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  • How can you get the indepth insights of the erp software implementation ? 


    Successful implementation of the erp software indicates about the quality of an organization towards acceptance and use of ERP effectively in the overall premises. There are certain the key areas which are always needed the resource investment from the organization, which can create the change management and effective work-culture in the organization.

    It is true that the erp benefits are exemplary to an organization and they have a tremendous effect an organization work processes. But it is necessarily measurable to find the relationship between the organization governance and innovative culture by the business philosophers.

    There are three main entities which generally impacts the successful ERP implementation and are actively involved in this subject matter like - end users and their feedback, ERP consultants and senior management. Their symbiotic relationship, interim relationships, communication becomes the in-depth insights of the ERP implementation.

    In a case study of successful implementation of erp software in any company of this world, there are two type of internal and external stakeholders are found which are generally involved in the change management. Often senior managers have less knowledge of the facts in ERP more than mid level managers.

    Big data and automation have all the newer scope in the future organizations. The adoption of new technologies will lead to the new drivers of success and reveal to the organizational new ways of the automation.   

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  • WHat is the new scope of the erp software in dairyco company ?


    Dairyco is a major dairy producer in Victoria, Australia, which is also dealing in exporting dairy based products. It had also acquired the number of factories, and about 3000 farmers contributed in the company as stakeholders. The company annual turnover is 3 billion AUD.

    Why was ERP software was implemented into the dairyco ?

    There were many reasons which were responsible for the erp implementation of ERP software, related to the presence of 120 legacy systems. There were also the integration problems in the business units of finance, distribution and manufacturing operations. So in 2001, the senior management decided to restructure the IT system of the company.

    first of all, the proposal was passed by the senior management and the version SAP ECC 4.6 was chosen for the implementation. In the project management team, SAP developers and managers were appointed and some internal consultants were also included from the dairyco team.

    How was ERP software implemented in the into the dairyco ?

    In first phase of implementation, SAP software was selected for the two departments - finance and material management. Later on the sales, production, warehouse and HR were also included in the implementation of the project.

    The training session was initialized by the MD of the team who controlled CFO and other team members for the implementation  and feedback properly. The overall cost of production was measured as 12 million AUD.

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  • What is the benchmarking erp status of the confecco software ?


    ConfecCo’s SAP manager suggested that benchmarking and monitoring the system performance was more important than change management, training and support.  

    In the case of ConfecCo’s ERP implementation, the benefits were achieved by streamlining business processes and removing redundancies. The SAP platform was seen as a tool and provided a mechanism for achieving the results.

    The use of the ERP implementation business case and from comparing those outcomes that had been delivered by the SAP platform, provided the management with a basis of what returns had been achieved. ConfecCo’s implementation team would use industrial benchmarks to monitor and evaluate the performance improvements delivered by its SAP platform.

    The use of benchmarks was necessary to track areas that still required attention for optimisation and fixing. “It’s (ERP system) a mechanism to achieve greater visibility, quicker information, better management of your resources … or whatever.

    But setting your benchmarks within the system is probably one of the key things (and provides) visibility of what’s going on in any particular business process or business system, you can then from a management perspective, track and manage against that to deliver the benefits” (SAP Project Manager)



  • What is the erp software of the confecco working ?


    ConfecCo is an australian company which is a FMCG sector dealing company in Australia. It was established in 1922 and in initials it was working as under its UK headquarters. Its headquarter is in Tasmania (Australia).

    Why and how ERP was needed / implemented in ConfecCo ?

    The first erp software was needed in the company when there was the need of automation and quality in the integration between confectionary and beverage divisions. The main focus area were finance, sales/ marketing, manufacturing operations & processes.

    The choiced software was SAP and and it took almost 2 years to go complete. The total project cost was the 5 million dollars. The total cost was figured after 15 years of implementation SAP in the company in 2008.

    Before implementing the erp software of SAP, the complete business policies were reengineered. In the project development team, the senior management was also included. The end users were also involved to review the feedback.

    The CFO was found the most active entity in the implementation of the SAP erp software. It also impacted the internal and external stakeholders and many few suppliers and vendors were consulted for the erp business operations.

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  • What are the implementation of the erp software in packgo software ?


    Packgo is the part of the seven divisions which deals in packaging and recycling processes. It was started in 1948 and today it is one of the most world’s largest packaging dealer company. It has the total annual turnover of 10 billion AUD. It employs more than 9000 employees and it is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia.

    Why ERP was implemented in the packgo company ?

    In 1998, Packgo company decided to implement the integration between the finance and reporting data across all the sub departments within the single system. Because of using the different legacy systems, it was not possible to correctly integrate all the data and proper reporting data was also not proper.

    How ERP software was implemented in the packgo company ?

    When ERP was to be implemented in the packgo erp software, its implementation was distributed under the two external vendors - one was SAP and technical implementation vendor was PWC. The SAP R/3 software was selected as the appropriate software.

    PackCo’s ERP project commenced in 1998 after a series of vendor evaluation studies. The senior management decided that the project would involve two external vendors. PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PWC) was selected to be the technical implementation vendor and SAP was to be the software vendor. The SAP-based ERP platform to be purchased was SAP R/3.    

    There were two modules were selected,  which were finance modules and material management. Later on they decided to implement the further modules related to sales, distribution, CRM and project management.     

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  • What are the post implementation issues in entertainco ?

    In a company alike EntertainCo, ERP software is an ongoing phenomenon. The ERP development team of entertainco was always involved in developing new modules and functionalities in the ERP software for the further development. After that the total 95 modules were added to the software and as the added functionality, S&D module was attached to the software with the module advancement.

    It was overall necessary for the end users to make familiarise themselves with the overall functionality of the software and it tool overall 6 months to complete this task by the employees. The finance module to the SAP software was the standalone action by the implementation team which could contribute to the overall finance related operations.

    The most important module was related to the IPM software that was made as per according to to support the sales and distribution systems. Later on the BPC modules were also added to the business planning and development.

    Conclusion -

    The overall SAP software was made to the company to replace its existing legacy systems and the overall GST reporting were also included in the overall modules. There were also the benefits to add the reporting and automation problems. After the CRM module development, the speed of the business regular growth development was increased.    

    Unlike other traditional ERP stories, entertainco erp software was not just only about implementing erp software, but it is the evolving story of the erp implementation in a variable business environment. It was further necessary to improve the refne the system performance.   

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  • WHy was the erp software implemented into the elimited company ?


    EntertainCo is an Australia based company whose parent company is Elimited. It was found in 1954 which was the largest media company in Australia. Elimited deals in operating cinema theaters, film and music distribution, film license distribution etc. Elimited company employed more than 5000 employees and had 5 business branches in whole of Australia.

    Elimited company had its own erp as FMS ( finance management system ) which was not able to provide the whole financial data storage capacities for all the business branches of Australia. SO then they decided to implement the erp software given by SAP.

    Why did the EntertainCo implement the SAP erp software ?  

    In 2001, company decided to automate the financial operations. They decided to implement the erp software in other following directions like - material, sales, warehouse, HR and CRM as well. In addition to that they also created the new module IPM which was related to intellectual properties of organization.

    The IPM module worked very greatly for the company like - it helped in contracts of film distributions and it also recorded the royalty payments to the films.This module was created to solve the redundancy problem of the existing legacy systems in Elimited.

    Benefits -

    • Establishing common goals among staff members

    • improved quality of work life

    • standard user interface

    • improved shared services among the business units

    • better reporting and auditing


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  • What is the erp software implementation story of the Govdep public agency ?


    Govdep is a public agency in Australia, established in 2009, made from the merger of two Australian state government agencies. It manages all kind of natural resources like - environment changes, water, botany gardens and natural parks.

    Why the erp software was implemented by Govdep -

    The main implementation reason of the SAP erp software in the Govdep was the initiative taken by the Australian government. This decision was taken to enhance overall transparency in financial data. The overall motive was to standardise the reporting and auditing tools as well to review the government IT departments.

    As like the most other organizations, Govdep firstly organized the inhouse accounting system which was available with limited features. But with the implementation of SAP software, they were able to get success. The SAP software was implemented to adopt the following modules -

    • finance and accounting

    • material management

    • warehouse management

    • plant maintenance

    • project management    

    How was the erp software implemented into the Govdep company  -

    In the implementation team, there were two groups of employees - one was from the inhouse sourced developers and the developer section provided by SAP. The SAP team developers provided the assistance in data migration, post implementation support and future upgrades. For AI based modular development, some third party developers were freelanced. It was also decided that how the necessary elements would show to the public users.

    Benefits -

    • enhancing learning in the organization

    • sharing of information among all the government units and public

    • better control on the processes

    • centralization of data and better security policies

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  • What is the case study of the pipeco company ?

    Pipeco company is a 2008 established australian company which involves in dealing in water pipes, valves and services. It is employing more than 2000 people in Australia and New Zealand. The company had first US parent company with five decisions. The company had an annual turn over of 400 million AUD and had employed 400 people.

    What were the reasons behind implementing ERP software -

    • company administration wanted to end the legacy systems

    • lack of capability to support current operations

    • to support business growth

    • lack of communication between the other customer groups

    • establishing on greater financial transparency and taxation audit

    How did the company implement the ERP software -

    Pipeco company decided to implement the erp software in 2004. In the first phase, the ERP software cost was measured 10 million AUD and licensing policies were determined. Company opted for the implementation of the in-house team and there were regular meetings. There were some internal team members, developers and external consultants. SAP software was selected to implement.

    In starting of the project, ERP software was very criticised in the company. Even in the company, some employees did not take part in testing and trails. A single consultant of SAP was included with the project team to decide the overall workflow design. So the project committee had to give the change management and project management training. Ultimately, the project was implemented into 24 hours.  


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  • What are the key factors responsible for the implementation of the ERP software ?


    There are enormous erp horror stories which can become the reason for failure of that erp software. Once the erp software fails, it can be very harmful for the company in terms of the financial perspective and future as well.

    So the next question should arise in your mind that what should be the key factors that should be considered while implementing an ERP software. Yes, there are some key factors which are responsible for the implementation for the erp software -

    • keep the organization business motives in consideration. It is the whole sole responsibility of an executive of the organization that the complete change management should be necessarily applied in the organization.

    • Keep the most important aspect in your points and the less necessary motives should be necessarily left out in the priority for performing later on.

    • Keep the whole sole resources to fulfill the optimum requirements of an organization. Don’t make them too much or less in quantity.

    • There are many times where an ERP project is on the line of risk. like - testing the solution, when the gap is between the business requirements and processes, go-live time of the erp software.

    Conclusion -

    ERP implementation is not an easy task indeed. It becomes easy when your company employees and staff is really excited for the new system and all kind of decisions are quickly taken off or things get done really at the fastest speed. These above mentioned ways can quickly make your life full of ease in a short period of time.

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  • What kind of the erp software is suitable into the  XO2 software ?


    X02 is a blamire owned company whose prior name is total supply solutions. It is an established company since 1968 which was started in a garage and it took out as a XO2 company in 2014. It is an australian headquartered company which deals in hygiene and washroom products throughout Australia.

    The overall mission of the company is to provide a healthy and happy environment to the clients where people work, learn, stay and learn how to be healthy. The company products manufacturing is so complex which is so complex and are available in different prices and variations.

    The company before leading to odoo, had a local erp software and use of spreadsheets to manage their data which was completely unable to meet their day to day requirements. They needed a complex ERP solution which was completely e-commerce based and could handle their complex manufacturing product data.

    The ecommerce solution provided a full integrated solution to the XO2, which could incorporate the complete financial, distribution and after sales marketing services. It was filled with attractive user interfaces for the back end user and it also made the complete ecommerce ordering facilities easy.

    After implementation of the odoo’s ecommerce oriented erp software, XO2 company started to get some orders from the online portal. Within first month of launching,  their online store started getting enquiries online and it also provided the company the ability to work throughout Australia.

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  • What is the story of erp implementation in xero lightening services ?


    Xero linear lighting is the core manufacturing agency of the Australia, in which it designs, distributes and manufacture the linear lighting devices. The company is not only operating in Australia but also in New Zealand, USA, Canada. The company has more than 300 years of experience and more than 100 employees are working in its worldwide branches.

    Why the erp software was launched in the Xero linear lighting ?

    There were following problems in the scenario of the xero linear outsourcing -

    • very tight implementation schedule

    • multi currency and multi country configuration

    • complex order sequencing problems from CAD designing to implementation

    • easily accessible user interface was required

    • management reporting was required to perform

    How ERP was implemented in to the xero linear lighting ?

    In the first phase of implementing erp software, all the branches order data was collected and inserted into the software in 2 months. There were financial reporting of data pertaining to the all branches was also included and bank facilities were also included into the software.

    Results -

    There were following results happened in xero linear lighting devices -

    • improvement in the order manufacturing process

    • real time available reports of financial and accounting data

    • solid platform for all the branches

    • complete training facilities for the employees

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  • Why did the erp company of odoo become helpful for the australian target system ?


    Australian Target System is one of the five target business systems and it has its own large global customer base in military, navy, police and other government units. In the last one decade approximately, it has provided the equipments to every australian soldier who is on the combat. It is an established firm since 1950.

    Why ERP software was needed in the system? -

    ATS was using a standalone business system, which was reaching its limit and was time consuming and they were also using the physical hardware which was very outdated and very untrusted.

    The biggest integration problem was associated with the ATS that its offices were at the dispersed locations and the staff was needed the fast response time and process transparency. The automated tasks were necessarily to be performed for the administrative flexibility and proper decision making.

    To fetch the operational efficiency and upgradation of the information technology was the primary need of the ATS because the above problems were increasing the challenges unreliably. ATS was needed the complete browser compatible erp software which could become available 24 X 7 X 365 and can be integrated with the all type of business departmental functions.    

    In the first phase of launching, the ERP software was implemented as per according to the ATS procedures and policies and all the key personnels were included from all the departments. They all succeeded in implementing the erp software successfully and they implemented the odoo erp software.

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  • Why open source CRM software is necessary for the big and small organizations ?


    Today customers are considered as a king and the software which is used in managing the data related to customer insights is called customer relationship management tool. Today the open source CRM software are in demand.

    Open source CRM is the software whose source code is available to public on the internet and can easily be customized and modified as per the business requirements. From small to big enterprizes, it is advised to adopt the open source CRM software. Today the craze of open source software is on the extreme. These are the figures -

    Engineering - 32%

    Sales - 8%

    Finance - 6%

    HR - 3%

    Marketing - 8%

    Open Source CRM software are the big piece of cake for the enterprizes because they are very utilizable for the long run in the business. The biggest advantage is this that you can use this type of software with limited modules and with the growing number of business processes the modules can also be increased.

    Overall, an open source CRM software gives following benefits to the organization -

    • better integration

    • standardization of business processes

    • cost effectiveness

    • better customer communication

    • easy customer monitoring

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  • Why should company should one erp software from the single erp ?


    Cost is a factor which is much valuable for the businesses in terms of implementing an ERP solution. Can it be true that implementing a ERP software can be useful in minimizing the cost for multiple issues in an organization ? Let’s understand -

    “Will this ERP software be helpful for my organization ?“

    Well, it depends upon the situation. If you are really going to implement the erp software in multiple of quantities then the implementation cost will mount up at its peak ? To implement the different erp software would be very costly to deploy in every department and tasks.

    With this, the additional costs are attached to the erp implementation - implementation cost, maintenance cost, procurement cost, hardware and installation cost. They will also mount up. So what and how should an organization should do in this critical situation ?

    In our perception - to deploy one erp software at a single time for multiple of departments would be a great choice for all the organizations, because it would be cost saving for all the organizations in many of the situations. It will also reduce the cost of licensing fee of your organization.

    Selecting a single ERP software from a single ERP vendor is helpful in all these tasks. It will not only be useful for all of the financing and accounting calculations but also cover up the HR and CRM segments.    

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  • What is the role of erp software in Viadux company ?


    Viadux is an Australia based eco friendly firm which is involved in manufacturing water pipes, network of pipes, valves at affordable rates. The company has their own data warehouses at India, China and Indonesia. In 2017, it was merged in Reece group That offers multiple customer segments worldwide.

    Why Viadux was needed ERP systems -

    At Viadux, there was a multiple disparate systems and it had high maintenance costs and complexed business processes. It was needed to remove all this interruptions by using an integrated ERP solution and the complete customer satisfaction was needed to be enhanced.

    Besides this, all the customer data was segmented into two homegrown systems and other multiple data systems were also operated at the eight different branch locations of the company. So the Viadux decided to implement the ERP software provided by the Ramco ERP systems.

    This ERP solution was also integrated with the Finance and HR functions and this software also had its omnichannel access and unique user friendly design. It also helped in providing the real time information and visibility into make administrative decisions.

    Results -

    • reduction in operating cost of company and increasing transparency

    • enhancing customer insights, improved transparency and visibility

    • company got the accelerated growth and profitability

    • reduced complexities more than 50 years

    • Better real time reporting system  

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  • What are the erp usage for the organization ?


    Every business has its own scope for ERP to get better outcomes and profits. ERP is the only thing which is utilisable for many of the industries and segments - schools, colleges, hotels, corporates etc. While changing with the industries, the basic modules of the ERP software also change.

    ERP software is quite famous for its integration facilities. The enormous tracking features allows you to check the confirmation of orders and improves efficiency. ERP has all the modules for setting up the planning, monitoring, execution, control and implementation related to supply chain activities.

    ERP is also utilisable in the field of financial management because it has a lot of data requirements. It is required to decide the flow of the financial activities in an organization. It also provides all the data with complete dashboard facilities, security features, analytics abilities etc, separate user credentials etc.

    ERP system is also helpful in recording the inventory data like - shipping information, data of shipping, invoicing details,  stock keeping units information, customer name and id, product category etc. The proper inventory management & optimization facilities helps your business to stop the cost of material and stopping your wastage.

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  • What benefits you can gain from the implementing ERP software ?


    When we do talk about ERP in terms of cloud computing, we talk about collecting data, automation of activities, creating sequence of modeling activities, proper information retrieval etc. The proper installation of ERP is capable to bring new transformations in coming years -

    ERP helps in bringing digital transformation in an organization. It will help in reducing operating costs, increasing data visualization, user experience, real time data analysis and monitoring. It will lead to better decision making and implementation.

    Manufacturers and distributors are mostly involved towards the creation of vibrant ecosystems and they will start investing in digital ecosystem and resources and approximately 25-30% of the revenue will be spent on digital transformation.

    The organizations will decide to implement on the hybrid cloud erp systems in which all new SAAS services through modules will be provided. This implementation will include the services like - vetting, connecting, deploying, testing etc.

    New ERP systems will be based on machine learning and AI ( artificial intelligence) technologies by which they will be able to decide on the data security and access. It is estimated that more than 30% of activities will be based on functional automation.

    In ERP cloud computing, the scope of supply and chain activities are increasing day by day. Although it is estimated that the erp systems are not capable for supply and chain and the organizations should go for cloud computing systems to gain more agility.

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  • What is the story of Dabur company in implementing ERP software ?


    How dabur company got successful in implementing ERP software ?

    Dabur India Limited is a FMCG company which is having worth of 48000 crore INR and its net annual profit is 7000 crore INR. Since more than 130 years, Dabur is the largest Ayurvedic and Natural healthcare company in India. It deals in more than 250 herbal and ayurvedic products. There are about 4000 distributors of the company and it has 14 manufacturing plants in all over the country. There are approximately 3500 employees in Dabur company.   

    Why Dabur company implemented the ERP initiative ?

    The Dabur company was using FoxPro to handle its logistics and inventory but since when near 2000, when the distribution network of the company started to increase, then the company first time realized to take on the new ERP software. The “Project Synergy” was initialized to implement the ERP software in the company.

    The Dabur company implemented two ERP software named - MFG/PRO and BaaN. MFG/PRO was initialized to handle the internal logistics and BaaN software was used to handle the manufacturing locations. Later on only one software MFG / PRO was initialized to handle both operations.

    Advantages of implementing the ERP software -

    • late shipping was removed and 80% of sales were started delivering on time

    • Improvement in sales returns and collections in only 6 days

    • Company led to better management and distribution

    • better coordination on checks and schemes and stopping its misuse

    • Many schemes are handled at the main office

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  • What is the success secret of the ventura manufacturing ?


    Ventura Manufacturing Incorporation is the 1997 based award winning organization which is engaging in the manufacturing the assembly appliances, contract manufacturing, steel appliances processing and this company is based in zeeland, Michigan.

    What was the real problem in Ventura Manufacturing -

    Ventura Manufacturing was in the search of a single ERP software system which can interconnect all their global branches functionalities as well for their new future opening plants responsively and effectively which was a bigger challenge in itself.

    Ventura manufacturing had its own IT team which is self sufficient enough to take care of their existing ERP software and also to take care on to take the supporting calls on their interrelated branches. It helped initially the company to increase its limits of scale and growth.

    The demand of new ERP software was felt during the time, when with increasing the plants the data requirements was also increased. To increase the speed of system updates was the biggest problem in the Ventura Manufacturing Incorporation.

    Ventura chose the IQMS ERP via hosted services and they had transitioned their activities in to the single system while they were operating their activities from the microsoft excel and quickbooks like many other organizations but IQMS hosted solutions could reduce their lead time from 2 hours to 8 minutes.

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  • Which kind of CPM product is required for the financial department ?


    Often it is seemed that the people from the finance department are willing to stay away from the IT initiatives and they are more dependent on Excel interface. In this case, it is more necessary that a SAAS product should be developed while considering the needs of finance department so that the IT support is minimum required.

    Although the proper implementation of SAAS product is required for the complete success. To complete the financial requirements, it is needed to design the proper interface in the form of analytical dashboards and financial waterfall charts in a SAAS model.

    some better examples -

    The number one best example of the CPM software is Axiom CPM suite. It is based on preparing on the following tasks -

    • financial consolidation

    • profit and cost calculation

    • financial closing management

    • financial reporting

    • financial analytics

    The latest version of Axiom CPM suite is version 16 which is focused for great collaborative and transactional workflow functions.

    BOARD’s CPM product -

    This CPM product suite is an on premise CPM software product which can perform the following tasks -

    • reporting and dashboarding

    • data planning and simulation

    • automated narration

    • inter informational collaboration

    • self service reporting

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  • What are the steps of making kundan meenakari jewelry making ?


    Kundan” is defined as the most refined gold in its purest form. It is considered as the most ancient jewelry making process in India. In India, during mughal destiny, this kundan meenakari work was flourished. In Rajasthan this work was also on the extreme. Mostly tribal people are included to make this jewelry in it. There are following steps in the making of kundan-meena jewelry in India -

    • Sourcing raw material and drafting the designs

    • heating metal at predefined temperature and pouring gold into moulded sheets

    • meenakari is performed on a lac stick

    • to make engraved designs on gold using steel and make designs of flowers, leaves and fishes

    • polishing the final piece by polishing motor  

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  • What is the saharanpur contribution towards the wooden handicrafts ?


    Uttar Pradesh has one city whose name is Saharanpur. It is basically famous for its wooden handicrafts which are specifically made from Sheesham wood. Here wooden craftsmen are also famous for wood carving work due to scarcity of wooden material.

    There is an incredible fact there is associated with the wooden handicraft of Saharanpur that the handicrafts are made in floral motif and in circular geometry. Approximately the wooden handicraft having worth of more than 300 crore rupees is exported annually from Saharanpur only.

    The wooden handicraft is also a very important source of income for the inhabitants. According to data, more than 4000 people are directly related as well more than 3000 workers are indirectly related to the handicraft industry.

    There are more than 7000 micro units established for wood carving. The main export of handicraft is gone to USA, UK, Spain, France, Saudi Arabia, UAE. Approximately the wooden handicraft having worth of 750 crore INR is consumpt only in international market and more than having worth of 200 crore is consumpt only in domestic level.    

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  • How european companies are dominating the asian furniture economics ?

    The liberalization of international trade has impacted a wooden furniture a lot. It has led to a transfer in manufacturing process of Asia, China and European companies. This thing has affected the furniture industry growth specially to China.

    The huge amount of the labour costs has constituted a huge industrial growth to the furniture growth in China and it has crossed all the export limits worldwide. The increasing demand of chinese products have led to end of manufacturing sections in united states.

    In USA alone, approximately more than 35% of furniture manufacturing companies have been diluted. Still in Canada, Germany, Italy, Brazil and Mexico are the major exporters of furniture industry.  

    To control the increasing effect of the Chinese and other economies in the growing furniture industry worldwide, USA and and other european companies are exposing themselves to the asian companies. They are either taking over to these companies or they are purchasing these companies and franchising in them to control the supply chain process of the furniture industry.

    European companies are also starting doing well in the fast growing industry of wooden furniture and handicraft products. Like - IKEA is the great example of the sweden company which exports furniture items to more than 55 countries. It also participates in swedish economy by producing the finished products and goods.

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  • What is the role of chhanapatna in toy industry ?


    Channapatna is a city located from 60 km far from Banglore, Karnataka. It is also known as the town of toys. Its native language is Kannada and it haskannada as its own native language. The wooden toys manufacturers here are related to the small and medium scale industries.

    Each and every household here are associated to the toy making. Its products have also made a worldwide recognition under world trade centre. Here wooden material of ivory-wood, rubber, pine and teak are used to make toys. here toys are wood based but the polishing and vegetable dyes are also used to varnish these toys.

    There is a huge change in the thinking attitude of craftsmen as per according to changing customer demands. These changes have been successful to bring changes to craftsmen with financial stability. It will bring sustainability, overall socio-economic development and profitability to the artisans.  

    Today Indian Government has started the initiative to start giving the GI certificate (geographical identity certificates ) which is given on the basis of locality origin and member country specific people. Basically this comes under the intellectual property right (IPR).

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  • What is the distribution problems of the handicraft industry ?


    Handicraft industry in India is very well renowned for their variety, elegance, beauty, designs, skill of their craftsmen and quality of long lasting functions. It is an ancient art which has been proven by the Mohenjo-daro and harappa civilization ruins and remains.

    Indian handicraft sector is the gift of the people of rural and tribal people who make these marvelous handicrafts by using hand or simple tools. The employment rate has been grown over 3% in last five years.

    The demand of Indian handicraft industry has been increasing in european countries like - Germany, Italy and switzerland and united states also where chinese machinemade products have always been in demand.

    The handicraft industry in India is so decentralised because the product prices in the other industries are fixed but in handicraft products the prices of the products are so changing. The manufacturers of the products are so unlucky in gaining the complete profit so they are no longer able to make the high quality level of products.

    In addition to this, there is no quality assurance and testing methods of the handicraft products available in Indian market. There is tough level of job to maintain the level of the supremacy of handicraft products in domestic and international level of market.  

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  • What is the real case scenario of the big opportunities in intelligent ERP ?


    Today market forces are motivating the companies to move forward with fast speed, agility and flexibility. Only those companies are going to be successful in future who have established and maintained their foundation by using the intelligent artificial intelligence oriented cloud ERP systems.

    Big opportunities for the multinational organizations -

    Companies will be able to gain the 500% more customer gain and upto 300% more profit margin ability. so higher customer margin and huge revenue potential will be there.

    Supply chain costs will be reduced upto 50% and procurement costs will be reduced upto 30%. Approximately 10% profit margin increment will be there.

    ERP innovative brands will be 10 times more inclined towards branding management among their audiences.

    satisfied customer experience will attract more 50% customers retention towards an organization.

    The overall success of any organization, whether it will be small scale, medium scale, big scale enterprises, depends upon this fact that how much they respond to intelligent systems and market opportunities and threats. Intelligent AI based cloud ERP based systems can help in it.       

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  • What is the need of home decor in coming industries ?


    The global market of home accessory products is on its extreme especially in the countries of USA, Germany, UK, spain, Japan, Hong kong etc. US plays a significant role in it as being the significant market of home accessories.

    The worldwide market for the home decor and apparel market of the handicraft industry is measured to be the worth of more than 600 billion USD and the CAGR market rate is forecasted to be 4% in between the fiscal years of 2015-2020.

    With this the requirement of the eco-friendly home decor products is increasing day by day. In amongst all of the countries, the US alone has the market worth of 100 billion USD. Europe has the second highest place in the worldwide home decor market having the worth of 60 billion USD, not far behind from the US market.   

    The chinese economics has been increasing steadily not only in the field of the electronics and IT accessories but also the interest to compete with the european and United States market products is also increasing. There was an era, when the buyers were only from european countries only but also the buyers from Japan, Malaysia, China and India are also increasing.

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  • What is the role of the Gujarat handicrafts in India ?


    The Government of Gujarat has given priority to make its handicraft sector more employment oriented because it is necessary to make alive to the faded exquisite arts and handicrafts of ancient India.

    In this category, Gujarat government has taken the initiative of “about craft of gujarat” which is a first ever initiative to add the craftsmen across the consumers of the Globe. There has been the incredible fact associated with the Gujarat that its western part is associated with the coastal part of the arabian sea.

    So many traders came in the coastal side and they have left the symbols of their international arts of handicraft items. In Gujarat, there is a lot of diverse communities involved in making handicrafts specially in Kutch area.

    In Gujarat, the stitching work, clothing and wall decoration work is on the extreme. Here ladies are also involved in making the bags and fabric work. Here the people of Rabari community are found to be involved in fabric, clothing, wall decoration work as well.

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  • What is the Jharkhand strengths and opportunities ?


    In a rich cultural heritage holding country like - India, the handicraft industry is one of the most ancient art than any other craft industry. Ranchi is the most mineral rich state of India and it is also rich in the traditional art and culture. There is a lot of the rural and urban areas which are a rich intensive labour areas which is a boon for the increment of the handicraft industry.

    India has a rich country of 26 districts, 18 languages and more than 1500 dialects. Each and every state provides something unique handicraft products and varieties and it has been providing the most of employment opportunities to more than six million artisans. This sector becomes important for the point of view of the low capital investment.

    The SWOT analysis of Jharkhand handicraft product is important due to following reasons -

    Strengths -

    • cheap labor rate

    • high ratio of value addition

    • international level of quality standards

    • aesthetic and functional qualities

    • increasing emphasis on product design and upgradation

    Opportunities -

    • rising utilities for handicrafts in the developed countries

    • growth in search made by retail chain and suitable product and supplier opportunities

    • use of e-commerce in direct marketing

    • widespread novelty seeking

    • opportunities for international promoting agencies

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  • What is the fog computing ?


    Cloud ERP is a name of technology which is a blend of the technologies like - artificial intelligence, advanced analytics & machinery algorithms. This technology can easily change the whole decision making process in an organization.

    A proper ERP vendor is always necessary to be selected properly on the following criterias -

    • financial stability of the provider

    • ERP customization and personalization

    • localization facilities

    • adopting new technology changes and trends

    • prior customer experience

    • overall performance level and success level etc.

    There are many topics which is important to be taken in reconsideration like - Latency reduction, Fog computing etc. Fog computing is a new era, which utilizes edge services to enter in to the cloud server architecture of an enterprise. It also controls communication, data storage and access facilities.

    The overall lack of ability in the new concept of the fog computing is that the data can be stored but it can not be accessed objectively. The fog computing era is liable in both big data economics and big enterprise systems.             

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  • What is the scope of Germany in accelarating software ecnomics ?


    Germany is the largest software exporting country in the european market far lagging behind to france and UK on second and third place.

    It is forecasted that the CAGR rate of the ERP software industry rate in Germany has been 5.5% in between 2016-19.  It has also been successful in surviving against the worldwide economic recession.

    Generally there are many ERP software companies which are working worldwide as the  ERP software vendor belonging from Germany.

    There is a place in Germany called Mittlesland which are the center point of the Germany economic and industrial landscape, they are also mainly the SME companies working in the software industry.

    In Germany, the big data is a buzzword but is still in its infancy. In Germany, it is being operated by internet, ecommerce, software and customised applications. Here the worth of big data market is measured the worth of approximately 3 billion INR in 2018 to 2020.

    Here there are more investment opportunities for the hardware, software, bandwidth acceleration, database and analytics technologies.

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  • What is the situation of wooden furniture in 2018-22 ?


    The wooden furniture market is going to rock in the fiscal year from 2018 to 2022 because it is predicted that the CAGR is going to become atleast 5% per annum. Now the question arises why ?

    Today the biggest problem is global warming which is the biggest problem in today’s economy. To solve this problem and to provide balanced warmth to a house, the trend of wooden furniture has been raised.

    The additional reason of increasing the trend of the wooden furniture is the increasing number of commercial and office space. It indicates that the desire of becoming wealthy, prosperous and powerful is increasing day by day in Indian people especially in youth generation.

    Obviously how much the offices and commercial residential buildings area will increase, the need for wooden furniture will also increase. There are two type of woods trending in market - hardwood and softwood.

    Hardwood segment is one of the most leading wood segment than softwood furniture. Hardwood is much durable and long time functional in nature. So hardwood segment is more flexible and trendy in nature.

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  • What is the global fair role in promoting handicrafts ?


    Fairs and exhibitions are one of the most effective ways to promote handicraft items since the beginning. Global autumn fair is one of the fairs in which the number of the retailers and craftsmen are eager to showcase their products and catalogs.

    In it the retailers gain the opportunity to showcase their products and catalogs in front of the UL public like - gift retailers, store buyers, multi store retailers and independent working retailers.

    This fair can be considered as a golden opportunity for the Indian craftsmen because in UK there is a lot of promotional opportunities for the Indian Handicrafts. The UK handicraft market is interpreted to have the worth of 350 million euro.    

    In the global handicraft fair, It is told to another craftsmen that how to take the advantage of the global handicraft market which is going at the rate of 12% in b/w 2015 and 2019. The craftsmen showcase their products and services to the global public. It is the best way to promote the handicraft industry mainly owned by local and rural artisans.

    What kind of products are shown to the public in global autumn fair -

    soft furnishing


    home decor


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  • What is the use of the uganda handicrafts in the economics ?


    Indian handicrafts is famous for its employment opportunities especially for the weaker sections of the society and the people and women living in rural areas. Today many youths in metropolitan cities are adopting the handicraft sector. In India, it is a decentralising sector and it is also considered as a cottage industry. In India, it offers employment opportunities to more than 7 million artisans.

    Handicraft industry has always scope in the Indian and international level. Like - In Uganda, there are more than 65 communities which contributes to the economy by offering different type of creative accessories. It regenerates creation, employment, social gathering and inclusion, human resource development and cultural diversity as well in uganda economy.

    There are following flaws to be found in the Uganda economy -

    • lack of specialization

    • lack of vocational and business development training

    • unstructured and fragmented manufacturing and production planning

    • lack of proper individual equipment planning

    • no marketing, design and quality standards

    • lack of systematic organization of markets

    • lack of proper innovation in product design and quality

    There is a campaign named “buy uganda” organized in the economy which has been successful in attracting more and more handicraft exporters, traders and entrepreneurs. According to this campaign the ultimate capacity building program has been initialized in which the traditional craftsmen and diversified cultural handicrafts will be promoted.

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    by - Indian Crafts and Dreamteam Technologies

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  • What are the ERP software type required in today's DX economy ?


    In today’s era all the business entrepreneurs are moving towards the SAAS and cloud based ERP software, which are updated and configured on the base of customer requirements. It enables their systems to grow to the new areas around the globe.

    The less frustration and more innovative ERP systems are now necessarily for not only the big businesses and big brands, but also for the MSME enterprises (medium and small scale). To choose the right SAAS ERP software whether for the school, college or university, it is necessary for the technology partner to understand about the factors necessary for getting successful in DX economics.

    There are following characteristics necessary for today’s cloud ERP software -

    • more cognitive and intelligent machine learning

    • deep learning protocols

    • natural language processing

    • advanced analytics capabilities

    • understand native and interactive UI to uncover insights

    Speed is the most important factor in DX economy which can increase the overall market share, revenue potential and profitability score. It is necessary for today’s companies to understand the strategic direction and innovation capabilities of a current ERP software which can lead them to the future.

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    wooden cabinet with drawers

  • What is the ERP role in industry era 4.0 ?

    There are 4th generation of industrial revolution which is in the progress. The industrial revolution was started in at the end of eighteenth century in which the machinery production was emphasized instead of manual work. The machinery production was progressed by water and steam.

    In the second phase this mechanism was in trend and today’s industrial revolution is passing through in the IT infrastructure and dude ! today is 21st century where all the manufacturing process is going through the cyber physical systems.

    Today’s complete process of production planning is connected through many entities like - finance, customer, sales, inventory, HR, shop floor execution and vendor management. The proper planning of production depends upon the proper integration of ERP software.

    The concept of industry 4.0 has many characteristics like -

    • machinery to machinery communication

    • machinery to material communication

    • real time integration

    • proper integration facilities

    role of ERP in support of industry 4.0 -

    • reducing lead time

    • reducing data processing time

    • producing cloud data management facilities

    • communicating raw material and processing equipment

    • integrating customers and suppliers   

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  • What is the initiatie for the artisans for 2018 ?

    What are the new initiatives for artisans in India ?

    • In 2016, Indian Government identified more than 20 lakh handicraft artisans and they issued these cards to the artisans. All type of union and state territories are connected to this initiative.

    • For income stability and enhancement of the artisans, Indian Government identified the 20 necessary handicraft clusters. In addition to this, handicraft commissioner have also signed the MOU with the Punjab National Bank to provide the Mudr Loan.

    • Pushtaini hunar vikas yojana was implemented in 2017 to provide training about carpet weaving to the handicraft artisans.

    • In NCR region, Indian Government has issued 100 industrial garment machines to each Garment factory and they have also issued 18 crores to each of the center to provide more than 1000 direct employment for the artisans.

    • Up to december 2017, the export of about 25000 crore INR was performed and more than 200 crore rupees were invested on the promotion of export initiatives because of this is direct source of handicrafts. Hope you have liked this post ! Thanks for reading the post !  

    by - Indian Crafts and Dreamteam Technologies

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    school management software

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  • What is the contribution of Jute raw material in Indian Hanidcrafts ?

    Jute is one of the significant raw material for the Indian Textile industry not only from today but from the ancient time. Today more than 3 million workers are associated from this ancient production line of Jute products. The Indian Government has provided a provision to provide 6000 crore INR.

    There is a software platform introduced named Jute-SMART which is established from 1 november 2016. From this software, approximately 67% of Jute bags are being processed from the software. This can be considered as a E-governance framework where multiple stakeholders are available on the same platform to administrate the multiple transactions.

    There is an effort implemented by the Government that the additional employment opportunities are provided to the additional 4 lakh people and in between the 1 lakh people will be task forced in to the company.

    In the scheme for 10th five year plan, it is planned that the 40 crore rupees will be implemented for the development of the common infrastructure facilities and other manufacturing facilities. There are fully operational 6 textile parks established, in which the more than five thousand manufacturing units are planned to be established and more than 3 lakh persons are to be established as a planned taskforce.     

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    by - Indian Crafts and Dreamteam Technologies

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  • What is the emerging trends of the Indian Handicraft industry in 2017-18 ?


    The Indian textile industry is involved as the most significant industry in Indian Economics. Indian textile industry is considered important from the both point of views - handwoven mills and handloom sector of textiles. India is the second largest mill of textiles and its capacity is more than 8 lakh rotators.

    The Government is doing more efforts for the export promotion in the handicraft industry like -

    • Government is implementing the employee provident fund in which 3.5%  contribution will be done by the employer for the new workmen in the mill. It will be applicable to on the workmen whose monthly income is less than 15000.

    • For the seasonal textile industry, the newly fixed garment sector will be opened for craftsmen and the new employment and wage rates will be implemented by the Government.

    • Additional incentives will be implemented, and the 15-20% employment rate is determined to welcome  to all the newcomers in the handicraft and textile sector.

    • Government also organizes the handicraft and textile events at yearly basis. Like in 2017, the handicraft fair was organized in Gandhinagar of Gujarat to showcase the India’s incredible handicraft and textile series. The event was a huge success in which more than the representatives of 100 big world companies participated.

    • There is an MSP determined for the cotton industry which is a basic raw material for the handicrafts and India is the top cotton producer in the world which is a boon for the textile industry of India.   

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  • What are the reasons of adopting the ERP software in export companies ?

    There are many challenges which are needed to understand the value of ERP software in an export agency.

    reasons -

    • errors in data entry of system

    • costly manual efforts

    • complex outbound logistics

    • slow fulfilling of shipment orders based on size and distance

    • small scale level inefficiencies can affect the better productivity

    • correct changing the accurate cost of the shipment

    There is needed for an ERP to remove this type of challenges and problems of removing the overheads.

    solutions -

    • streamlining the order and shipment process

    • make ordering of pickups and labels

    • generate efficiencies in the reducing of processing time

    • effectively managing the shipment rates

    • manage multiple rates in a single order

    • making use of ERP algorithms to calculate the least shipment cost

    Export and warehousing companies are needed to inhale the ERP software in themselves and they also need to reduce the manual interruption, interference, efforts. The company automating for the ERP software gets more efficient with time which is necessary for the scaling of your company.  

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    by - university management software

  • What are the emerging trends of the software service market ?


    In service industry, especially cloud storage and ERP ( enterprise resource planning ) segment, product innovation is very important so that the new learning environment in the knowledge based companies can be enhanced. The ERP and cloud storage market is dominated by SAP which is continued to persist its craze and in the near future also.

    The growth of a firm in the ERP segment depends on the change management approach and the balance approach of the organization. As per the modeling system approach, there are two types of loops in an organization - reinforcing and balancing approach. In the reinforcement approach, which is also known as the positive approach, is helpful in the enhancing and spreading the ERP software usage.

    In the balancing loop, which is also known as the negative approach, only creates the resistance towards the proper change management. When the ERP software were in their initial phase, they were used only for material planning and inventory handling. Later on their customisable editions, financial management components were also added.

    Today in ERP software, the CRM software is also on their craze. Today many consolidated players of ERP software like salesforce only deal in CRM initiatives. There are many big ERP vendors, which still exists today in this industry, they were established in the 1970s like - Oracle, Netsuite, peoplesoft, SAP etc.

    Today there are many type of software services are in the ERP fashion and trends like - SAAS (software as a service), IAAS ( infrastructure as a service ) , PAAS ( Platform as a service). The future of these services is bright.

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  • What are the ERP recommendations for the university or educational institutes ?


    An ERP software is the most necessary tool for any business especially for manufacturing companies which can handle the each and every task by operating the all kind of manufacturing operations by using its own modules. Without the use of a proper ERP software a manufacturing business would have to be deploy a number of different software and applications to enjoy the data handling.

    An integrated ERP application is always capable to manage all the business operations by using its modules regarding all the departments like - HR, marketing, distribution, payroll and accounting so that all kind of data can be handled as per according to the standardized format and it can be displayed to the user in a friendly and common environment.

    The overall important factor for any manufacturing industry is to select the appropriate ERP product selection. This helps in reducing the cost at the implementation time. With this, the additional requirement is to select the number of modules as per according to the needs of the organization because how much the number of modules will be there, the cost will be much in that quantity.

    Today the selection of the ERP software also depends on the licensing fee. People today selects the ERP software on the basis of the licensing fee, and if they have the open source code software, there is no need of paying licensing fee to the vendor.

    In addition of this, the cloud hosting and deployment costs should also be considered as the selection of the proper ERP placement. Hope you have liked this post ! Thanks for reading the post !

    by - university ERP

  • What is the working mechanism of ERP in manufacturing industry ?


    Since 1950, the use of cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) software in manufacturing industry has increased and since 1980 it has started to fetch a trend of its own. At any of the manufacturing industry, ERP software works at three levels -

    • presentation layer

    • application layer

    • database tier

    There are 4 following parts of the ERP software technology -

    • user interface

    • business logic

    • data dictionary

    • database presentation

    At the manufacturing resource planning level, there are following problems -

    • meeting customer expectations in this competitive environment

    • reduce supply chain and production cost

    • satisfy requirements on the regular basis

    • rise the efficiency curve to serve the customer basis

    • better customer service and business integration

    • on time delivery and improving product quality  

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  • what is the type of wooden items for your home ?


    types of wooden products -

    wooden boxes -

    • antique wooden box

    • carved wooden box

    • decorative wooden box

    • dry fruit wooden box


    Tea coaster -

    • wooden hut tea coaster

    • wooden tea coaster

    Pen stand -

    • designer pen stand

    • designer double pen stand

    • double pen stand

    other wooden furniture -

    • tissue stand

    • stool set

    • money box

    • chair and table

    wooden utensils -

    • chakla belan

    • ash tray

    • wooden spoons

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  • How can ERP make you successful ?


    ERP software (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a standard, customizable and open source application packages which has the features of executing core processes and automating activities related to the administrative and departmental activities, so that the coordination and communication gap between the different entities of an organization can be parsed off.

    Success factors contributing to ERP implementation in an institute or organization –

    • Complete top management support

    • Proper data analysis and forecasting methodologies

    • Proper user training and involvement

    • Successful change management implemented practices

    • Minimal opposition of departments

    • Ready to go aptitude by employees

    • Clear goals and objectives by organization side

    • Effective communication system

    • In depth knowledge of software consultants

    How to implement the ERP software in an organization successfully? –

    The biggest reasons of the non implementation of an ERP solution successfully is that the ERP implementation is done by the routine employees with an inadequate training and another one is not supporting top and middle level management. But still some actionable steps are for to be taken into consideration ERP implementation –

    • Software should be easy enough to understand with low complexity.

    • By providing proper training schedule to the key users.

    • By awaring key users about the benefits of the ERP solutions in the surrounding environment.

    • By ending various legacy problems between the partners.

    • By employing the employees lacking education in ERP solutions and provide direct training.

    • By selecting the appropriate ERP solutions which is best suitable towards company needs.

    • Selecting the ERP solution which can be secured enough with the firewalls and provide 24 X 7 support.

    Advantages of ERP –

    • Tells management about the ongoing status of activities in their organization.

    • Encapsulates the better coordination between the departments and the management.

    • Time and cost reduction in processes.

    • Innovates new technology in organization.

    • Helps in faster decision making

    • To achieve the competitive advantage and goals and objectives.   

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    school ERP


  • Why Indian handicraft promotion is so necessary ?


    A university needs to have one centralized system, which keeps, maintains and updates all the activities related to your reputed Institution.


    • It needs to have simplification of complex business processes for taking active decisions and total control over every (small or big) issue, related to planning, implementation and review of the System.


    • Once you start growing, it's really cumbersome to handle all activities of Students as well as Employees. Here comes university ERP Software that will ease the process of each and every aspect of a School, be it Admission, Transport, Examination (CCE Enabled Comprehensively), Library, Robust Time Table, HR & Payroll etc.


    • When you move forward with automation, you face few usual obstacles, such as Cost, Extra Man Hours Deployed To Customize ERP, Weird Processes of the Application etc. Luckily, university ERP Software saves you against these usual worries.


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  • ERP role in university


    ERP is stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is business management software or a system which is typically used to manage core departmental data of respective business. ERP provides an integrated view of business processes, often in real-time, using common databases maintained by database management systems. ERP system track business resources— raw materials, cash, production capacity and the status of business commitments like: payroll, purchase orders, and orders.

    College ERP system is an online web based system which implements an user friendly and attractive interface for college. The aim for deployment and implementation of this system is to replace manual system of colleges with an automated web based system. This College ERP system also manages data accurately and efficiently which is stored over a long period of time.

    System study of such system shows that all the booking was done manually on registers, which was very complicated job. Report generation of all records was also not possible in the existing system. Also the work of college was manually maintained and stored. All this data is maintain through register or file system in the college.

    The Collage ERP software solution will include the following primary modules/components: student, financial aid, finance, human resources, and advancement, collage data warehouse, reporting and analytics, workflow, document management, and student, faculty, and staff portal. Implementation services will include: technical services, data migration and conversion services, integration services, database management services, and system/end user training.

    All the manual working of Admin is skipping through this system. Workflow: 1. Start 2. Login 3. Add/Delete Staff 4. Add/ Delete / Edit Course 5. Add/delete/Edit Class 6. Add/delete/Edit Student 7. Add/Edit Class Routine 8. Manage Transport 9. Manage Notice Board

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  • How handicraft industry was started in India ?

    Indian handicraft industry is well renowned for its connection with the topographical beliefs, social and religious beliefs and climate factors. The very first background of the handicraft is mentioned in the ramayana and mahabharata epics and also in Indus valley civilization.

    Indian Handicraft are also famous in the whole world because of its foreign trade and techniques with use of materials. The time of indus valley civilization can be seen from 3000 B.C. when vedas were being narrated.

    In vedas we can also see the reference of the many handicraft arts like - pottery making, sculptures and weaving arts. These handicraft items were sent to the arabian and european countries via sea routes for export purposes.

    In the ancient handicraft arts, many stupas are the greatest examples of wood carving  and stone carving in which the sanchi stupa temple is very famous. Besides this the contemporary jewelry making world is also very famous.

    In many of the buddhist scriptures there are many examples which shows that the Indian handicraft culture is also affected somewhere from the Greek influence. The handicraft art work can also can be seen in the Gupta period in the Ajanta and Ellora caves and it is also called the Golden Period handicrafts.    

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    by - university ERP development company - Dreamteam Corporation

  • what is the success story of the spark meditech company ?


    Spark Meditech private limited is 1990 established company which is originated basically in India and it is well renowned in supplying the medical and surgical equipments to the different parts of the world. The company provides the aim to follow the mission for providing the high tech medical and surgical equipments at the low prices. This company is ISO certified from ISO - 9001-2008 from Germany.

    There are many reasons  for implementing the ERP software in this company -

    obstacles -

    • current inventory and manufacturing system.

    • lack of accountability in employees

    • lack of visibility and transparency in system processes

    • changing requirements of customer base

    • manufacture equipments as per the changing market scenario

    • Immediate requirement for a centralized system


    ERP implementation success -

    Spark Meditech administrators decided to implement the ER software to overcome the existing obstacles and they also decided to implement the sodtech’s idempiere ERP software because it had the primary benefit that it had no licensing fee. It also provided the real time monitoring system which could provide the prevention of the delay in communication and shipping of orders.

    This ERP solution of SODTECH also provided the compatible solutions that also helped the businesses to collaborate the business requirements and departments and helped in proper material planning, production scheduling and forecasting, marketing and distribution as well.

    Benefits -

    • improved business ROI

    • improved business agility

    • providing centralized databases

    • better decision making and market forecasting

    • enhanced customer services    

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  • How textile hand-printing is performed ?


    There are the following steps for the development of handprinting -

    • fabric is first washed and it is then sun-dried

    • oil and wax is mixed and then heating is started

    • a wet cloth is placed and post printing is done

    • then indigo-dyeing is done on the fabric

    • fabric is again washed in hot water

    • the fabric is again washed and dried.

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    by - Dreamteam Technologies -a university ERP company


  • Why are the toy products famous in India ?

    India is the second most populated country in this world after China. It can be considered with the mixture of the rich technology and human resources which are enough capable to develop the toy and handicraft industry. Wth this there is no any lacuna of raw material because all kind of material like - wood, clay, leather is available in enough amount in the country.

    The toy industry in India is not limited to the dolls, animals, birds, carts but they also are available in the shape of the gods and goddesses. Thus indian toys shows the spiritual and religious value of the people inhabited in country. Toys are still popular in Indian society because they also help in making learning easy and educating to children.

    The Indian toy industry is always being cotton oriented and it is quite labour intensive. There is an unique quantity of wooden, cotton and board games in India. Delhi and Mumbai are the two ethnic production hubs for the toys industry.

    The TAI ( toy association of India ) association is held liable for controlling of the toy industry in India. It deals in organizing the toy fairs and exhibitions at the affordable prices and communicate the industry problems with the central government.

    Indian toy industry is facing the fierce competition from the chinese toy companies. The only reason is the price factor that Chinese products are far cheaper than the Indian toy industry. In the world export market  the India’s contribution is considered negligible. There is the need to manage a national level programme to increase the toy promotion in the whole country.

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    by - Indian Crafts - a wood cabinets dealer company

    Dreamteam Technologies - a university ERP development company



  • What is the shrinking reason of the japanese handicrafts ?


    The toy industry is the result of post war situations which was initialized on the base of increasing the foreign currencies so that people can buy the food, shelter and clothes alike basic needs. Today Japanese toy industry is considered to be shrinking, because the number of children are also declining in Japan.

    Still there are no major hit brands in the category of toys. Today the increasing use of mobile and smartphone games are also the reason for shrinking the market of toy and gaming industry. Today generally many outside country brands have been successful in gaining a significant market here in Japan market like - Mattel international, Lego Denmark etc.

    There was a long era of time when the toy market was in Japan in the downward zone. After  the 2001 when the beyblade series toys were initiated the market got a boom of some time but again it could not stop the shrinking margin of the toy market of Japan. Again in 2004 the dragon quest games changed the scenario of the game and toy market.

    The radio and remote controllable gaming devices are in the trending series. It is accountable for more than 10% of the market. Toy guns, radio devices, plastic models are in this category. These devices are in the choices of youth and children in their 20s or 30s.

    Today in Japan, the software and PC games are still in trending. These are imported from USA, UK, Germany, Korea and China. Their export ratio is very high. There is also the fashion of the educational games trending and their export rate is very high.


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    by - Indian Crafts - a buy furniture online

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  • what is the role of Indian toys in economy ?


    Indian toy industry is considered to be worth of 8000 crore INR. This toy industry has seen a tremendous downflow of the time because Chinese toy products is a reason for the suffering of the Indian toys in international market. The indian toy industry was about to be said on closure and this can become a question on the living standards of more than 4000 manufacturers and more than 2 million employees.


    The toy industry of India is considered as the part of the those handicrafts which is considered as unorganized sector. The main toy manufacturing segments are located in Delhi, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Patna etc. There are many enterprises in India which are working in the small and cottage level industries.


    The change is the only constant in nature so our Indian toy industry has also seen the tremendous changes in the design, innovative designs and patterns. It is also the reason of growth of Indian toy industry in the domestic and international market.


    The biggest problem of the Indian customer is that they are very price sensitive so that the many toy enterprizes are involved in producing the toy designs which are cheap in cost and can be compromisable in quality. Today is the era of internet retailing which is growing at the rate of 25% in toy industry.  

    There is also a change in parents attitude in buying of toys because of their young children. The parents are today involved in purchasing the toys which can increase the creativity and personality development aspects of their children.

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    by - wooden cabinet with drawers dealer - Indian Crafts

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  • how srilanka contributes to the handicraft industry ?


    The relation of India and Sri lanka have been friendly so nice with each other from the centuries and they both only have the one or two time war type situation. The story of Ram - Ravana epic war is the world famous war between the India and Sri Lanka. Both the countries have the renowned names in the South Asia and they are the separated by the Pak Straight.

    Sri Lanka is the place of talented craftsmen and is the good mixture of the modern and traditional designs.  Like India and China, Sri Lanka have the much potential for the giftware, home decor, furniture and toys, wellness spa products.

    The craftsmen of Sri Lanka are also aware of the latest trends of the handicraft market and they are as well aware to make the contemporary designs as per the international requirements. There is a very good requirement of the Sri Lanka's handicrafts in all over the USA, UK and Japan and other european and asian countries.


    Government initiatives for handicraft development -

    • providing important packaging facilities

    • providing consultancy services

    • proper knowledge management to the export of handicrafts

    • make 1000 handicraft villages for the economic development of country

    • to provide insurance & pension facilities for the artists

    • to provide the proper training and development programmes by opening the proper handicraft training centres.    

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  • what are the administrative aspects of LITEROM ?


    Salient administrative features of LITEROM -

    • Main settings available for complete system that will affect the student’s enrollment no, students roll no, sessions, students shorting, according to users. And manage all other settings which user wants to update once in a session for school.

    • All students profile will maintain with all the details like his name, enroll no, address, phone no. Parent’s detail and other required details.

    • Complete school staff members (Teachers/ Officers/ Other Staff) details with details profiles. • All Classes record maintains section wise with priority wise, order can be set by LITEROM administrator.

    • Optional subject maintain into admin system class wise and section wise, like Third Language, Biology, Mathematics.

    • Users Login in offline system available in this module, administrator can block unblock any students and staff member if anyone using unwanted things in system.

    • All master entry made in this system like department / designation/ I cards and attendance.

    • Students /Teachers / other staff members birthday cards can be designed through admin module, after that it will display in users login on birthday date.

    • Certificates Templates can be generate in this system for students, like transfer certificate, beneficed certificate, date of birth certificate and Users can create his own certificate templates like sports awards accordingly.

    • Complete school subjects from class prep to XII maintain in administrator module.

    • Students Houses manage in this module class / section wise.

    • Student’s promotion from one class to next class in session end manages in this module by LITEROM administrator.

    • Interactive Modules rights provided by LITEROM administrator to teachers/students/officers. So that they can participate and authorize news, articles, notices and other things published by users.

    • Lot of interactive features rights provided to users like , News Publishers, Article Manager, Image gallery Manager, Important Website links manager, Download Section Manager, Circular Managers, Time Table Arrangement Manager, Marks Manager, Thoughts Manager, Duty Chart Manager, Telecom Manager etc.


    by -

    Dreamteam Technologies - a university ERP company

    • School early calendar can be created from LITEROM administrator login, and this event calendar would be display in user’s login summary pages. So Students/teachers/staff members/ parents can be easily updated with daily activity happening in school.

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    by - Indian Crafts - a wooden tray dealer company

  • what is the scenario of the folk industry in Indian Economics ? 

    Indian folk painting is the one arena which is the work of village artisans which adopt it for the sake of their earning and living. Many of these paintings are related to the subjects and characters depicted by the epic Ramayana and Mahabharata.

    The Indian Folk art industry has also evolved for the centuries and it is still alive in many parts of the country. The Indian folk painting industry has also seen some changes due to local mythology. Their reflection can also be seen in the folk paintings.

    Some parts of it are very much alive in the country totally untouched from modern variations and some folk art trends are completely changing with the contemporary styles. In Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh alike states the floor and wall like paintings are also still alive.

    The main items for using these paintings making are the brushes and homemade canvas. Besides this the colours used for making these paintings are generally related to the mineral colours and sometimes earthen or white paste is also used to make these paintings on both walls and floors of houses. Sometimes in pithora style of making paintings some kind of clays are also used as to make the paintings.

    In the Phad paintings, the paintings are made on the specific big thread like cloth called Phad is used to make paintings. In it the folk deities and their biographies are specially mentioned and the vegetable and fruit colours are also used to make these paintings.

    This folk style is very famous in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. Besides this miniature paintings are also useful in the folk art which are known for their unique expression and style.

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  • what are the wooden timber having the impact on the Indian Handicrafts ?

    The Indian handicraft industry is one of the fastest growing handicraft industry in India because in the fiscal year of 2019-20, our handicraft industry is going to touch the net worth of 1500 billion dollars.

    With the development of residential, commercial, official & institutional development the need of furniture has been increased. Nearly more than 75% of furniture is produced by small business players. It has more demand in the metro cities, tier I and II cities.    

    With the rising demand of furniture the obvious need of timber wood will also increase. Mostly the timber wood of sandalwood, red sandal, pine, maple, oak are needed to make furniture. India is the net importer of wooden timber and based products. That is why the Indian Economic rate growth is measured as 6% with high inflation rate.

    It is predicted that in the 2018 ending the need of the timber wood will be needed in the quantity of more than 150 million cubic meter. This is enough to say that the India cannot satisfy its wooden timber demand by using its own natural resources.

    There is needed to be the stimulation of wooden furniture industry so there are many programmes designed by the Government like - make in India, start up India, Digital India, smart cities and many more which have decided to establish large quantity of manufacturing industries in India and have the motive to employ more than 80 million people. There are also the additional efforts being implemented by the Government initiative which will also create employment in the furniture and handicraft industry.   

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  • What are the ideal hostel management features of ERP software ?


    Hostel Management Salient features -

    • Manage the hostel settings as laundry charge method, laundry charge system and set default amount for per wash and per cloths

    • Maintain the master data which covers Hostel facility, Hostels & Room Category and Rooms & Beds

    • Manage all the allotments like Allot Students, Allot Warden and Allotment of Laundryman

    • Maintain and manage the transactions like allotment/transaction of bed or room status


    • List hostel details in the school

    • Room category details in hostels

    • Rooms details in hostels

    • Bed details in hostels

    • Current status details in hostels

    • Bed transactions details in hostels

    • Warden details in hostels ABOUT STUDENTS

    • Detailed students list in a hostel

    • List student’s bed transaction

    • List student’s laundry transaction

    • List student’s leave transaction

    by - university ERP company - Dreamteam Technologies


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  • What is the condition of the furniture market in USA, China and Japan ?


    The market nature of wooden industry is always volatile and inflexible in nature. Today what is in the trending will not be in trend tomorrow. So due to look at the huge competition, it is necessary for all the ecommerce and small furniture oriented companies to work on new varieties and patterns to stay up in the competition.

    It is necessary to have eminent level of  capital and financing facilities to make a success for a country. Today there are many type of major countries which have their own manufacturing base of furniture segment and they are as well ranking good in top furniture exporting countries. Like - Malaysia, China, India, Germany, Japan, Korea etc.

    China is undoubtedly a furniture giant for the world. This is the result due to importing nature of USA. USA is totally dependent on China for its furniture market segment. China is experiencing the great opportunities for entering in the USA furniture segment and it is earning a huge potential of revenue. USA is importing most of the bedroom and home decor furniture from China. The other countries market share is shrinking continuously in this segment.

    Besides USA, europe is also considered an endless opportunistic market for the asian countries. European countries are as well opened for the different export especially for child furniture, flat furniture, PC related furniture, living room  also has a very good scope for the exporting countries.

    In Japan, besides of being a small country, still it has a growing opportunity for the furniture segment. In Japan people they have the tendency to accept the high price but they are not ready to compromise on quantity. There is a very open opportunity for cupboards, corner furniture and large tables.

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    by - C table dealer company - Indian Crafts


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  • What are the user rights management features of LITEROM ?


    A perfect university ERP software should have the following features -

    Users Rights Management • In the admin module we can assign rights to the users like Teachers, Students, Officers and others The users will be provided the following rights: • Arrangement Manager • Article Manager • Circular Management • Digital Library Manager • Duty Chart • Forums Manager • Gate Security • Hostel Manager • Hr Manager • Image Manager • Link Manager • Login List • Marks Manager • News Manager • Notice Manager • Postal Manager • Print Mark sheets • Publish News • Recruitment Manager • Telecom Manager • Thought Manager

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  • What are the perfect attendence management features of an ERP software ?

    A perfect ERP software should have the following ERP features - 


    Attendance Management Silent features • We can create new attendance legend as per your requirement and view can view the attendance legend • We can set attendance class wise settings as the session start date and session end date For each class and can view the list of all • Class teacher of the class can mark the attendance date wise can mark it as holiday, event holiday , a normal holiday or an class holiday REPORTS: • Class teachers can view the detailed attendance report for each student • Class teacher can view the detailed attendance report for the class month wise • In the mark sheet the detailed attendance report can be viewed by the parents • In admin we can view the detailed attendance report class wise for each student.


    by - university management software company - Dreamteam Technologies

  • Why the universities should opt for the university ERP software ?


    LITEROM is fully compatible for integration with Biometric devices, Barcodes, Smartcards & RFIDs. University ERP is also attuned with all mobiles, tabs and other devices.College, School,University Management Software is developed to manage the University's student database. University Management Software by addmen is one of its kind software. What makes it different from rest? The answer is its originality, versatile, Multi-featured abilities. A university which is not updated has chances of lagging behind due to the growing competition. University need to keep on enhancing itself with the demand.

    DreamTeam is mainly known for its intranet and Internet based university ERP solutions in Business and in schooling. With more than 5 years of experience in the field of offline automation DreamTeam has its fully independent Programming, Designing and multimedia skill set.

    DreamTeam is also a  II level college ERP domain registrar and has an experience of maintaining dedicated servers for more than 5 years.  We use VB for general automation. . We mainly work on LINUX based tools like PHP, MySql for our Intranet and Internet solutions. We expertise in FLASH, Fireworks, Adobe as well.

    Dream Team is official IT consultant to Indian Public Schools’ Conference and SPIC MACAY, and is running more than 180 online projects of various industries and educational institutions.

    Starting with a small group Dream Team is now a nuclear group of dedicated and committed software professionals, each one with the same spirit and enthusiasm to go ahead, on the roads to success to fulfill the dreams we share.

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  • What is the type of ERP software one university should use ?


    ‘LITEROM’ is a unique and comprehensive university management software with fully integrated intranet and internet aspects.

    ‘LITEROM' is a unique and comprehensive School Management Software with an online web site
    of the school and an intranet (campus) version in the school. It is an interactive platform for all
    entities viz. Students, Teachers, Management, Parents, Alumni, Guests, and Experts of an
    educational institution. It is a simple yet powerful one point integrated platform that connects all
    the departments of an institution namely office, fee counter, library, hostel, stores, academics,
    activity centre and so on.

    LITEROM addresses School Management, Interaction, Knowledge Management and
    communication issues both in the school and on net. The campus version of LITEROM is again a
    browser based application and thus it is highly acceptable among the users and very easy to
    deploy and manage. It is the only application that gives two way synchronization of data with
    online and offline versions. This way whatever you do in school is available on your web site
    secure and personalized and the same is applicable vise-versa. This is an ERP solution for school
    that can be integrated with smart cards, bio-metrics and bar codes as per the schools


  • HOw is the LITEROM extreme university ERP software ?

    ‘LITEROM' is a unique and comprehensive university managment software with an online web site of the school and an intranet (campus) version in the school. It is an interactive platform for all entities viz. Students, Teachers, Management, Parents, Alumni, Guests, and Experts of an educational institution. It is a simple yet powerful one point integrated platform that connects all the departments of an institution namely office, fee counter, library, hostel, stores, academics, activity centre and so on.

    LITEROM addresses School Management, Interaction, Knowledge Management and communication issues both in the school and on net. The campus version of LITEROM is again a browser based application and thus it is highly acceptable among the users and very easy to deploy and manage.



    •  Robust and interactive school management solution
    •  Well-planned and efficient school automation software
    •  High-quality and hassle-free product
    •  Designed and built to provide accurate information
    •  Font, icons and interface developed to give a user-friendly approach
    •  24X7 on-line and telephonic support service
    •  Complete online access with multiple Log In for Admin/Teachers/Parents/Students
    •  Mobile version of the website
    •  Responsive Content Management System based website worth INR 1 lac
    •  Unlimited SMS & E-mail provision for 1 year
    •  Online Payment Gateway integration
    •  Licensed Version one time payment
    •  One month training – including integration of customized requirements
    •  Customization of the manual format in the software
    •  Cloud based data security
    •  Automatic back-up in world's top 3 data centers
    •  We have hosting servers
    •  24X7 Support service with a 29 min response time

    LITEROM aims to help students, teachers, parents and the school administrative staff to use school data in a more organized and structured manner. It allows users to interact with basic operation and information of their schools seamlessly and also provides access to all relevant reports that have been generated over the years.

    Generally Cloud ERP software are employed in an organization because of collecting,  storing, interpreting and access the data to the overall entities  to the right time and right people for core business processes.

    Today the era is all about the cloud ERP software. It can be estimated from only this fact that till the 2016, third quarter of IT companies was estimated to demand for cloud storage platforms (as per Saugatuck Technology’s cloud business solution survey).

    The main core agenda of this presentation is to consult with you about the myths of cloud ERP implementation. A myth is generally a widely believed but false believe or fact and generally it stops someone to take a real benefit of any resource and SAAS service which can be generally fatal for educational or any other organization.


    by - university ERP

  • What is the ERP software recommendations for book management ?


    A perfect ERP software should have the following facilities for book management -


    • Books listing category/subcategory/author/publisher/ wise

    • New Purchase books details date wise

    • Books barcode automatic generation according to accession no.

    • Barcode of a Library items taken on charge between a Date ranges date wise

    • Issues / Return transaction details dates wise

    • Due books details date wise

    • Lost Books Details

    • Library books can be request from user’s login.

    • Fine received details date wise

    • Lost books details which were lost in a given period of time

    • Repair books details t books sent for repair with in a date parameter

    • Purchase order indents details depending upon the date parameter

    • Purchase indents with in a date range

    • Request details request for Books or other Library Items within a Date ranges by Student,

    Teacher, Officers or by the Other Members

    • Good receiving note (GRN) this report enables the Library Manager to view GRN issued by him

    within a Date ranges

    • AACR2 dynamic labels of all the books under the specific Category

    • Thumbnail book catalogue this report enables the Library Manager to view the details of a

    Library items with the thumbnail view of the item

    • Spine label this report enables the Library Manager to view / take a print out of Labels

    containing DDC Code & Book No. of a Library item

    • Missing issues this report enables the Library Manager to access the Month wise Loss / Found

    status of Library Magazines

    • Advanced search options so that we can search using the options category, sub category, ISBN,

    book no. etc

    • Daily attendance report for the magazines and the news paper

    • Attendance report for the magazines and the news paper according to the specific date

    parameter given

    by - university ERP

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  • What should be the ideals of the reporting management modules of ERP software ?


    A perfect ERP software should have the following features of reporting -

    Reports -

    • Daily Head wise collection reports

    • Daily Collection report without heads

    • Bank wise collection details

    • Accounts head wise reports

    • Account head wise report dynamic

    • Monthly Head wise report

    • Fees Defaulter latter (3 Diff formats available Class Wise/ Section Wise)

    • Outstanding fees Challan class wise

    • Fees bill scheme details

    • Students Under a bill scheme details

    • Students Fees Register Class wise/ Section Wise

    • Class Wise students fees details

    • Class Wise Due fees summary report

    • Students without bill scheme details

    • Daily discount report date wise

    • Students Wise discount details

    • Discount report head wise

    • Imprest collection report date wise

    • School Vehicle Report

    • Students Wise vehicle details

    • Vehicle Wise payment details

    • Vehicle wise expected payment details

    • Students Vehicle card generation

    • Vehicle Fees defaulter report

    • Teachers Wise vehicle details

    • Daily Refund report

    • Daily Refund report head wise

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