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Wooden rings are beautiful for their natural look and colors. There are many patterns and varieties of these wooden rings which are made from the different trees. These rings are not used as permanent wearable finger rings but used for different purposes.

Wooden rings are considered as the strong symbol of durability in relationship as well in real life. People have also started using the wooden rings to be worn as engagement and wooden rings.

The following trees are available for making wooden rings like - oak, applewood, maple, ash, cherry, dogwood, poplar and walnut. Each of the wood tree have different colour and and meaning which are used to make the wooden ring.

There are following recommendations, which are necessary to be obtained while using it -

  • Try to keep wooden material away from water while bathing and swimming.

  • Try to keep the wooden ring and furniture away from chemicals and hard places.

  • Try not to keep the wooden rings while hand washing and washing sink especially for women.

  • Never put the wooden ring in the moisture place.

  • Have a new furnish which is necessary for furniture.

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