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    What are the implementation reasons for the erp software in packgo ?


    Packco incorporation adopted the erp implementation in a very feasible, soft and proactive approach. The senior management did not want to interrupt the routine tasks and operations. For this reason, a change management team was implemented in which both inhouse and external development team.

    The deployment and configuration of the SAP software was the biggest and tough decision for the company. The regular interaction was necessary to happen between the end user and the software interface. For this the change management was very necessary.

    Firstly all the inputs were decided by the implementation team members and many meetings were being held by the senior management especially in finance related decisions. The middle managers were also involved in the conversation with the implementation team to map the regular workflow designs and processes.

    The training and post implementation team was adjoint with the PWC consultants. PWC consultants had firm believe in transferring the functional knowledge to the software members. It helped in enhancing the knowledge of the existing members.

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