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Indian automobile market is the seventh fastest growing market in the world. It has the total market share of 5.7% of share in GDP. India is considered as the fourth most highest exporter in the automobile market and approximately 2.5 million units of automobiles are produced every year. Maruti Suzuki is the largest exporter companies in the automobile industries of India.

Maruti Suzuki believes in only the one motive that is - “to maximize the shareholders wealth and optimizing the customers’ delight.” Maruti Suzuki deals in cars and motorcycles in across the network of 300 cities of India.

Why is ERP in Maruti Suzuki -

There were following problems in the Maruti Suzuki -

  • human dependence for data collection and reporting

  • Lack of proper control

  • Lack of quality in information processing

  • No real time access to information

  • Huge and real turnaround time

How ERP was implemented in Maruti Suzuki -

It was emphasized that a steering committee should be organized which will review the existing policies in the organization and there will be smooth and flexible work environment. The ERP software of Oracle was prescribed  for the ERP in Maruti.

There were following parts of the ERP project management team -

  • steering committee

  • Project planning team

  • Oracle business accelerators

  • Quality control team

  • Review team  to inspect the functionality of the system

Benefits of ERP -

  • Greater efficiency and less confusion

  • deeper insight of the performance

  • pre information about the problems

  • Improven decision making and forecasting

  • Removal of spreadsheets

  • proper inventory management

  • cost reduction in automated workflow

  • automotive decrease in vendors

  • complete personal work history in a single profile

  • retain high class quality people

  • Proper integration between the no. of departments

  • lower support costs

  • end to end proper visibility

Critical success factors -

There were following success factors in the implementation of ERP like -

  • support of top business users

  • proper change management

  • proper phased implementation

  • huge user training

  • Proper integration with user processes

  • advanced supply chain management

  • proper automation

  • total enterprise asset management

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