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    Which is the best use of two tier modeling approach ?


    A single instance ERP software is no doubt, very helpful in fulfilling ERP requirements for the businesses/organization and joint ventures. But in the condition of being on premise, it also requires managing, operating and tracking which sometime requires additional IT support and new challenges.

    What is two tier modeling approach ?

    A two tier approach ERP software is a new modeling approach in which a similar ERP software is integrated into the subsidiaries of business branches to collect the data. This new approach is helpful in gaining the reduction in processing time and sustain ERP capabilities.

    Many of ERP philosophers think that by adopting two tier ERP software, it will create the chances for an organization to completely remove the on-premise ERP software. Definitely two tier approach will never change your ERP software in premises. It will increase the agility, flexibility and transparency in your back-office operations.

    Today it is very necessary to be successful for the business enterprises that it should automate and align the IT department with the business departments rather than to annoy them into number of applications.       

    IT departments should develop those applications that can automate complex processings of business data in a couple of seconds. It increases the global transparency, process quality and standard parameters of the organization.

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