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    WHat is the erp software recommendations for the elton company ?


    Elton group is 70 years old private limited company dealing in supply of high quality architectural products. It also deals in supplying timber products while following of the standard parameters for using forests, water resources and other raw material. It is headquartered in Melbourne (Australia).

    Why ERP software was needed in Elton Group -

    Both from the point of view of financial and workflow experience there were many areas that had to be integrated with a single application. Elton was using the excel spreadsheets, delivery dockets and some handwritten official documents for data collection. With this, the poor stock management facilities were also there.

    To handle all of these problems, company decided to adopt the software of odoo ERP software by which at the first phase, they decided to handle their inventory, receipts and financial management services.

    In addition to this, odoo software was full with the CRM, open source and ecommerce oriented ERP software by which they had fulfilled their unique product handling requirements. Odoo ERP software also fulfilled the data requirements for the sales and administrative arena.

    Benefits -

    The wildooit software provided the Elton group facility to combine their CRM facilities and customer quotations and their customer team had the full access to the data so the delay in orders stopped there.

    The management also got happy because they had all the data access for analysis and sales overheads and it also provided the company to improve their business structure so that they could maintain their business growth.  

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