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    What is the erp implementation time taking reasons in confecco ?


    An implementation of an ERP software has a wide time range effects on the organization and business processes and activities. By understanding this approach, the confecco company implemented the SAP software in a phased approach.

    Firstly in the confecco company erp software, sales and distribution modules were launched and the user feedback was taken from the selected end users & customers. Most end users were kept remaining on the legacy systems. The phased approach increased the project completion time but it reduced the cost and failure possibilities of system.

    In 1995, there was a mindset in the senior management that the SAP software was yet to give its return on investment. Many version upgrades were performed until the completion of 3 years. With the version upgradation, many new modules were added like - HR, CRM, business intelligence etc.

    The implementation team had realized that the erp software will be resisted by the staff and only to provide training and support would not be sufficient for successful SAP adoption in the company.

    Benefits -

    • increasing the external linkage to the other organization

    • employees ready for IT flexibility and change management

    • improvement the product quality and services

    • reduction in lost orders and cost

    • increase in the ease and modular flexibility


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