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  • What is the use of the uganda handicrafts in the economics ?


    Indian handicrafts is famous for its employment opportunities especially for the weaker sections of the society and the people and women living in rural areas. Today many youths in metropolitan cities are adopting the handicraft sector. In India, it is a decentralising sector and it is also considered as a cottage industry. In India, it offers employment opportunities to more than 7 million artisans.

    Handicraft industry has always scope in the Indian and international level. Like - In Uganda, there are more than 65 communities which contributes to the economy by offering different type of creative accessories. It regenerates creation, employment, social gathering and inclusion, human resource development and cultural diversity as well in uganda economy.

    There are following flaws to be found in the Uganda economy -

    • lack of specialization

    • lack of vocational and business development training

    • unstructured and fragmented manufacturing and production planning

    • lack of proper individual equipment planning

    • no marketing, design and quality standards

    • lack of systematic organization of markets

    • lack of proper innovation in product design and quality

    There is a campaign named “buy uganda” organized in the economy which has been successful in attracting more and more handicraft exporters, traders and entrepreneurs. According to this campaign the ultimate capacity building program has been initialized in which the traditional craftsmen and diversified cultural handicrafts will be promoted.

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  • What are the ERP software type required in today's DX economy ?


    In today’s era all the business entrepreneurs are moving towards the SAAS and cloud based ERP software, which are updated and configured on the base of customer requirements. It enables their systems to grow to the new areas around the globe.

    The less frustration and more innovative ERP systems are now necessarily for not only the big businesses and big brands, but also for the MSME enterprises (medium and small scale). To choose the right SAAS ERP software whether for the school, college or university, it is necessary for the technology partner to understand about the factors necessary for getting successful in DX economics.

    There are following characteristics necessary for today’s cloud ERP software -

    • more cognitive and intelligent machine learning

    • deep learning protocols

    • natural language processing

    • advanced analytics capabilities

    • understand native and interactive UI to uncover insights

    Speed is the most important factor in DX economy which can increase the overall market share, revenue potential and profitability score. It is necessary for today’s companies to understand the strategic direction and innovation capabilities of a current ERP software which can lead them to the future.

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    by - university ERP

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  • What are the modules required for the ERP industry of manufacturing ? 


    module requirements -

    supplier payment system - A cross-checking able payment supplying system is required for the proper use of resources, calculate the cost of material and price per product.

    Barcode integration system - It is required for the at the time of shipping of material. Proper shipping of material is properly handled by recognizing its barcode.

    Quality assurance system - It is the system and group of procedures that are required for matching the existing product quality standards with the ideal product quality standards.

    Sales management module - It is required for the proper quotation generation, converting quotation into the sales order, handling customer databases, managing contact of partners and affiliates etc.

    Purchase management modules - It is required for managing the data of suppliers, creating partner and product categories, creating email templates, reception analysis etc.

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  • What is the initiatie for the artisans for 2018 ?

    What are the new initiatives for artisans in India ?

    • In 2016, Indian Government identified more than 20 lakh handicraft artisans and they issued these cards to the artisans. All type of union and state territories are connected to this initiative.

    • For income stability and enhancement of the artisans, Indian Government identified the 20 necessary handicraft clusters. In addition to this, handicraft commissioner have also signed the MOU with the Punjab National Bank to provide the Mudr Loan.

    • Pushtaini hunar vikas yojana was implemented in 2017 to provide training about carpet weaving to the handicraft artisans.

    • In NCR region, Indian Government has issued 100 industrial garment machines to each Garment factory and they have also issued 18 crores to each of the center to provide more than 1000 direct employment for the artisans.

    • Up to december 2017, the export of about 25000 crore INR was performed and more than 200 crore rupees were invested on the promotion of export initiatives because of this is direct source of handicrafts. Hope you have liked this post ! Thanks for reading the post !  

    by - Indian Crafts and Dreamteam Technologies

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  • What is the importance of lucknow chikankari ?


    India is the country of villages. Approximately more than 60% of population resides in India in rural areas. Handicraft sector is one of those sectors, by which a complete segment of rural population is able to get their standard of living. Handicraft sector is one of the segments of India in which the export can also be increased and it also increases the foreign currency level of the country.

    Handicraft sector shows flexibility, versatility and innovation in the whole designs and the sector is alive due to its designs. Although handicraft facility is not incorporated under any law but the central government is trying the best at its level to provide legal and socio-economic protection to the sector.

    The Chikankari work of Lucknow is very famous in India which is originated in Uttar Pradesh. It is the most embroidery work of India in which the textile items are decorated for more beauty and value addition. It is considered as an art to preserve the country domestic applications.

    The origin of chikankari work is considered from Persia and it came in India after a long voyage. There are some proofs that in Dacca, muslims were also engaged in producing the chikankari products. Some people also consider it originated from the the Mughal time.This chikankar cluster is being so important in India because this is the medium of living of more than 3 lakh people. This art is spread not only in Lucknow but also in other seven districts of Uttar Pradesh. The young generation is also approaching this field as a profession. Thus the future of this art is so bright.

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  • What is the status of wooden timber in China ?


    The local tribes and communities living in the forets, living in any country, are famous in utilizing the forest products in the multiple of ways. Generally the timberwood is used as the firewood, utensils and medicine making. Generally we can say that the forests are used to make the products which have both non commercial and commercial value.

    In china there is a land full of flora and fauna which is an appropriate place  for woodland. Generally trees of large size are more useful than the trees of small size. Generally these woods are used in making in the sticks, shoes, hats, hats and ropes. Specially bamboo tree is generally used to make the handicraft and furniture items.

    There are many furniture items which are still of the use of farmers. They are not used for the purpose of selling. still shoes are not used to make from these furniture. In China rural areas the selling of handicraft items specially wooden stuff is not easy. The monitoring of timber use is mandatory as per the forest conservation act 1930-32.    

    The plants and small size trees are generally grown in China for domestic and money uses. In china, the making of wooden furniture is very low so the tree population is still high in natural environment.

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  • Why Indian handicraft promotion is so necessary ?


    A university needs to have one centralized system, which keeps, maintains and updates all the activities related to your reputed Institution.


    • It needs to have simplification of complex business processes for taking active decisions and total control over every (small or big) issue, related to planning, implementation and review of the System.


    • Once you start growing, it's really cumbersome to handle all activities of Students as well as Employees. Here comes university ERP Software that will ease the process of each and every aspect of a School, be it Admission, Transport, Examination (CCE Enabled Comprehensively), Library, Robust Time Table, HR & Payroll etc.


    • When you move forward with automation, you face few usual obstacles, such as Cost, Extra Man Hours Deployed To Customize ERP, Weird Processes of the Application etc. Luckily, university ERP Software saves you against these usual worries.


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  • what is the role of Indian toys in economy ?


    Indian toy industry is considered to be worth of 8000 crore INR. This toy industry has seen a tremendous downflow of the time because Chinese toy products is a reason for the suffering of the Indian toys in international market. The indian toy industry was about to be said on closure and this can become a question on the living standards of more than 4000 manufacturers and more than 2 million employees.


    The toy industry of India is considered as the part of the those handicrafts which is considered as unorganized sector. The main toy manufacturing segments are located in Delhi, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Patna etc. There are many enterprises in India which are working in the small and cottage level industries.


    The change is the only constant in nature so our Indian toy industry has also seen the tremendous changes in the design, innovative designs and patterns. It is also the reason of growth of Indian toy industry in the domestic and international market.


    The biggest problem of the Indian customer is that they are very price sensitive so that the many toy enterprizes are involved in producing the toy designs which are cheap in cost and can be compromisable in quality. Today is the era of internet retailing which is growing at the rate of 25% in toy industry.  

    There is also a change in parents attitude in buying of toys because of their young children. The parents are today involved in purchasing the toys which can increase the creativity and personality development aspects of their children.

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  • What is the role of wood cabinets in managing the Indian Economics ?  


    Today is the era of new variegated wooden cabinets. In US there is a lot of new demand in the kitchen wood cabinets. In 2008 there was the net increment of 6-7% and it was of more than 13 million USD net worth. Wood cabinets have associated with the incredible fact that they are not changed in the recent years in context of the designs and patterns. These are used as a storage area

    In mid 1970s there was an era of wood cabinets which were made of oak. After 90s there is an era of maple, pine and cherry wood cabinets which is still in fashion. Besides this the oak wood cabinets are still coming back in trend. Still there are new shades of black, dark and grey wood cabinets which are being considered back for the office and handicraft furniture.

    There are boh type of wood cabinets available - A) hardwood  B) softwood. darker colour handicraft items are seemed to be expensive but light colour wood cabinets are seems to be the costly one. It is considered as one of the primary factors for selecting the wood cabinets. Generally the lighter, light weighted wooden cabinets are mostly preferred by the consumers. Today, there are the LED lighting facilities working in the cabinets to provide heat and special effect.

    Today people are also liking the stains patterns on the wood cabinets. Generally high income holding people are accepting the dark and red stained wooden cabinets and low income holding people generally like light weighted patterns.

    generally wooden cabinets are available in different drawers as well like - wooden cabinet with 2 drawers, wooden cabinet with 4 drawers, wooden cabinet with drawers, wooden cabinet with 8 drawers etc.     



  • What is the use of candle stand in your home ?

    candle stand is an object which is used to hold candles in it. It has tripod legs and support of additional tray which is polygonal and circular as well. These candle stands are also known as “candle-holders” or “candlesticks”.

    Candle stands are in existence from the ancient time. In previous time they were made of wooden timber specially of oak. It can also be considered as a ornamental holder which is used to handle candles in themselves.

    Candle stands have also religional value. They are also famous in different religion especially in christian religion. It is used generally in the spiritual rituals and enlightening the church.


  • What is the overall state of online furniture market in India ?


    Today India’s online furniture industry is expected to become  very significant in these current and upcoming years. Now that time is gone where people have to go for purchasing the overall furniture from their home or office or to give orders to make any furniture stuff. This era is digitized era. Everything is available for your delivery at a single click of button.

    In this post we will see that what is the overall scenario of the Indian Online furniture industry -


    • Indian online furniture market is worth 140000 crore rupees. It is basically very competitive and decentralised segment market.

    • India’s furniture industry is expected to have the current growth rate of 20% for the next five years and the overall stock furniture is expected to reach at the more than 35 billion USD.

    • In last year at 2017, the current market score was 15000 crore increment in profits and the home decor furniture industry is expected to have the worth of 50% CAGR. Home furniture industry is the fastest grown furniture industry in all over India.

    • Internet is also becoming the net income source of furniture dealing companies and the overall 40-50% repeat customers are from the smartphone devices.      

    • At last as per according to the Make in India campaign it has been decided to declare and launch many new initiatives for furniture and it is promised to make India the third largest economy by 2030.

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  • What is the clusters role in Indian Economics ?

    The economic and industrial clusters are a competitive industrial segment which is the center point of the economic growth. The development of a cluster sector depends upon the social culture of a country. They have become useful in making the huge standard of living for the local people.  

    A cluster is also considered as the economical zone where a similar category of products and services are produced and these clusters are definitely recommended for the local and national government policies for government.

    To develop the clusters, many CDPs (cluster development programmes) are developed and organized by the local and central government to improve the condition of handicrafts in every area. There are many areas on which the work is to be done for the handicraft sector in industrial development like -

    • Technological development

    • Innovative product line reengineering

    • Manufacturing and production redesigning

    • new distribution methods implementation

    • improved financial services and loan facilities


    As per for the example -   

    Moradabad, which is 170 km away from Delhi, is also known as “Peetal Nagri”. Its whole population is totally dependent on handicrafts and metalware production. Moradabad is at 26th rank in producing metal handicrafts. Alone in Moradabad there are more than 15000 handicraft units which are dedicated for producing the brass handicrafts. There are more than 45000 handicraft personnels in the city and they earn more than 35000 crore rupees annually.


    Problems pertaining cluster management -

    There are the following problems pertaining cluster management -

    • high production cost

    • inefficient resource layout

    • damage of raw material and quality check problems

    • limited availability of workpower

    • inadequate IT support

    • electricity and manpower supply

    These problems are needed to be suggested by the handicraft artisans to the central government. Hope you have liked this post and thanks for reading it !

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  • What is the importance of tourism on handicrafts ?


    Today is the era of technology and machinery. Every task happens in a single of the instance in seconds. In spite of this fact the current state of handicraft market is still in a growing stage. In India the handicraft market is reaching at the worth of more than 3 billion INR.

    Today the making of handicrafts is associated with the religious, cultural, spiritual and income point of views and plays a very important role. Many businesses are connected with the import and export of handicraft goods in India and overseas and more than 60000 industrial handicraft houses are connected with the handicraft export.

    The tourism industry has also affected the growth of handicraft items. India is the seventh highest tourism operating economy and its tourism industry worth is more than INR 15 lakh crores.

    The growth of this sector is equally considered at the rate of 7% this time. Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka are defined as the most viable cities for attracting the tourists. Overall more than 5 million tourists come to India for tourism purposes.    

    Tourism and handicrafts always go with each other.  The attraction of tourists also depends on the handicraft section of economy. To know the artisans arts and skills not only helps to understand the culture and hand ability of the artisans but also helps to understand the cultural value of the country.

    There are many small villages in india which are generally considered good as to cover up early as possible by the visitors and see the handicrafts and other things as early as possible. Many hotels and restaurants organize the exhibitions in their premises and they showcase the handicrafts of their local artisans. It helps to attract the visitors and to promote its handicraft industry of that area. Still there are many areas of these sectors which are needed to be improved.

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