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    What are the school management facilities found in a ERP software ?


    School Administration in case of a residential school is like running a small city. Unlike the day schools where it is more of less about academic automation, fees and library the administration of a residential school requires a lot of other issues to be taken care. Like -

    1. Hostel Management System

    2. Point of Sale / Student Store Management System

    3. Mess Management system

    4. Gate Security System

    5. Laundry Management System

    6. Imprest account / pocket money management system

    7. Offline intranet based mail system

    8. Interconnection of school system with web site on batch processing basis.

    and similar other changes..

    We have done a extensive study and implementation with one the leading Residential Schools for Girls (VDJS) and Another Leading Boys' residential school (Welham Boys School) have come up with a unique and practical approach for residential school management with software.


    Some of the important tasks being handled there in the schools are


    1. Connecting the far away parents with the school using a campus connected and updated interactive web site of the schools.

    2. Interconnecting the departments with proper information exchange without repeated work and ease.

    3. Simple to implement and adopt solution with less hassles of implementation and maintenance.

    4. Elimination the dependency on 24hrs dedicated internet connection by providing useful tools like INTRANET VIRTUAL MAIL SERVER.

    Hope you have liked this post ! Thanks for reading the post !

    by - college ERP software - Dreamteam Technologies 


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