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    What are the redirects in the ColdFusion framework?

    Redirection is a process in any programming language, in which a user is traversed to another page from current page to provide the real information. The redirected page can be a broken or parked domain page, so redirection is necessary in this case.
    In coldFusion framework, there is facility to serve the redirection facility by using of two methods -
    permanent redirects.
    temporary redirects.
    permanent redirects -
    A permanent redirect should be used when no page exists. In this type of redirection, 301 redirect status code is used. It is implemented by the <cfheader> in the ColdFusion framework. This is generally used for search engines as well and they will index the correct file.
    temporary redirects -
    It is used in the case where a user is being redirected to another page based on a logical rule. In this case, <cflocation> tag is used to induce this redirection. This actually sends HTTP status code of 302 code which means  - “moved temporarily”.
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