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    What were the erp software major upgrades in the govdep company ?


    The Govdep SAP ERP implementation can not be considered as a case of the successful ERP implementation, because it was being inspired from the NPWS case 1999. All the major upgrades in the post implementation phase were also inspired from the similar government agency. The last updation was performed in 2007 as SAP 7.0 in which additional modules were attached for credit management and warehousing.

    The SAP manager always commented for the new IT policies implementation in Govdep, so that the ERP software and post upgrades can be implemented in a systematic and methodological manner. New frameworks were organized so that the new requirements could be fit into the new ERP software and unnecessary customisation can be prevented to reduce implementation costs.

    After 2007. there was no major upgrades in the SAP software. Some functionality changes were performed due to changing requirements and for managing the internal and external environment necessities. Later on the company started to realize that there is no real benefits of implementing new upgrades in the software.

    There were many changes occurred when the SAP implementation started to think that how business processes and operations could be performed together to get more value. There were many issues when the complete method of using the ERP software was heavily optimised and customised.

    There were some issues where the increasing number of employees was the main reason of the change in the erp system working. Their travel and transportation was manageable for more than the 600 users. Later on after some customisations, it was manageable for the user capacity of more than 2000 users.    

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