strong internal working expertise and automation

    • enhancing the scope of functional ways

    • development software applications by the third party freelancers

    • streamlining business functionalities by reengineering

    • extending the ERP modules in software

    It is necessary to mandate, control & operate the ERP software from the implementation phase completion. It is necessary to take the user feedback to know that the erp software is working with the proper expectations or not. It ensures the success of past, present and future investments of the company.

    In every implementation of the erp software successfully in an organization, there are major changes occurred in the business internal as well external environment. To run an erp software effectively, there are always the significance of the change management as well. Training and development activities are always helpful in innovating the change management in an organization.

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  • What is the change management effect in the dairyco ?


    Dairyco is a dairy product based company which deals in overseas market also. The dairy products were cheese, baby milk, spreads, creams and pasteurized milk. The ERP systems were involved in the day to day business activities in 2001 by senior management. The large effects were there on the working of dairyco.

    The company had their own change managers employed at the time of implementation of erp software. These change managers identified the risky areas, initialized improved business processes and all new affected areas were also redesigned. All these managers had the mix of skill set and experience of reengineer the existing business processes.

    At the training time, the inhouse IT department of Dairyco company conducted training session for the employees. First of all, the super users of the software were trained for the software because they would be eligible to train their colleagues and junior staff. It was also known as the “train the trainer” approach.

    The senior management wanted to ensure this thing that the users and stakeholders of the software must be ready for the use of software. The inhouse IT team was ready to support the SAP performance improvement at every stage and resolving all the issues.

    Benefits of dairyco SAP implementation -

    • establishing common goals and vision among all the employees

    • create learning environment in the organizations

    • standardization of products and services

    • streamlining of business processes with the goals of organization

    • reduction in cost and decreasing order rate

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  • What is the erp implementation time taking reasons in confecco ?


    An implementation of an ERP software has a wide time range effects on the organization and business processes and activities. By understanding this approach, the confecco company implemented the SAP software in a phased approach.

    Firstly in the confecco company erp software, sales and distribution modules were launched and the user feedback was taken from the selected end users & customers. Most end users were kept remaining on the legacy systems. The phased approach increased the project completion time but it reduced the cost and failure possibilities of system.

    In 1995, there was a mindset in the senior management that the SAP software was yet to give its return on investment. Many version upgrades were performed until the completion of 3 years. With the version upgradation, many new modules were added like - HR, CRM, business intelligence etc.

    The implementation team had realized that the erp software will be resisted by the staff and only to provide training and support would not be sufficient for successful SAP adoption in the company.

    Benefits -

    • increasing the external linkage to the other organization

    • employees ready for IT flexibility and change management

    • improvement the product quality and services

    • reduction in lost orders and cost

    • increase in the ease and modular flexibility


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  • What are the implementation reasons for the erp software in packgo ?


    Packco incorporation adopted the erp implementation in a very feasible, soft and proactive approach. The senior management did not want to interrupt the routine tasks and operations. For this reason, a change management team was implemented in which both inhouse and external development team.

    The deployment and configuration of the SAP software was the biggest and tough decision for the company. The regular interaction was necessary to happen between the end user and the software interface. For this the change management was very necessary.

    Firstly all the inputs were decided by the implementation team members and many meetings were being held by the senior management especially in finance related decisions. The middle managers were also involved in the conversation with the implementation team to map the regular workflow designs and processes.

    The training and post implementation team was adjoint with the PWC consultants. PWC consultants had firm believe in transferring the functional knowledge to the software members. It helped in enhancing the knowledge of the existing members.

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  • WHy was change neccessary for the elimited company ?


    When a completely new ERP software is about to be launched in the organization, it is always necessary to perform the change management as well. In the entertainco company the need of change was felt needed and the change was needed permanently as per according to the management needs and business operations.

    In that erp software, first it was necessary to develop software requirements as per according to the relevant stakeholders. It was also needed to develop the whole solution as per according to the system needs so that there should be no gap between the desired and gained output. At last, user acceptance testing was already necessary for end user to provide its involvement.

    For the change management and user training, EntertainCo limited company prepared the inhouse development team, in which total 13 members were included from the development team of the team in which 5 of them were also included for the ERP system support.  

    The company also implemented the user training workshops for onsite purposes. SAP manager was allocated to the entertainco company felt that the end user support was necessary to showcase the inner capabilities of the inner system. It created feedbacks for the SAp system to refine it.   

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  • What were the erp software major upgrades in the govdep company ?


    The Govdep SAP ERP implementation can not be considered as a case of the successful ERP implementation, because it was being inspired from the NPWS case 1999. All the major upgrades in the post implementation phase were also inspired from the similar government agency. The last updation was performed in 2007 as SAP 7.0 in which additional modules were attached for credit management and warehousing.

    The SAP manager always commented for the new IT policies implementation in Govdep, so that the ERP software and post upgrades can be implemented in a systematic and methodological manner. New frameworks were organized so that the new requirements could be fit into the new ERP software and unnecessary customisation can be prevented to reduce implementation costs.

    After 2007. there was no major upgrades in the SAP software. Some functionality changes were performed due to changing requirements and for managing the internal and external environment necessities. Later on the company started to realize that there is no real benefits of implementing new upgrades in the software.

    There were many changes occurred when the SAP implementation started to think that how business processes and operations could be performed together to get more value. There were many issues when the complete method of using the ERP software was heavily optimised and customised.

    There were some issues where the increasing number of employees was the main reason of the change in the erp system working. Their travel and transportation was manageable for more than the 600 users. Later on after some customisations, it was manageable for the user capacity of more than 2000 users.    

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  • What is the change management implementation status before implementing change in Govdep ?


    When the Govdep implemented the erp software in its premises, it was not easy to continue it with a single version because the government policies are regularly changed. The restructuring of public agencies are regularly necessary and the business processes and data are necessary to be streamlined together. So Govdep had to upgrade the whole system on a continuous basis.

    Govdep had already acquired some newcomer agencies in which new burdensome business processes were implemented which were described as per according to the new erp software of SAP because the consolidation of data was very necessary. So there was little flexibility and much burden in the workflow.

    At some areas, Govdep had to restructure the complete work environment. Just like the - At Finance department, regular and new standard workflows were decided and implemented. To the end user, it was made mandatory to provide training sessions for performing the business operations effectively.

    There were two type of training sessions were organized - online and face to face. The online trainings were usually for those users who were interested in taking training in their own time and in face to face training phase, the trainers themselves provided the training to the relevant staff. Training sessions were organized in the routine sessions so workers can not feel the extra workload.

    The financial management team was also made capable the software training to the other staff members and the erp implementation team was responsible for maintaining the changes required in the system.   

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  • What is the story line of the envico company ?


    Envico is an australian company which is engaging in the supplying and distributing the waste disposal and recycling management, energy and transport facilities. It is being operated from the last 40 years and it is originated from a french-parent company. The company has more than 150 branch offices and has more than 3500 employees for work.

    Why did ERP was implemented into Envico company -

    There were following reasons for implementing the erp software in envico company -

    • The company information were decentralised instead of being centralised and integrated. So the consolidation of data was not easy. Further growth of data would not be possible without the proper implementation of erp software.


    • It was necessary for envico to find the proper IT support team to manage the implementation of erp software. It became possible when they found the SAP erp vendor for their project integration and collaboration.


    How ERP software was implemented into Envico company -

    Envico was the direct sponsor for the implementation of erp software SAP ECC version 4.6. The HCL company was selected as the main implementation vendor for the erp project. The total cost was more than AUD 25 million.

    The HCL technologies performed the 80% of the application modular development tasks whereever for the third party application development envico inhouse development team participated in it.   

    In 2000, the overall implementation phases of SAP ERP software was completed. The bigger quality of this implementation was that the whole erp implementation was based on the phased approach. One office installation did not impact the other office working.

    Benefits -

    • empowerment of employee productivity

    • establishing common vision and goals among staff members

    • better communication among the business units

    • proper linkages with the external parties

    • standard user interface and business learning within organization

    • better understanding of processes and control

    • better reporting and auditing

    • improvement in logistics management


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  • How can an ERP do some miracle for you ?


    ERP is the burning necessity of the today’s era. To conquer this competitive scenario of the technological era, companies have the need to adopt the ERP software. There are different needs of the companies behind using the erp software but the most common needs can be discussed here -

    • Every department has a mix of data. Finance have some, sales have something different and different business branches can also have the different data. When the complete ERP software is being used by the whole organization, then there should be no possibility of different data sets. It improves the decision making.


    • By having one saturated erp software, a company can be able to coordinate the manufacturing, inventory and shipping department activities together. So that they can together communicate with each other properly.


    • By identifying the opportunities for the mergers and acquisitions, companies have the need to adopt the integrated erp software. By using the proper erp software, companies can automate some of the manufacturing process. It can reduce the cost and time and increase the productivity.


    • ERP can make the productivity level of employees in the manufacturing level more smooth. ERP can reduce the work in progress inventory and it can also reduce the proper entry load of the inventory and stock handling. Really, to improve the supply chain management, ERP software can also help in it.    


    • This is a problem in the multiunit organizations that employee time cannot be measured and benefits and services from the company can’t be communicated easily. This problem can easily be fixed with the ERP software properly.  


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  • What should be an usage norm of the ERP in a organization ?


    ERP systems are capable to handle data, any type of data like - material, capital assets and financial transactions. Those system can handle the data input in bulk and processes the information. ERP systems have shown the tremendous performance in the following segments like - general insurance, assembly, retail and education etc. Today to centralise the data in cloud is a sensitive issue.

    The use of cloud ERP systems have given more control over the financial resources to the organizations. The growth of the businesses is possible today due to increasing popularity of the cloud erp software. These cloud erp software have also contributed to the infrastructure development and maintenance in an organization.

    The ERP software has always contributed the organization to bring all the distributed information system to the centralized information system and can also establish the correlation between the parameters. The proper implementation of an ERP software depends upon the decision making done in the early phases of the implementation phase.

    Today the implementation of ERP software in an organization is being considered necessary by the top level administration. The craze of the ERP software development has been increasing from 60s to till today because of the increasing IT innovations in the whole world. The ERP software should be feasible enough to handle the multiple processes within the minimal effort and coding.

    Sometimes ERP systems are controlled to work as per according to the organization norms, conditions and terms and its working can be changed as per according to the situations. The implementation time for the ERP software changes as per according to the organization and industry.     

    Sometimes there is an extreme condition occurred in an organization that they operate an ERP software both the legacy systems and ERP software together. It can create the data anomalies within the departmental coordination. To operate the legacy systems becomes an extra cost perspective for the top level administration.

    To take on the benefits of the ERP software takes a time. This time can be long or short in terms of duration. For more assistance, an organization must take the advice from the vendor time to time for future updates. It is crucial for getting updates from the vendor for achieving the positive results.

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  • What is the key concept of usability testing in ERP ?


    One of the erp software factor that has not been taken into consideration deeply that is usability testing. Although the usability and applications of the software are not caused for the whole system’s failure because they are very small literal errors but they can affect the individual’s or a workgroup productivity.

    The usability problems makes harder to accept the whole erp process in the organization. The long term goal of the organization should be to develop a set of unique principles which can increase the utility of the erp software in the organization. It is necessary to understand the user framework and requirements to make ERP system interface and communication process more easier and user interactive.

    It is found that to find a specific functionality - fault in a peculiar ERP software requires a very huge amount of time and energy by the  quality inspectors. This problem can take a huge formation when multiple transactions are occurred on a routine basis. In this case, many navigation and transactional errors may be happened.

    In the context of the large enterprises and organizations, where multiple thousands of transactions are happened in a day to day operations, the users are not found able to memorize the correct sequence of the business process. It shows that the whole ERP system was not developed as per according to the proper user navigation and the user was left burdened with the set of numerous operations to complete the transaction.

    One of the usability problems are occured, when in an ERP software a user has to perform a repetitive set of tasks like - to enter the data in multiple of forms. This repetitive set of task makes the whole system more complicated and data anomalies are started to occured. It is found that the erp software are not capable to perform the repetitive activities at their own like the normal PC and browsers.

    This lacked behaviour in an ERP software shows that a capability should be there in an system to perform the repetitive tasks either by copying and pasting the data without the user support. Another set of problems are occured when the set of pre and post erp vocabularies are totally different to each other.

    Every organization has its own set of vocabulary, so it can increase the problem of terminology. This is a universal problem and it also can’t be removed overnight. Each and every organization will have to make efforts to remove this problem.   

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  • WHat is the erp software recommendations for the elton company ?


    Elton group is 70 years old private limited company dealing in supply of high quality architectural products. It also deals in supplying timber products while following of the standard parameters for using forests, water resources and other raw material. It is headquartered in Melbourne (Australia).

    Why ERP software was needed in Elton Group -

    Both from the point of view of financial and workflow experience there were many areas that had to be integrated with a single application. Elton was using the excel spreadsheets, delivery dockets and some handwritten official documents for data collection. With this, the poor stock management facilities were also there.

    To handle all of these problems, company decided to adopt the software of odoo ERP software by which at the first phase, they decided to handle their inventory, receipts and financial management services.

    In addition to this, odoo software was full with the CRM, open source and ecommerce oriented ERP software by which they had fulfilled their unique product handling requirements. Odoo ERP software also fulfilled the data requirements for the sales and administrative arena.

    Benefits -

    The wildooit software provided the Elton group facility to combine their CRM facilities and customer quotations and their customer team had the full access to the data so the delay in orders stopped there.

    The management also got happy because they had all the data access for analysis and sales overheads and it also provided the company to improve their business structure so that they could maintain their business growth.  

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  • WHat are the risks and costs associated with the SaaS software ?

    There are pros and cons of almost everything in this world. ERP industry is also not deprived from it. In this post we will try to figure it out that what kind of cons and risks are associated with the purchase of SAAS software -

    • When an ERP software has been purchased from a selected vendor by any business  - large or small, there are some upfront licensing fees attached with the software. There are other type of software costs like - implementation and configuration costs are also attached with it. It takes enormous capital, money and finance to take the implementation of erp software.


    • The other risk factor associated with the purchase of new ERP software is the ongoing operating cost for an organization. Because of the ERP software cost is based upon the “pay as you go” model, so it is obvious tat how much an organization will grow, the modular cost of the software will also increase.


    • Many companies still have strange fear from the network breach which can become a significant cause of the loss of sensitive data. This is a very strange problem. So companies require a great focus on the data security and vulnerability assessment. This requires a great bit of investment.


    • Though a great success level of an ERP software in an organization, it requires proper erp software integration in the back office administration. It has a great deal of investment and it brings a  new set of challenges with it.

    Integration and implementation of the new ERP software sounds like a great deal of investment and with full of challenges because in real it is. To make a successful lead from the ERP software, it is needed for the top level management to take it not only as a project, but as a business so that a business can feel a great deal of revenue potential and earning capacity.

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  • Why erp software is necessary still in liberian economics ?


    Digitization of education is the most burning need of today. In Liberia alike country, there is a huge scope of internet and technology, the potential of digitization is much more present in as virtual universities and online courses. Throughout internet, educational and economical goals can easily be attained and the overall scenario of the digital education can easily be created.

    In Liberian colleges and universities, there is multidimensional need of integration of ERP software with the institutions. There is found to be lack of technical knowledge and resources  in the universities and other academic institutes. So there is the need to test, develop, deploy and use the simple open source software at various academic institutes.

    As we all know, that the technology integration slow rate is always caused by lack of financial and technical abilities. The ultimate strange factor is the cost of software and thus many schools, colleges and other academic institutes use pirated software to save themselves from licensing fee. They can also become victim from ERP vendors.

    It is mandatory for all the schools/colleges/universities and other type of academic institutes that they should also develop ICT software in their premises. In addition, web development programming lessons can also be given to the students related to the following languages -

    HTML5, CSS, Python, ruby, JAVA, SQL, MYSQL, Javascript, ASP.NET etc.

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  • Which is the best use of two tier modeling approach ?


    A single instance ERP software is no doubt, very helpful in fulfilling ERP requirements for the businesses/organization and joint ventures. But in the condition of being on premise, it also requires managing, operating and tracking which sometime requires additional IT support and new challenges.

    What is two tier modeling approach ?

    A two tier approach ERP software is a new modeling approach in which a similar ERP software is integrated into the subsidiaries of business branches to collect the data. This new approach is helpful in gaining the reduction in processing time and sustain ERP capabilities.

    Many of ERP philosophers think that by adopting two tier ERP software, it will create the chances for an organization to completely remove the on-premise ERP software. Definitely two tier approach will never change your ERP software in premises. It will increase the agility, flexibility and transparency in your back-office operations.

    Today it is very necessary to be successful for the business enterprises that it should automate and align the IT department with the business departments rather than to annoy them into number of applications.       

    IT departments should develop those applications that can automate complex processings of business data in a couple of seconds. It increases the global transparency, process quality and standard parameters of the organization.

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  • Why is the erp software should be reconsidered very carefully ?


    ERP industry is passing through a new revolutionizing era. In the past two decades, ERP industry has changed the complete scenario of the working within companies and it has also established a complete tighter control among all their business processes. In this article, the main motive is to explain the basic considerations which should be used for the implementing ERP software -

    Change is everything -

    There is nothing constant in this world but is change. So no business organization will be in the current state after next 5 or 10 years, in which it exists today. So it would be the biggest fault for a company which is dependent on the ERP software which cannot handle the multiple departmental processes.

    ERP software must have good reporting skills -

    In the traditional erp systems, it was a burdensome work for the employees to generate the analytical reports for decision making and day to day reports. But there is nothing like this with today’s erp software. Today ERP software has the analytical dashboard facilities as well they also provide the very user - friendly reports and necessary data within blinks of eye.

    Industry specific capabilities -   

    Every industry is so different from each other. The core functionality of the erp software manages all kind of business activities and there should be a different modular approaches in the ERP software as per according to the industry specific and business specific requirements. It can vary from industry to industry.

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  • Why should be an institute employ erp software in itself ?

    The technology is a real day to day necessity for everybody in this world. Today everything is possible to do and review while using the information technology. In the series of technology development, the erp software has opened the new ways of doing tasks in an integrated manner.

    ERP software has worldwide demand in every arena like - manufacturing, trading, customer relationship management, human capital management etc. Education sector is no more an exception. ERP is entering in to the education industry.

    Today’s schools and universities are accumulated with the tons of data and the data is always in the constant flow. This data can be in any form like - accounting, administration, libraries, fee management, student attendance etc. To manage the whole data, it is required to adopt the appropriate erp application.

    Today in the real world, the problem of hackers is always there. So in this scenario, to keep intact security of data is still very necessary. ERP also helps in maintaining the data security by using the appropriate access to the data as per according to the user privileges and limitations.

    ERP makes your life full of hassles free and it makes the documentation of the all related activities in a very efficient and flexible manner. A properly implemented software of erp will always help you in optimising your institute learning strategies instead of focusing your complete time on data management.  

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  • What are the best reasons for inputting erp in the hotwatt manufacturing ?

    Hotwatt manufacturing is an established company in 1952 and it has been dealing in the coil heating elements like - cartridge, tube products, foils and strips etc. The company has been the supplier of these products in different segments like - industrial, medical, commercial, aviation and transportation. The company’s most expertise and vulnerable product is water cartridge at medium or high watts.

    How RRM was implemented at Howmatt Manufacturing -

    After installing the RRM software, there was no single department which had not been impacted by the software. The company labour attendance could be managed easily while entering their clock in and clock out time.

    It could also become possible for all the people present in the company premises that what is the actual cost being produced at the each stage of production. The actual accuracy of data had been dramatically increased in terms of inventory and decrease the overall latency time.

    There are many benefits while using the RRM software -

    • instant access to information

    • handling capacity of customers at a single time was increased

    • no additional requirement of staff was needed

    • documentation time was saved

    • file sharing was shared

    • backup and security features were increased

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  • Which are the best reason to select the erp software for production ?


    Reasons -

    • real time monitoring is possible

    • monitoring of project allocating hours

    • total calculation of working hours production

    • increase in efficiency and proper decision making

    • easily visible and accessible data

    • production progress monitoring

    • find the best available resources for production resources

    • easing the product information flow

    • setting deadlines in the WIP sections

    • Manual progress reporting ease by automation

    • Less time consuming and better efficiency

    • Administrators can focus on the other important factors

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  • Why  system reengineering is necessary for the erp implementation ?


    BPR ( business process reengineering ) is an emerging concept for any organizational environment. Some of the leading organizations have been successful in successfully reengineer their business and many of the organizations have also been unsuccessful in reengineering themselves by lack of creativity.

    In this post, we will try to understand that how ERP is connected to the business process reengineering -

    In the past when ERP software were in the new era in 90s, then companies started to decide that an ERP software should be adopted as per according to the decisions and policies governed by the business owners and administration. But coming to the 21st century, ERP software are very customer friendly and thus can be customised as per according to the business requirements.

    Sometimes a change in information system can be flexible or minor as per according to organization environment and sometimes changes can be major and complex to handle. It would be difficult to imply those changes without understanding the proper business processes. So system reengineering becomes essential to extract the maximum benefit from the information system.

    The unsuccess reason of the erp system implementation in the organization is occured because of the organizations don’t consider it necessary to evaluate the business reengineering process. Business system reengineering is completely necessary for changing in the company culture, business processes & organizational structure as well.

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  • What is the best platform for making the inpremise ERP applications ?


    Today there is a new question is in front of the companies that they should adopt the inhouse made ERP or not ? There are a lot more benefits by using the in-house developed ERP software for an organization like -  

    • free from delays and uncertainties

    • software as per according to the company requirements

    • successful gain towards competitive advantage

    • number of modules as per according to the company needs so no extra investment

    Now there is an additional question which is more interesting for the ERP software developers is that which development platform should be considered for developing your ERP custom application ?

    So .net framework with its tools and components is the most considerable and convenient platform because of the following facilities -

    • Managed code is better and errors are easily identified

    • No possibility of system crash

    • It would be harmful for hacker to break the .net security model

    • Provides connectivity to the XML web services

    • Excellent debugging and error handling tools

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  • What is the role of agile project management technique in managing team ?


    What do you expect from Agile project management techniques ?

    With the advancement of technologies and business trends, the traditional management techniques of project management in terms of the ERP software are not so robust anymore. There is need to operate business processes by using new techniques. like - “Agile project management”.

    Agile project management is a new advanced technique, that is innovated to manage the ERP project. In brief, agile project management is a term by which different new models are innovated to handle the ERP project management. Today it is a specialized area in ERP project management.

    To perform agile management techniques, a different agile management team is identified to perform the different tasks. The overall management team is assigned different tasks and responsibilities which are based on the overall sense of humour for all the team members.

    responsibilities for an agile manager -

    • implements the values among team members.

    • removes interruptions on the tasks and responsibilities

    • runs an effective and open ended communication system

    • makes the short term plans and activities

    • enhances the tools and processes to automate the system

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  • What are the new growth statistics of the ERP software ?


    What is the new growth statistics in ERP industry ?


    The global ERP market is anticipated to grow in next coming 7 years. This worldwide growing application will be in trend in the following industries - retail, public services, defense & aerospace industry. This industry is expected to be worth of 50 million dollars in 2022.


    An ERP software is facilitated to perform financial activities like - cash flow management, asset management, cost and financial accounting, ledger management, invoicing and making investment portfolios. In the next coming 7 years, Finance will be the largest segment impacted by ERP industry.


    ERP software manages daily operations, reporting, tracking, handling customer services and while managing all this ERP also manages to perform demand forecasting, production scheduling, real time data tracking etc. Government utilities are also taking the initiative to innovate the IT infrastructure especially in the case of Europe and USA countries.


    Government utilities accounted for a significant share of the market owing to adoption of IT infrastructure. In addition, high acceptance of ERP software in North America and Europe is expected to augment growth over the next seven years.


    In Asian countries, companies are booming day by day and according to the forecast period, the mounting number of enterprises are increasingly demanding in the number of ERP software. There are also the increasing number of ERP vendors.


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  • WHat is the implementation life cycle of ERP ?


    Different phases of ERP implementation -

    Pre planning evaluation -

    In this phase, the selection of the desired ERP vendors is performed. This screening phase is necessary to evaluate the proper ERP vendor on the base of vendor consultants, external consultants of the company etc.

    Package Evaluation -

    In this phase, the selection of the proper erp package is selected. This phase is very important, because it will decide the overall success and failure of the organization. To switch on the different ERP vendor or package is very huge cost cumulative, so do it right the first time is very important.   

    Project Planning -

    In this phase, the overall selection of implementation activities are decided. In this phase the timeline, deadline are decided and the roles of the overall implementation team workers are decided. This phase also allocates the responsibilities to the assigned members.

    Gap analysis -

    This is the most necessary step of the ERP project life cycle in which a company decides that in which direction the project and the company will move. A project model is anticipated that decides the functional gaps.  

    Going Live and End user training -

    When the system is officially proclaimed then it is made live. The overall training is made necessary to the overall staff members and the overall ERP system must be made enable to cope up with the change in the technology.

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  • What is the process of simplifying the S&OP process with the cloud ERP ?


    What are the reasons for the using supply & chain in Cloud?

    Myth -

    Many organizations think that the ERP implementation is enough for the supply and chain management while using the simple customizations and company has already invested a lot already in ERP.

    Reality -

    Generally ERP software is difficult to customise and it is not to adapt easily to the cross functional and departmental collaboration. So customers should go to cloud instead of investing in to the ERP software.

    What are the benefits of using the using supply and chain operations in cloud ?

    • ease in demand matching and new growth of technology trends

    • easy access of customer demand data and on time delivery

    • information flow properly and managing big data in a single repository

    • Faster results in no time and no additional resources are required

    • forecasting accuracy and increase in sales and no data anomaly  

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  • What is the process of using ERP as a SAAS software solution ?


    Today the new era of Information Technology departments has truly changed the corporate departmental scenario of working. The AI (artificial intelligence) based ERP systems truly has provided the analytics based, flexible and truly easy to use information systems that have a significant role in the effectiveness of a corporate environment.

    Today the hybrid ERP systems have paid a significant role in improving the better user experience, great functionality, more control which is not very much complexed. The hybrid ERP software can be designed as per the needs of the organization.

    Hybrid ERP systems are connected with the core entities in the organization -

    • contract management with the suppliers and vendors

    • continuous workforce management

    • mobile and web store environment

    • vendor invoice management

    • recruitment and hiring    

    There are three main benefits of using the ERP software -

    • demand for better user experience

    • great data availability through cloud computing

    • great influence over IT investment

    There is a big aspect associated with the SAAS product that the new sales channels and social media connections are connected with the enterprise. Better SAAS ERP systems are a gateway for organization to get the enormous information about the customer demographics, their choices and preferences and behaviour on all channels.

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  • What kind of ERP software are the best for middle sized companies ?


    Indian ERP cloud software is going towards to the secondary and tertiary sectors of the economics. The modern economics includes following sectors - manufacturing, retail, communication, information technology services etc.

    The enhancing growth of Indian economics has created the inquisitiveness in the Indian businessmen mindsets about improving their processes and functional procedures. In these following sectors, the successful implementation of ERP systems has led to the improvement in supply - chain mechanism, increasing transparency & functionality improvement.

    It has also improved the reporting structure and availability of analytical dashboards in cloud ERP software. Before this, the mid sized companies were dependant on the homegrown applications and excel dashboard which are completely unable to show the right information at the right time with the hazardous problem of the data redundancy.

    The scope of Indian mid sized market is increasing day by day. To improve this market segment, there is a huge need of faster information retrieval about latest market trends and cloud artificial intelligence. It will be helpful in gaining the sustainable competitive advantage.     

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  • What is the kind of the raw material used in making Indian Handicrafts ?


    India is a diverse economy which is truly based on the handicraft and agriculture based tasks. Due to availability of natural resources, favorable climate and agriculture based economics these segments had been successful in achieving the growth. Here clay is useful in making figurines, bricks, tiles and beads.

    In India, there is a incredible faith has been associated with the fact, that the handicraft products are being made by the handmade mechanisms. One of the raw materials is used is stone which has no need of much processing and technology. Today gemstones are also being used to make the architectural items.

    In Indian handicraft industry there is a big role of fibres in making a significant contribution to the whole segment. It has helped many tribal women in getting the direct or indirect employment. Many industries have been able to survive because of jute material. In NCR region, bamboo and jute products of handicrafts are still in fashion.   

    Textile crafts are the basic needs of human needs. These are also very famous in India. But the process of making the Indian textiles are still very popular and complexed. Here many raw materials are woven, dyeing, painting and printing is done and it is also done with embroidery.

    In addition to this, handicraft items made of paper is also very important in Indian handicraft culture. specially in jammu and kashmir, this paper handicraft is very popular in India.   

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  • What is the need of the multiple vendor selection in big business enterprizes ?


    It is found that till 2019, in USA 80% of organizations would have adopted the hybrid cloud ERP systems, and the remaining small and MSME enterprises would have adopted the simple ERP systems to fulfill their day to day data and information retrieval requirements. Organizations truly are needed to adopt cloud ERP software to host their workloads online.

    It is necessary for the business entrepreneurs to connect IT infrastructure with the business activities and outcomes. It is much more necessary to associate the key performance indicators like - cost, time and measurement of assets in terms of profit and revenue potential. For this many metrics are applied with the proper change management and operational cost.    

    The approach of selecting the proper ERP vendors is already changing with advancing technologies. Today many factors are being considered for the selecting proper ERP vendor -

    • cost

    • performance

    • reliability

    • reputation   

    There is a new approach that is going to be started in 2018-19 financial year, that the organizations are selecting the proper group of ERP vendors instead of depending on the single vendor. This is similar approach to traditional suppliers association with the enterprises.

    The new ERP software are completely dependent on the development resources on the organization and they have no impact on the business operational activities of an organization. The secondary costs can be distributed among the other functional costs in an organization.  

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  • What is the erp success factors of the project implementation ?


    Success indicators of an ERP software -

    Intention to use -

    This factor decides the success of an ERP software in a positive manner. The degree of satisfying user requirements by the ERP software can be  the great success indicator of a cloud ERP project.

    Individual impact -

    There are the following variables which satisfies the productivity of an ERP system -

    • better understanding of the user towards system

    • perception towards the system functionality

    • change in user activity

    Organizational Context -

    It is found that there is a positive correlation between the stock prices of an organization and success of ERP project. If the cost of operation decreases after the implementation of ERP software and revenue potential increases, so then the productivity of the ERP software is fulfilled.

    Project success -

    The success of the project should be calculated on the overall basis of the time of implementation, cost, usage, quality and scope. These all factors are combinedly associated with the overall success of an organizational ERP implementation.  

    User satisfaction -

    This factor decides that how the information with the whole quality is shown to the user and the level of satisfaction is also measured in this category.

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  • What is the new erp satisfaction variables of the erp project implementation ?


    What are the project related variables of ERP satisfaction ?

    Internal support -

    Internal support is defined as the company’s top management support, planning, training and team contributions towards the ERP implementation. The positive response of the top management becomes the reason of successful implementation of the ERP project.

    Software Selection -

    The importance of proper software selection effects the success of ERP implementation in a huge amount. If the necessities of the organization is mismatched with the software functionalities, the ERP software can fail miserably.

    Consultant Support -

    This factor is an important aspect of the successful ERP implementation support. The capability of the ERP vendor and consultant support decides the successful implementation of the ERP project.

    Perceived ease of use -

    This factor is the degree of expectation for the front end direct user that with how much free effort he can use the software to fulfill their requirements.

    Perceived Usefulness -

    This factor can enhance the job effectiveness of the overall ERP implementation. This factor decides that user job performance should increase after successful ERP implementation.

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  • What is the scope of user variables in ERP software ?


    What are the user related variables in ERP ? -

    Output Quality -

    The quality of output variable in ERP segment is dependent on this point that how much it reduces the gap between the end user and custom functionality process. From different business initiatives this output variable can vary.

    Job relevance -

    Job relevance means that how much a user can perform the given set of tasks. In other words this point shows that how can a user is capable of taking advantage of the system to fulfill their job needs.

    Images compatibility -

    The image compatibility shows that how much an organization can be able to sustain their profitability and can make an image with in their target audience. The success level of the ERP is measured at this parameter.   

    Compatibility -

    Still in many organizations, data is found in different distributed centralized ERP systems and other subsidiaries. So there is a big requirement in collaborating the ERP software with other subsidiary systems. This degree of compatibilities decides the success of organization.


    Reliability of system -

    System reliability of the ERP software is decided by this point that with how much assurity a ERP software can distribute the data to is authentified users. This matter of concern can decide the trustworthiness of the system.

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  • What is the process of invoicing in the ERP software ?


    Today is the era of information technology. Without the IT support, no industry like - banking, public institutions, manufacturing, retailers can not survive in today’s competitive scenario. The today’s success secret is information in an organization.

    Even today’s organizations can survive for the days only without using the proper information technology support because this is not easy to calculate the thousands of customer bills at a time. The information gathering is not only an issue but to retrieve it easily and storing it with the proper security parameters is a separate task as well.

    There are different levels of ERP software working in an organization -

    OTC ( order the cash ) - In it the erp system receives information about invoicing, customer bills, receiving payments details also.

    PTP ( purchase to pay ) - The ERP system receives the information about purchasing invoices about vendors, paying details etc.

    RTR ( record to report ) - In it the transactions are processed and later on they are reported in the ledgers.

    COGS (cost of goods sold) - In it the overall cost of transaction and overall profitability is calculated.

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  • What is the need of the etailing in the Indian Handicraft industry ?


    E-tailing is also known as electronic retailing. In this process, retailers communicate with the customers online about their requirements and fulfill it through the electronic mediums. This is becoming a huge revenue providing platform in India and why should not it be.In India, about 40% of population is considered to be internet savvy (approximately 470 million people).

    In e-tailing, it is considered that cash on delivery is the best method for paying price by customers because more than 70% of transactions happen like this. Customers has the biggest benefit that they can get the huge number of varieties online on the portals. At a worldwide level, the world e-tailing market has reached the cost of 2 trillion USD and till 2021, it is about to reach at the worth value of 4 trillion USD.

    Necessity of e-tailing in handicraft industry -

    In India, the indian handicraft market is all about the worth of more than 25000 crore INR and at the initial level, artisans purchase the raw material and sell to the retailers. By crossing the variegated layers of the distributors and retailers, this handicraft material is reached to the ultimate consumers.

    Etailing platforms removes the need for the intermediators and distributors and they connect consumers directly to the dealer and merchants. So the direct revenue is reached to the direct wholesaler, not to the intermediators and distributors. The future of the Indian handicraft industry through e-tailing is bright.  

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    E-tailing is also known as electronic retailing. In this process, retailers communicate with the customers online about their requirements and fulfill it through the electronic mediums. This is becoming a huge revenue providing platform in India and why should not it be.In India, about 40% of population is considered to be internet savvy (approximately 470 million people).

    In e-tailing, it is considered that cash on delivery is the best method for paying price by customers because more than 70% of transactions happen like this. Customers has the biggest benefit that they can get the huge number of varieties online on the portals. At a worldwide level, the world e-tailing market has reached the cost of 2 trillion USD and till 2021, it is about to reach at the worth value of 4 trillion USD.

    Necessity of e-tailing in handicraft industry -

    In India, the indian handicraft market is all about the worth of more than 25000 crore INR and at the initial level, artisans purchase the raw material and sell to the retailers. By crossing the variegated layers of the distributors and retailers, this handicraft material is reached to the ultimate consumers.

    Etailing platforms removes the need for the intermediators and distributors and they connect consumers directly to the dealer and merchants. So the direct revenue is reached to the direct wholesaler, not to the intermediators and distributors. The future of the Indian handicraft industry through e-tailing is bright.  

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  • Why is ERP crucial for the MSME sector enterprizes ?


    To stay ahead in the competition in this 21st century, it is necessary for the organizations to adopt the organization wide enterprise resource planning systems in terms of profit and revenue potential. To reveal right information to right partner, it can bring the marvelous amount of returns to the organization especially in the case of SMEs.

    There is a big problem in the case of SME companies is that there is a lot of communication gap in between the vendors specifications and SME overall business strategy. To understand the real case scenario of the integration of the ERP in SME company, it is necessary to understand the overall scenario of the SME problems.

    In the implementation process of the ERP system in the MSME sector enterprises, it is necessary to perform the proper feasibility analysis of the organization because budget allocation of financial resources is a very crucial case in MSMEs. Australian companies are the complete example of this scenario.

    Corresponding to the large organizations, there is a lot of the problems in the case of small sector enterprises. There is a lot of the need of the training and marketing needs in MSMEs. Finance allocation is always necessary in the case of MSME sector enterprises. Small sector enterprises are the best in the case of expert growth and employment generation.

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  • WHat is the data center need of the germany economics ?


    The market of cloud computing in Germany is promising more than any other segment. There are two reasons for the growth of cloud computing market - cost effectiveness and flexibility. In between 2013 and 2015, cloud computing has been more important in German market and entrepreneurs.

    In German entrepreneurial market, approximately 45% of companies have adopted the cloud computing concepts. As per according to the BITCOM report, 24% of organizations are preparing for the introducing of the cloud ERP industry. In 2016, the market of ERP market is measured the worth of 35%. ( Nearly 12 billion euro ).

    From the establishing point of views of data centers, In germany there is a lot of space available (nearly 2.65 million square meter). In organizations, there will be a concentrated demand for the data centers to manage the information architecture to meet the regulatory, administrative and corporate requirements.

    There is a new trend of social business platforms coming as a new era in German corporates. Today Corporates are still feeling the importance of productivity, easy data management, collaboration and proper information flow. Today Microsoft, IBM, Jive alike companies are working significantly in the field of cloud computing.    

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  • How can chinese handicrafts not influence the Indian Handicrafts ?


    Indian handicraft sector is divided in to the two parts like - export oriented and domestic specific. The focus of the central government is to increase the handicraft availability in the national market and international as well. With this the trends suggest that the import level from the chinese market is still increasing.

    There is no sufficient data, which is necessary to tell that in how much quantity the export level of India has been effected. Indian handicrafts has been more in demand than the machinery made chinese products in domestic as well international market. But due to lack of data, it would be insufficient to say that the chinese export level has infected the Indian handicraft industry.

    There are many products which are increased in level of export from China to India like -

    • kitchen glassware

    • festive lights

    • wood articles

    • glass and crockeries

    • tables

    Trends suggest that the overall market share of handicraft industry of India is majorly hold by China. The biggest quality of the Chinese Handicraft Industry is that they have crossed the supreme level of quality and reached to an optimum global standard. They are highly price competitive as well. It seems that in next coming top 10 years China will still remain on the peak of handicraft industry.

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  • What are the important ERP vendors in worldwide ?


    Overview of some important ERP vendors -

    SAP -

    SAP is the world’s most well renowned cloud ERP software company which is helping the organizations and businesses to manage their bulk amount of data in more than 25 industries. It has been adopted in more than 120 different countries and more than 40000 customers are taking the advantage of SAP services and customised applications.  The version of SAP 6.0 was the world’s fastest ERP software which was adopted in the worldwide organizations.

    Microsoft Dynamics -

    Microsoft Dynamics ERP is another one cloud ERP software which is comprised of nine software customised modules. It was basically developed for mid sized companies and small businesses. This ERP can be configured and easily managed with the internal IT teams and SQL operations. In the whole world, more than 2000 users have adopted it. The biggest quality of this software is that it has enterprise level reporting features and also provides flexible decision making support.

    Compiere open source ERP software -

    Compiere open source ERP software is manufactured while considering the fact that ERP should be made by using the customising needs of the business requirements. This functionality can reduce the overall operating cost of the organization. The biggest quality of this ERP software is this that it can be installed and configured within minutes than other commercial CRM software.

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  • What is the type of cloud ERP software ?


    When we think about the term “ERP” we can imagine the concept of a pool of interconnected applications that enables a business or organization to manage and operate their applications. Cloud ERP is a new revolutionary concept which is facilitated to manage all the hosting operations online to manage the big amount of data online.

    A cloud ERP software, on the basis of modeling,  can be distributed in to three parts by using the physical location of the headquarters. These ERP software are distributed into three parts -

    Public cloud ERP -

    In it, the data is hosted on the cloud hosting provider’s data center, and the subscription fee is taken from the service taker.  All the data and applications are hosted on the cloud provider’s data center. This cloud ERP software system is flexible, faster to implement and it is more secure and affordable ERP solution.

    Private cloud ERP -

    In a private cloud ERP software, the data is served and hosted on the enterprise’s own data server. It is usually adopted by the multinational corporations and large enterprises. It is also suitable for the small organizations, which have the same requirements.

    Hybrid cloud ERP -

    In this approach, the cloud legacy ERP software is installed on the enterprise own server handling its own computer software and hardware with platform. In it, the legacy ERP is installed on the enterprise server and unnecessary modules are removed.     

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  • what is blockchaining technology ? How can it bring revolution in ERP industry ?


    Two-tiered ERP software is a kind of cloud ERP software which is used by the multinational corporations. In this concept, a single location of the company uses different modules or complete software package and the different location branch office uses the different modules or a complete software package.

    This two tiered ERP software package is implemented at those plants and companies which are handling the different operating processes.  In this type of cases ERP implementation process gets a bit slippery and a bit of mistake is sufficient to destroy the whole accounting process of the whole organization. It can ruin the overall health of the organization.

    In this two tiered ERP software system, there is a lot of scope of block chaining especially in the manufacturing processes and it is predicted to become the future of ERP software. It is estimated that blockchaining methodology can reduce up to 20-25% shipping cost in logistics.

    Blockchaining is not a decades old system. Bitcoins are called the digital gold and while adopting the blockchaining and digital currency concepts, it will bring the new revolution in the ERP industry because of it is giving control to the complete internal data of the organizations over the other associated financial institutions. It increases the overall security in financial transactions.      

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  • What is the era of the hybrid ERP systems ?


    Today the whole world is dominated by mobiles and smartphones. It is forecasted to reach the number of worldwide smartphone users upto more than 4 billion. This smartphone technology is soon to enter in the arena of ERP segment.

    Today ERP is soon accessed by smartphones for real data monitoring. Today still the Microsoft Excel is the most favourite choice for the company finance and administration officers to handle the complex data and mathematical calculations.

    But today the companies are starting to realize the power of the ERP software and they are leading the most of the workload to ERP systems instead of excel. Today the add ons and extensions are being developed to inculcate the mobility of the ERP software.  

    Today the hybrid ERP systems are being developed in the organizations. Due to this hybridization, many cloud ERP software are being prepared as per according the needs of organization and the modules are being added as per the choice.

    Company can later add/remove the modules as per their customisation. So there is no need to develop the software from the scratch.  

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  • What is the type of the advancement facilities in the ERP systems ?


    Today is the era of artificial intelligence (AI). In ERP sector,  it has changed the complete working scenario in a very low period time wherever ERP industry is still passing through its inception time.

    Today AI enabled ERP systems bring reduction in operational cost, increase operational efficiency and minimize human errors. A perfectly optimized ERP software leaves the employees for more productive tasks and saves time.

    Today while adopting to AI concept, it is as well necessary to develop the ERP software with open source customization facilities. An easy customizable ERP software can easily be integrated to the other apps in a company. They have no licensing fee issues as well.

    ERP business trends always welcome to the open source programming framework like - Hadoop and PHP which connects easily with real big data analytics to the businesses. Today cloud ERP software trends have enabled the ERP systems to handle data with big data handling issues.

    It can upgrade the overall structure of the organization to maintain and upgrade the business information architecture. Big memory computing facilities will be the future of ERP software trends and give an ultimate edge to company over its competitors.

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  • What is the scope for wooden industry in India ?


    The wooden timber is always high scoring on all of the parameters - durability, climate resistance, availability and sustainability. Our Indian wood store is always needed to have good human supervision and management for its long time survival.

    There is also needed to leave carbon footprint in the local and global environment to reduce global warming as well to fulfill the requirement for wood in kitchen needs. Wooden furniture is always helpful in radiating warmth in balance, adding natural beauty to your home.

    There is a growing need of the wooden timber in fashion in next five years.  This industry is growing at the rate of 30% and there will be 2 million artists attached to the woodworking industry. The kitchen industry is worth of more than 3 million dollars. So the industry of wooden handicrafts will be at its peak.

    There are many factors which can affect the wooden manufacturers - work expertise, production process complexities, shipping and delivery complexities, raw material, customer preferences and most important - innovating new designs in wooden handicraft items etc.

    India has the biggest challenge to remove the need to import the wooden furniture from the major competitor countries like - Italy, China, Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia and Japan. There is needed to accelerate the growth of the Indian furniture trends and lifestyle.

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  • WHat are the neww challenges of ERP vendors in 2018 ?


    2018 is the year of the cloud technology which can transform the ways of people for doing the businesses. Customers are expecting to get more benefits from the analytics capabilities of a cloud ERP software.

    Today ERP vendors should have the visibility control on the ERP software and they should have the control on the complete project life cycle phases, so that it can be understood that where the project is going risky or over budgeted.

    To develop artificial intelligence in the organization, companies should adopt the strategy of feedback loop so that after learning from the mistakes, incremental changes can be performed easily. It helps in cutting the financial and accounting costs.

    Some big ERP vendors also develop the applications and advanced analytics But it is applicable only in the specific business areas. Most businesses are not even ready to invest in this sector. So it can be said that the business future of these big ERP vendors is in danger.

    In big businesses, there is a CPM system (corporate performance management system) to manage the complex ledgers and accounting systems so ERP vendors have the need to develop these CPM systems to remove the accounting complexities.   

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  • What is the  reason for not to adopt the SAP R/3 version ?


    Today the ERP systems have been feeling growth in the usage in the MNC employees but soon after adopting of the ERP systems, there is a new need of the customised packages instead of the basic modularised ERP packages. The centralised market of the ERP is found more than 85% in western countries so there is a great scope of ERP there.

    Today there is a new trend of the ERP definitions which changes due to the analysts and philosophers time to time. The annual growth rate of the ERP sector is measured approximately 20% per year. Till 1998, the annual market worth of the ERP market is approximately 10 billion dollars.

    There is a lack of competent people in ERP industry who are well versed in it. ERP vendors are affected in high quantity. One company that is rocking the world is SAP. This german vendor have occupied more than 30% of the market. The other one competing companies are  Oracle, Peoplesoft, baan, SSA, JBA etc but they are far behind than SAP.

    Many large organizations have adopted the ERP systems, especially the R/3 version of the SAP. But the SAP is needed to develop the cheaper and small modularised systems because the R/3 version of SAP is very difficult in implementation and cost so SAP partners have to take the immediate actions in reducing its software implementation time.

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  • What is the role of the indian plywood industry in Indian Economics ?


    There is a tremendous change in real estate and housing property level of the India. Obviously it has affected the bamboo and timber industry. The market of machine made doors and frames has been increased up to 15% rate. Due to increasing demand, India is unable to fulfill the plywood and timber demand from its domestic resources.

    Due to increasing demand of wood, India has started importing it from the other countries and the proper import of India has been increased in the last years. The plywood industry has straight affected the industrial growth in India. This figure has been the most significant in the financial year of 2015-16.

    Indian manufacturing sector specially - wooden furniture crafting industry has the huge possibilities of employing the people in large quantity. Today more than 80 million people in India are involved in these manufacturing industries. It provides approximately 35% contribution to the Indian economy.

    To promote this sector there is the huge demand to increase the FDI initiatives in country. India has adopted a liberal policy towards the FDI which is also showing a positive impact on the economy and market position and increases the employment opportunities.

    The Indian Government has launched the mission of smart cities under the make in India concept for the local area development. It includes all the aspects which are necessary for the plywood and other industrial development like - waste management, sanitation, water and electricity management, robust IT connectivity and affordable housing services for poor.

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  • What is the new role of the virtual reality in handicraft industry ?


    Virtual Reality is a computer generated and three dimensional environment which makes a user interactive experience which realizes a user of lifelike things in a virtual environment. It provides a user better understanding about the objects and entities.

    What is the use of the virtual reality in handicraft industry ?

    Virtual reality is the basics of handicraft industry and it makes the 3D presentation of a project. It also helps in the coordinating and communication with clients. It also helps in finding details of aa project so easily. As per according to the VR concepts, it also provides applications for web, printing and sales support to the project.

    The basic benefit of the virtual reality is this that it is the best online way to explain the variant product designs in a simple and realistic way. With this, it is the easiest way to explain way to explain the dynamic and static products at the same end. The customer can be get able to understand the real implementation of the project.

    The advantage of the virtual reality in handicraft industry is that the products also can be shown in different sizes, feasibility and colors. The recording of the presentation can easily be done in a mobile device and proper documentation can be done and it can also be shared with the people.    

    The availability of the 3D data will increase simultaneously with the passing time and the further changing trends in routine technology will be able to increase digitization but there is a lot to see remaining. Overall the future of the VR is bright.  

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  • What is the use of the ERP in Chinese economy ?


    The Chinese ERP market is one of the significant and important segment in the CHinese economy itself because after the decade of 80s, it has started to evolve. It has achieved significant growth in between of the 2000 and 2001. Like - It was holding the value of the 70 million dollars in 2000 and coming to 2001 it was the worth of the 100 million USDs.

    There is a huge opportunity in this asian country and one after one, many ERP vendors have come subsequently like - SAP, oracle, netsuite etc. In chinese market, there are 6 major chinese companies are trending and they are holding approximately more than 50% and major foreign companies have already achieved more than 25% market share.

    Today in any time of company, the real access and storage of data is as well important to all of the administrators and business affiliates. With this the demand of the real information systems (ERP) have got success in demand. After the globalization, businesses adopting ERPs have been able to get more than 60% reduction in cost in Chinese economy.

    With the proper implementation and uses of the ERP software, any company can convert the market challenges into competitive advantage. Proper monitoring and analysis of data provides the base for proper decision making for administrators. This will help in achieving the competitive advantage.

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  • What is in there for the indian handicrafts for the eleventh scheme ?

    Indian Handicrafts sector has been the symbol of the wisdom, tradition, culture and religions of India. Indian handicraft sector is considered as the standard livelihood of more than the 14 million artisans and weavers thus the handloom and handicraft sector contribute a large amount of share to the Indian economics.

    The handicraft sector is controlled and operated by many of the schemes by the Government. Like - according to the handloom weavers comprehension scheme, it is decided to provide all kind of health insurance facilities to the weavers and their families. The performance of this scheme is slow in effect and it has been successful in the micro level of handicraft sector.

    In handicraft sector, 36% of weavers and workers are connected from the SC/ST level in which 60% part of population is women. More than 60 lakh artisans are connected to the rural and semi rural areas. That is why the handicraft sector has played a significant role in operating the decentralised nature of Indian handicraft sector.  

    Besides this, the thrift fund, VAT and preferential procurement facilities are provided to the Indian handicrafts weavers. This handicraft scheme incorporated under the eleventh five year planning scheme, is launched to see at the level of the handicraft people and minority communities. This scheme is effectively working on the bhuvneshwar, guwahati, Jaipur, Chandigarh, Bangalore and Jaipur.

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  • What are the famous handicraft types of India ?


    Handicrafts are the artisanal crafts which are handmade or produced by tools. To make handicrafts, complex processes and skills are required and manual supervision is required. Generally handicraft items are made of the three general elements -

    • product

    • material

    • technique

    In India there is a different type of handicraft products are manufactured like -

    • bamboo handicrafts

    • handicrafts made of coconut shells

    • handicraft items made of the fibre crafts

    • leather handicrafts

    • metal handicrafts

    • Rattan handicrafts

    • Shell handicrafts

    • appliques

    • wooden handicrafts

    • weaving loom

    • carving work

    Indian Handicraft sector does not have the need for the investment of more than 60 lakh rupees. It is considered as the traditional MSME business and not registered as under the factory act. In handicraft sector, only quality of product is not only important but also the design and pattern of the product is also very important. To get succeeded in the handicraft sector it is always necessary for having the knowledge of customer preferences and their satisfaction level.

    Hope you have liked the post ! Thanks for reading this post !

    by - Dreamteam Technologies - a college ERP development company

  • What is the status of wooden timber in China ?


    The local tribes and communities living in the forets, living in any country, are famous in utilizing the forest products in the multiple of ways. Generally the timberwood is used as the firewood, utensils and medicine making. Generally we can say that the forests are used to make the products which have both non commercial and commercial value.

    In china there is a land full of flora and fauna which is an appropriate place  for woodland. Generally trees of large size are more useful than the trees of small size. Generally these woods are used in making in the sticks, shoes, hats, hats and ropes. Specially bamboo tree is generally used to make the handicraft and furniture items.

    There are many furniture items which are still of the use of farmers. They are not used for the purpose of selling. still shoes are not used to make from these furniture. In China rural areas the selling of handicraft items specially wooden stuff is not easy. The monitoring of timber use is mandatory as per the forest conservation act 1930-32.    

    The plants and small size trees are generally grown in China for domestic and money uses. In china, the making of wooden furniture is very low so the tree population is still high in natural environment.

    Hope you have liked the post ! Thanks for reading it !

    by - Indian Crafts - reference links -

  • what are the types of ERP software ?

    There are many kind of ERP software like -


    Cloud ERP -

    This type of ERP is the based software on cloud platforms and it helps in flexible data processing.  This software can also help in maximising the data handling and can store the huge amount of data. According to the varying customer requirements, this software can also be highly customisable.


    On premise ERP -

    In these types of ERP software, company insource an ERP software and takes the input as per according to that. This software is maintained at a physical location in an office. These software are generally based on a niche.


    Hybrid ERP -

    A hybrid ERP software are established on a in-premise situation and they have also the cloud data handling facilities. These are mostly open source ERP software which are very flexible in user adoption and are made for highly customer satisfaction processes.


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    by - campus management software

  • What is the future of ERP ineducation ?


    Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) college web application is the one kind of web application which integrates all the modules and functionalities of college system on a single system that can be handled by the administrative head and access by the students and faculties with valid user id and password.

    The purpose is to design software for college database which contains up to date or accurate information of the college. That should improve efficiency and flexibility of college record management and to provide a common and or simple platform for everyone to access the student’s information.

    As we know that, a college consists of different departments, such as course departments, fees management, library, event management etc. Nowadays applications and uses of information technologies is increased as compared to before, each of these individual departments has its own computer system to do their own functionalities. By having one main system they can interact with each other from their respected system by having valid user id and password.  

    Different module of ERP on college management system 1. Registration/login of admin. 2. Student/faculty registration/login. 3. Management of exam/lecture time table. 4. Management of attendance of student/faculty. 5. Management of library system. 6. Fees Management Module. 7. Account Management. 8. Student management Module.

    Title of the project as College ERP Management System is the system that deals with the issues related to a particular institution. It is the very useful to the student as well as the faculties to easy access to finding the details. This project is successfully implemented with all the features and modules of the college management system as per requirements.

    The college ERP provides appropriate information to users based on their profiles and role in the system. This project is designed keeping in view the day to day problems faced by a college system.

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    by - campus management software company

  • What is the need of the erp software in modular approach ?


    LITEROM college ERP contains 28 powerful modules which cover every function and department of your college. Following are the major 28 modules of college management software:

    • Student Inquiries Software

    • Entrance Test & Merit Lists

    • College Accounting Software

    • Students Attendance System

    • Staff Management Software

    • Timetable Generation Software

    • Student Behavior/Discipline Tracking

    • Hostel Management Software

    • Student Health Records Management

    • Library Management Software

    • College Bus/VAN Management

    • Schedules & Reminders Management

    • Send SMS from Mobile

    • External devices Integration

    • Student Registration & Admissions

    • Fees Collection & Receipt Printing

    • Students Information System

    • Staff Attendance Management System

    • Academics(Examination Management)

    • College Web/Internet Reporting

    Is the college ERP software very expensive:

    No. We want a maximum number of colleges to benefit from features of our College Management Software and Administration ERP System. So we are providing the college software at a very fair price. Moreover, as per our experience, most of our customers have recovered the total cost of purchasing the software within first six months or a year by best managing their college.


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  • What is the future and present scenario of the handicraft industry ?


    The fact associated with the handicraft industry in europe is that since after 2001, the handicraft industry is declining but its export is increasing day by day because its demand is increasing worldwide. The european countries like UK are producing handicraft items at the fraction of cost in foreign locations because of mere fraction of cost.

    The bigger fact associated with the european manufacturing country is that the computer oriented manufacturing process has been successful in creating high volume demand, reduce the waste, providing the significant productivity and quality in their procedure.

    ERP software also has played the wonderful role in it. The RTA (ready to assemble) furniture are the biggest example of it. European countries are considered as the best medium to innovate technology in the whole world.

    CAM (Computer aided manufacturing) software like - autocad are able to design the premade furniture designs to their customers as per their customisations. From last 15 years approximately, the CAD software have changed the scenario of the manufacturing industry even in the handicrafts also.

    With this the JIT manufacturing technology has been successful in deducting the batch processing system which has reduced the time wastage significantly. These technologies have been also successful in automotives and furniture industry as well.

    The future of the handicraft industry is very bright. The era has been changing towards the flat designs of furniture. Today CNC technologies also has come from the european companies like IKEA which has initialized it to manufacture it through the JIT technology.   

    Hope you have liked this post ! Thanks for reading this post !


    by - campus automation software company- Dreamteam Technologies 

    other reference links -

  • How zari handicrafts in Indian handicrafts are made ?

    There are the following steps involved in making zari products -

    - getting metal alloys from mines

    - melting of metals

    - passing metal from rotating wires

    - electroplating metals with each other

    - gilding on real zari

    - wounding zari on reel

    Hope you have liked the post ! Thanks for reading this post !   


    by - Dreamteam Technologies - a college ERP development company

  • What are the school management facilities found in a ERP software ?


    School Administration in case of a residential school is like running a small city. Unlike the day schools where it is more of less about academic automation, fees and library the administration of a residential school requires a lot of other issues to be taken care. Like -

    1. Hostel Management System

    2. Point of Sale / Student Store Management System

    3. Mess Management system

    4. Gate Security System

    5. Laundry Management System

    6. Imprest account / pocket money management system

    7. Offline intranet based mail system

    8. Interconnection of school system with web site on batch processing basis.

    and similar other changes..

    We have done a extensive study and implementation with one the leading Residential Schools for Girls (VDJS) and Another Leading Boys' residential school (Welham Boys School) have come up with a unique and practical approach for residential school management with software.


    Some of the important tasks being handled there in the schools are


    1. Connecting the far away parents with the school using a campus connected and updated interactive web site of the schools.

    2. Interconnecting the departments with proper information exchange without repeated work and ease.

    3. Simple to implement and adopt solution with less hassles of implementation and maintenance.

    4. Elimination the dependency on 24hrs dedicated internet connection by providing useful tools like INTRANET VIRTUAL MAIL SERVER.

    Hope you have liked this post ! Thanks for reading the post !

    by - college ERP software - Dreamteam Technologies 

  • How rural handicrafts are important to Indian Economy ?


    There are approximately 600000 villages in India in which 70% of people are totally or partially dependent on the agriculture or handicraft industry for their standard of living. There are liberal trade policies are organized to increase the handicraft export of India from rural areas. The role of Indian handicrafts is very important and its contribution is very important towards the growth of rural economy.  

    The Indian rural handicrafts have a very significant place in managing & developing the handicraft economy of India. The biggest benefit of the handicraft industry of India is that the product are made of hand instead of machinery based products which gives it an edge over its competitors like - China and Philippines. It directly employs more than 1 million people directly or indirectly.

    There are many rural handicraft products which are very popular in India like -

    jewelry, marble handicrafts, metal handicrafts, brass handicrafts, paintings, brass handicrafts, statues, bowls, bells, miniatures, tables and chairs, toys etc.

    Indian Handicraft products have faced a long time period of struggle and it has been successful in placing a rightful place in the world market. Indian handicrafts have a very significant place in the USA, UK and other european countries. In recession period of 2008-09 it has fetched a declining period since the inception and after 2010 it has seen a growth and Indian rural handicrafts have fetched the worth of 10000 crore dollars.

    Indian rural handicraft industry is needed proper market placement, financial position and management. So for this many private and government subsidiary bodies are needed to be contributed. In addition to this the Indian Handicrafts are needed to be maintained its reality because the handmade Indian Handicrafts are really liked by foreign people because of its real effort.  

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    by - Indian Crafts - console table dealer

    post produced by - Dreamteam Technologies - a college ERP company


  • What are the benefits of using LITEROM ? 


    DREAMTEAM Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is working for setting up new standards in digitalization of educational organizations. Successfully implemented it’s most reliable and advanced solution LiteromTM ERP among the most renowned educational institutions in India and abroad and enabled their work automation dream come true. LiteromTM ERP solution is fully featured with Admission Management, Fees & Financial Management, Human Resource Management, Transportation Management, Academic & Examination Management, Library Management, Health Management, Hostel Management, Inventory & Warehouse Management and Front office Management, more over the customizations can be made as per the requirements in close coordination with best in class technical development team of DREAMTEAM.

    The key benefits and features of LiteromTM ERP are:

    Developed on open source technology Master Control Panel for centralized approach in managing features & options The Entire ERP is Roles and Rights based Web based interface with accessibility of online and offline. Dual way synchronization- -Unique and advanced feature. Integration of your website with LiteromTM enables you to manage articles, image gallery, notice and events etc.


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    by - college ERP - Dreamteam Corporation


    other reference links - 


    handicraft companies in India

  • How wooden cabinet with drawers play an important role in maximizing your home decor ?


    wooden cabinet with drawers are the most viable options for your office and home as well. There is a lot of garbage which is found in scattered form in the house or office like - books, newspapers, files and unnecessary documents and many unlimited mentioned items.


    It is necessary to keep them organized so that they can be used timely or can be passed to outside of home. cabinets help a lot in it.


    There are new kind of wooden cabinets with drawers options are available from 2 to the 6 in number. In kitchen a single or two drawer cabinet is sufficient but in bedroom or office it can be in the number of 5 to 6 drawers.

    The sizes can vary according to your size and price variations. It is necessary to choose cabinet furniture at right size and price because it does not help not only in removing the scattered material but also to add a bunch of styles to your overall home decor.


    There are many online famous portals available like - Indian Crafts which makes it easy to you for purchasing all kind of furniture items online in low rates and the delivery and their shipping is also very flexible.  


    There are following type of wooden cabinets available in different shapes at Indian Crafts-


    wooden cabinet with drawers

    wooden cabinet with 3 drawers

    wooden cabinet with 4 drawers

    wooden cabinet with carved doors

    jali and side cabinets

    wooden cabinet with brass


    by - candle stand


    other links -


    by - college ERP development company

  • What is the gate management features of ERP software ?


    Gate Security Management Salient features -

    • Set the gate security settings as guest house settings, guards etc

    • Manage security guards and their duty charts

    • Maintain gate entry registry which includes :

    1. General Visitor Entry Register details

    2. Main Gate Bill Entry Register details

    3. K.M. Entry Register details

    4. Parents Entry Register details

    5. Students Entry Register details

    6. Students Leave Out/ In Register details

    7. Campus Staff Register details

    8. Campus Staff Guest Register details

    9. Day Staff Entry Register details

    • Maintain guest house records like facilities provided, categories, room to add rooms, guest house details, bookings and provide the detail reports for the guest house

    • Key management which include detailed key list, allotted key list or to allot keys

    by - college ERP development company - Dreamteam Technologies

    other reference links - 

    solid wood furniture company - Indian Crafts

  • what is the perfect front office rights of a ERP software ?


    A perfect college ERP software should have the following features -

    Front Office Management Salient features -

    • Maintain CRM(customer relationship manager) in which we can maintain all the details of customers visiting maintained under category/sub category keeping their contact details and other related information

    • Manage all the meeting and there schedule

    • Keep track of all the incoming and outgoing telephone calls and their details

    • Keep the track of the mails coming or send and their details

    • Maintaining the detailed list of documents under category/ sub category

    • Resume manager to maintain the details for the vacancies available and where and how to apply

    • Task manager to manage the task and assign the task to the specific person • Maintain the appointments listing details

    • Maintain the track of all the postal/couriers which are delivered or not delivered

    by - college ERP development company - Dreamteam Technologies

    other links -

  • What are the ideal fatures in LITEROM to manage the student -teacher profiles ?


    Students/Teachers/officers/Other staff profile management in an college ERP software -

    • We can manage the complete profile for the Students, Teachers , officers and other staff In the admin module

    • In admin from school staff manage all the details for the faculty, management and other staff • In admin from student we can maintain students profile Students/ Teachers/ Officers / Other staff I Cards Management

    • In the admin module from the main setting we can set the setting for the I card show instructions, show image and show signature etc

    • In the I card settings we can create a list of instructions which we want to show on the I card

    • From the school staff we can obtain the list of I cards for all the teachers

    • From the management and other staff we can obtain the list of I cards for them

    • From student in the student management we can obtain the list of I cards for all the students in the class wise pattern

    by - academic ERP software development company - Dreamteam Technologies

  • What is the use of ERP software in a college or university ?


    LITEROMTM academic ERP software system is a unique and complete ERP solution for both online and offline necessities of a school. It provides facilities like online fee payment, registration and data management tools for schools, administrator, complete management between finance employees and students.


    LITEROMTM campus automation software is user-friendly and integrated platform for school ERP that consist of web-based technologies which helps in improving the efficiency and reduces expenses linked with managing school registration, fundraising, finance accounting, after-school care, budgeting and coordinating between Students, Teachers, Management, Parents, Alumni, Guests, and Experts.


    LITEROMTM online school management solution rationalize all the activities like school registration with automatic back-office administration, entire campus activities as student’s data, school accounting, web site content management and facilitate to focus on teaching management and elevating the lives of students. Our software is completely secured and has been integrated with smart cards, bio-metrics and bar codes as per requirement and also brought vast saving through automated payment processing.

  • Why are you making a mistake by not accepting the college  ERP software.


    College ERP software are the best solutions required to run a school or any institution efficiently and effectively because they are efficient enough to manage all the database and information regarding all important entities like – teachers, students, parents, admin and management team of the institution.

    Dreamteam technologies private limited is a custom web development and designing, website promotion, web application development company which provides its services to educational Industry as well as Business and Corporate Houses Globally since its establishment from the year 2005.

    It has its own ERP management software LITEROM, the most innovative and supreme school management software which helps to administrators and other authoritative staff in complete automated control of campus activities ( whether it may be internal or external ). It also increases the coordination and communication between all the entities which are correlated to each other in a surrounding environment.

    Thus LITEROM ERP management system, which is initialized for schools and colleges, universities, institutes, which is a one stop solution to the end customer because it helps in bringing away a new working environment in an automatic way that is very helpful for a workplace.

    The biggest quality of the software is that it is full of inbuilt security features also. It has also been integrated with smart cards, bio-metrics and bar codes, RFID’s & Smartcards as per requirement of the end user. With increasing ROI, accuracy and speed this software also provides the automatic and effective control on system. There is a very little possibility of error or bug in this automated system unless and until there is the error of manual entry or transaction.

    With different range of modules, features and user friendly interface, efficient School ERP software is good enough to take care of all the procedures in managing day to day routine activities within a chunk of clicks. Although there are many ERP software for institutes in this world but the LITEROM is the most efficient ERP software in this category.


    Hope you have liked the post ! Thanks for reading it !

  • How LITEROM can significantly improve the working for your college ?

    LITEROM is the best campus automation software, which is developed and outsourced by Dreamteam technologies private limited company based from Jodhpur (Rajasthan). This most innovative, collaborative centralized online server based ERP software which is made to solve all institute and campus related activities in an automated way and it also increases the better controlling environment.


    Dreamteam technologies is an ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 27001:2005 certified company, established in the year 2005, which is totally dedicated towards helping their hundreds of worldwide clients to balance their cost and benefit ratio from last 10 years and Clients are using the software solutions in their educational organization in a more instant, modified new way which helps their educators, students and parents also. LITEROM is just an initiative launched by

    the company.    


    The overall facility of the LITEROM is that all the data collected through day to day activities is managed in a very time responsive way and wherever required. The overall and exact information can easily be replicated. As a college ERP handling system this software has the following facilities.


    Thus LITEROM is the most highly transparent student management software throughout the web which is a time responsive solution to manage all the student and campus database activities in a minor period of time.  

    All the data is managed in a time responsive method along with the plans and policies applicable at that time, so whenever required, the exact information can be replicated.


    As a college and university management software, LITEROM provides the following functions very minutely, like -  

    To provide all the admission details of the students like - admission date & provisional details, photographs and previous academic records.

    Also provides result details like – mark sheet, overall aggregate marks.

    Creates unique id for each and every student and also shows personal details, location etc.


    Hope you have liked the post ! Thanks for reading it !

    by - campus automation software

  • Why LITEROM ERP software is recommended to be used as as college ERP software ?


    Dreamteam technologies private limited is a custom web development and designing, website promotion, web application development company which provides its services to educational Industry as well as Business and Corporate Houses Globally since its establishment from the year 2005.


    ERP system has a huge potential towards streamlining the flowing activities in the departments inside the boundaries of an educational organization. Thus ERP as an incorporated business solution, collects all the data relating to the internal and external activities of an educational organization.


    Homework Through SMS -


    Students can see the homework assigned to them online through the medium of SMS and refer the reference documents uploaded by the teacher.


    Homework Through Emails -


    Students can see the homework assigned to them online through the medium of Email and refer the reference documents uploaded by the teacher.


    Faculty -


    • Attendance Management

    • Courseware and assignment upload

    • Time Table Management

    • Access to Exam online & Exam management

    • Access to Student Information Record System

    • Discipline Management

    • Student Leave Management

    • Student Performance analysis


    Students -


    • Online Admission & Payments

    • Attendance Management

    • Online Access to Time Table

    • Online Submission of Assignments

    • Online Clinical Posting Details

    • Online Exam & Test Results

    • SMS & E-mail alters on results, news & events, holidays, birthday


    Parents -

    • Monitoring children’s attendance

    • Monitoring children Academic Performance

    • SMS & E-mail Alerts on exam schedule & results

    • SMS & E-mail Alerts on News & Events

    • Fees & Dues Al …

    Hope you have liked the post ! Thanks for reading it !


    by - college ERP

  • What is the role of ERP in every institute or college ?

    ERP software is considered to be a type of enterprise application, that is software designed to be used by larger businesses and often requires dedicated teams to customize and analyze the data and to handle upgrades and deployment.
    Need for ERP:- Separate systems were being maintained during 1960/70 for traditional business functions like Sales & Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Manufacturing, and Supply Chain Management. These systems were often incongruent, hosted in different databases and required batch updates. It was difficult to manage business processes across business functions e.g. procurement to pay and sales to cash functions. ERP system grew to replace the islands of information by integrating these traditional business functions.
    Of all the software an organization can deploy, ERP has potentially the most direct impact on reducing costs. When asked in a 2010 survey conducted by the Aberdeen Group of Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) what factors drove them to implement an ERP solution, nearly half cited the need to reduce costs to improve operating margins. Improving customer service was the second most cited reason. The distribution of responses to this survey appears below in Figure.
    A survey conducted during much the same period by AMR Research confirms these findings. Fifty percent of their respondents named cost reduction and improved efficiencies among their top two priorities.
    Advantages of ERP System
     With Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, accurate forecasting can be done. When accurate forecasting inventory levels are kept at maximum efficiency, this allows for the organization to be profitable.
     Integration of the various departments ensures communication, productivity and efficiency.
     Adopting ERP software eradicates the problem of coordinating changes between many systems.
     ERP software provides a top-down view of an organization, so information is available to make decisions at anytime, anywhere.
    Disadvantages of ERP System
     Adopting ERP systems can be expensive.
     The lack of boundaries created by ERP software in a company can cause problems of who takes the blame, lines of responsibility and employee morale.


    by - college ERP


    other reference links - 


  • What is the ERP role in library management ?


    A perfect ERP software should have the proper library management facilities -

    Library Management

    Salient Features

    • Books Title details

    • Books Category management

    • Books Sub category Management

    • Books Authors details

    • Books Publishers Details

    • Books vendor details

    • Books Language Details

    • Books DDC code management

    • Books No with Periodical

    • News Paper details

    • Magazine details

    • CD’s and Other New Category can be created through users accordingly

    • Books Edition details

    • Books Volume No details

    • Books ISBN No details

    • Books Details according rack no.

    • Reserve / Reference books manage separately

    • Books Repair / maintenance details

    • Lost Books details available

    • Automatic Accession no can be generate

    • Advance Search based on /Title/Accession No. / Category/

    Subcategory/DDC code/ Keywords.


    Hope you have liked the post ! Thanks for reading the post !

    by - campus automation software

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  • What is the ERP role in library management ?


    A perfect ERP software should have the proper library management facilities -

    Library Management

    Salient Features

    • Books Title details

    • Books Category management

    • Books Sub category Management

    • Books Authors details

    • Books Publishers Details

    • Books vendor details

    • Books Language Details

    • Books DDC code management

    • Books No with Periodical

    • News Paper details

    • Magazine details

    • CD’s and Other New Category can be created through users accordingly

    • Books Edition details

    • Books Volume No details

    • Books ISBN No details

    • Books Details according rack no.

    • Reserve / Reference books manage separately

    • Books Repair / maintenance details

    • Lost Books details available

    • Automatic Accession no can be generate

    • Advance Search based on /Title/Accession No. / Category/

    Subcategory/DDC code/ Keywords.


    Hope you have liked the post ! Thanks for reading the post !

    by - campus automation software

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  • What is the role of admission facilities in  ERP management ?

    A perfect ERP software should have the following the admission management facilities -

    Admission Management -

    Salient Features

    • Admission enquiry

    • Students Document Management (Like TC, DOB certificate)

    • Admission Test Scheduling

    • Students registration details

    • Admission test Management

    • Admission fees Management

    • Admission form sale details management

    Reports -

    • Admission Form Sale Report Date wise

    • Registration Form Reports

    • Students Details who register for admission test

    • List of students who absent for admission test

    • List of students attended admission test

    • Admission Test Schedule latter generator

    • Registration letter Generator

    • Daily collection Fees of admission test


    • Top 5-10 in section

    • Rank order list for class/section

    • Subject wise failure list

    • Exam wise failure list

    • Subject Teachers remarks

    • Class teachers remarks

    • Students wise pre printed marks sheets

    • Dynamic marks sheet available according to users

    • Dynamic tabulation sheet available according to users

    • Subject wise graphical report for each exams

    • Exam wise graphical report for each students


    Hope you have liked the post ! Thanks for reading the post !

    by - campus automation software

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  • What should be the ideal examination management features of the ERP software ?


    A perfect ERP software should have the following examination management facilities -

    Examination (Academic Record) Management -

    Salient Features

    • Exam Software is developed keeping in view today's examination pattern and need of

    today's student.

    • Examination Scheme can be made classes wise.

    • Grades can be managed according to school polices.

    • Number/graded/number graded marks can be managed.

    • Students Absent/Leave/NA can be managed in system according to users.

    • Scholastic exams facility available in system for junior or senior classes according to

    school policy.

    • Users can generate own dynamic marks sheet according to standard format provided in

    LITEROM without any support and extra afford in word, excel..or any third party tools.

    • Dynamic tabulation sheet designing facility available, same like dynamic marks sheet.

    • Customized Marks sheet according to schools


    • Detailed tabulation sheet exam wise

    • Consolidated tabulation sheet exam wise

    • Students Wise Tabulation sheet

    • Exam Wise consolidate tabulation sheet

    • Merit List exam wise

    • Merit list section wise

    • Merit list class wise

    • Top 5-10 in class

    • Top 5-10 in section

    • Rank order list for class/section

    • Subject wise failure list

    • Exam wise failure list

    • Subject Teachers remarks

    • Class teachers remarks

    • Students wise pre printed marks sheets

    • Dynamic marks sheet available according to users

    • Dynamic tabulation sheet available according to users

    • Subject wise graphical report for each exams

    • Exam wise graphical report for each students


    Hope you have liked the post ! Thanks for reading the post !

    by - academic ERP software

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