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    What is the role of the course instructor in the online education?

    An instructor is a person who is in charge of the classroom. An instructor is generally a full term employed professional for a specific curriculum. There are sometimes adjunct instructors available in an institute who have short term employment.
    A facilitator also plays the role of the instructor specifically in an online learning environment. An instructor and facilitator has any real significance if they can help to students in making connection with learning objects.
    There is always a requirement in the online institutes that they require the instructors with proper subject matter expertise, not only holding the teaching skills individuals. If they have the required online teaching skills then a student can win at the earliest.
    To get the proper knowledge of the instructor’s credentials, students must proceed to the institute website. Every institute has its own different page pertaining to required credentials. In the lacuna of this, students must move to the right school or institute.
    Instead of the traditional classroom teaching, it is the sole duty of the online incharge to help the students in making information available at the right time and making them workable with those concepts.     
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