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    What is the change management implementation status before implementing change in Govdep ?


    When the Govdep implemented the erp software in its premises, it was not easy to continue it with a single version because the government policies are regularly changed. The restructuring of public agencies are regularly necessary and the business processes and data are necessary to be streamlined together. So Govdep had to upgrade the whole system on a continuous basis.

    Govdep had already acquired some newcomer agencies in which new burdensome business processes were implemented which were described as per according to the new erp software of SAP because the consolidation of data was very necessary. So there was little flexibility and much burden in the workflow.

    At some areas, Govdep had to restructure the complete work environment. Just like the - At Finance department, regular and new standard workflows were decided and implemented. To the end user, it was made mandatory to provide training sessions for performing the business operations effectively.

    There were two type of training sessions were organized - online and face to face. The online trainings were usually for those users who were interested in taking training in their own time and in face to face training phase, the trainers themselves provided the training to the relevant staff. Training sessions were organized in the routine sessions so workers can not feel the extra workload.

    The financial management team was also made capable the software training to the other staff members and the erp implementation team was responsible for maintaining the changes required in the system.   

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