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  • WHy was it very difficult to implement the erp software in pipeco company ?

    When the erp software was launched in 2004, there was a huge opposition in the company employees for performing many hits and trails. So company decided to implement the training session for the employees. Firstly the key personnels from every department was included for the training program to become super users.

    There was a big benefit of this training session that super users trained their other employees and colleagues to become software savvy. It increased the user awareness in the system and company had not maintained any other personnels to maintain the training sessions for the employees.

    The end users also contributed in helding a regular contact with the ERP implementation team and they also provided regular feedback to the team about the upcoming problems and working issues. This regular feedback also helped in deciding the further workflow of the system that how the processes was to be embed into system.

    In spite of all these efforts, the SAP business manager proclaimed that the change management is not effective still in the organization and pipeco company will have to increase the strength of the company staff. Pipeco company also sent the back-office employees to the front end roles.

    Benefits -

    • increased number of employees

    • role changing for more productivity

    • great awareness of the erp processes

    • shaping in the final business processes

    • better control of the processes

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  • What are the mistakes which should be avoid while implementing erp  software ?


    Implementing a complete new and authentic ERP software can be time consuming, costly and complex at the same instance. If this erp software fails, all the money, time and resources go to waste. So organizations have to take time to implement the ERP software. Here we are going to discuss some factors which can be considerable for you while implementing an ERP software -

    • Companies should plan some backup plan for the further implementation of the erp software because the problems solution implementations can increase your project cost. There are many things which can be useful for you to take care of - work mechanism and user interface of erp software, customisation, adjustments and integrations easily.


    • It is really important for any organization that for which purpose the erp software is going to be implemented. The proper sitemap of the project is the first step of success in implementing erp software. Purpose can be anything - for cutting cost and  increasing profit, consumer compliance and data handling etc.


    • There are many things for which you can prepare in the initials which can be benefittable for you later. How much your project management team will be ready and trained to take risks, your cost and schedules will be processed for better improvement.  


    • The major problem is always related to the implementation of the erp software is related to the licensing contracts. Other one factor is related to the length of erp project timing of implementation. These two things should better be communicated with the administration and team.

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  • What is the erp implementation story of the empire couriers ?


    Empire Couriers is a Tasmanian oriented firm which was started in 2010 and today till coming to 2018, this company has converted into the enterprise for offering end product distribution to a large quantity. This company deals in freight delivery. This company has 3 branch offices in Tasmania.

    Today this company is striving to gain the customer services and on-time delivery. The company is well expert in getting the knowledge of the Tasmania weather routes, locations & driving conditions. It also often helps in providing the customer driven services in time.

    Why was ERP software implemented into Empire Couriers ?

    The initial problem EC was facing that the existing systems were facing the problem of limited data and it also needed the data management by automation oriented systems instead of manual interruption. In addition to that, the branch locations were at different locations, so to access the integrated data was really very necessary.

    In addition to that, some tracking systems were also necessary to be tracked by the company like - tracking of parcels, tracking of driver and shipment etc. The EC company was not able to implement the sole systems for each of these tasks.

    Firstly Odoo implemented the erp software which could firstly handle the financial system and ticketing system. There was also the facility in ERP to handle the CMS & website portal as well. This custom solution was made to handle the tracking of drivers.  

    Benefits -    

    • real time tracking of drivers

    • real time information system for packaging

    • integration of multiple distributed systems to central database

    • financial management and invoice creation with the freight management system

    • automated invoicing system


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  • What is the key concept of the erp in Pazstone commercial stone industry ?


    Pazstone is a supplier, manufacturer, distributor and retailer of stone products at the most competitive products as full service solutions made of marble, granite, limestone and engineering stone. It was established in 2005 and it was separated from its own commercial stone industry.

    Why was the erp implemented in the Pazstone company -

    Before implementing the erp software, Pazstone was dependant on the excel spreadsheets and shared folders concept to share their project data and much of the clerical staff was needed to perform this task individually. Still there was the possibility of most common but expensive errors.

    It was difficult for the Pazstone company for the measuring of the data of sales analysis and whole of the manufacturing system was being handled manually. There was calendaring system used pertaining third party to handle the on-site installations. In addition, there was no any mobile API integrated with the installers.

    How odoo ERP software was installed in the Pazstone company -

    There was separate mobile API solution provided to the on-site staff. Besides this, custom order entry system was implemented for the order invoicing properly. To manage the stock level repositories, receipts and deliveries, at each level the dynamic workflow control system framework was implemented. Separate invoices were being started to generate the contractor’s payment.

    Benefits -

    • up to date sales reports on time

    • decrease in the staff for order entries

    • exceptional growth since the erp implementation

    • excellent automated generated order invoices

    • better control and planning in manufacturing process

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  • What is the case study implementation of the move victoria company ?


    Move victoria is a separate company which deals in products related to muscular health. This company is headquartered in Australia and their supporters are all across the world. The company has also won the support of health professionals and researchers.

    Move victoria company was started in 1965 and within the three years of establishment, they became a separate organization in 1968.  

    Why was the erp software launched in the Move Victoria ?

    The first and foremost problem was related to data duplication and data accessibility. The data was segregated into the multiple of places so it was necessary to bring it to a single application. It was also necessary to develop the email and other SMS facilities for proper communication.

    It was also necessary for the Move Victoria company to stop people keeping their own private data stores and it became mandatory to bring all the fragmented data from excel spreadsheets for specific requirements and research projects.

    Success and benefits -

    • Increase in visibility in the whole organization and stakeholders as well

    • A single database was made to store data which could show the information in the list format

    • The software of odoo also shares when and what to offer while partnering with any other organization

    • It was necessary as well tough to enter into new information platform to find new future possibilities and opportunities

    • With odoo erp software, Move company also added the donor management, human resources and financial management capabilities

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  • What is the scope of erp software while supporting with the management ?


    When both the corporates ( large and small scale ) implements an ERP software in their premises, they understand it as a mean of improving communication in all of their departments & headquarters across countries and increase the productivity.

    The main support is needed from the executive side of the top level although, to get the departmental branch support is necessary for the successful implementation of the ERP software. However the trained employees and divisional managers appreciably support the ERP software implementation.

    The constant availability of the executive support level, project managers and project teams kept these employees motivated and encouraged for the successful implementation of the ERP software.

    Generally it is seen that if the divisional managers are one of the persons who are involved in handling the erp software implementation, they don’t show their interest in implementing ERP. If the departmental manager shows the support in the implementation of ERP software, then it also motivates his employees as well.

    The organization who is implementing the erp software, it is necessary for them to adopt the proactive approach instead of the reactive approach. The proper implementation of the ERP software should be based on this approach that in the next five years, how much it will contribute to the organization.

    For the successful implementation of an ERP software, it is necessary for the project team to understand the corporate objectives, process choices and the whole business infrastructure. To be successful in ERP and technological industry, it is necessary to be deciding the ERP software goals and objectives in the future as well.

    Unsuccessful companies are not able to understand their strategic alignment with the business goals and objectives. They just focus only on the present goals, objectives & small tasks like - inventory management, stock management, billings and making journal entries.

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    Dreamteam Technologies

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  • What is the kind of erp software in the organization works better ?


    The ERP system is an integrated and inculcated application software system, in which number of modules are included for collecting the storage data and converting it to useful information. The quality management module of the ERP software helps in maintaining the product quality and inspection on the base of standard parameters.

    This module of ERP software also allows the quality inspectors staff to apply the confidential quality tests right from the beginning from the incoming of the raw material in warehouse. Without any programming experience, ERP quality checks can be configured easily by using the quality management module.

    An ideal ERP software is the one, whose quality inspection module is attached to the other important modules like - purchase, inventory, stock management, shop floor control to ensure that the data collected is appropriate enough.

    To control and reduce the delay in cycle time, it is necessary to control the demand and supply of the allocation of material properly. If material is not allocated on time so earlier and later both type of orders would get delayed and it would be useless for the company.

    Sometimes the companies also provides the customers to purchase their material on discounts. It is considered that discounts are the sole reason of the decreasing sales value of the company and it is also occurred due to excess production of finished goods in the season time. To get rid of the situation of the discounted material, it is also necessary to put control on the proper selection of supply.

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  • What kind of security approaches should be applied in the ERP software ?


    Today ERP system and software has three layer of interfaces -

    • network layer

    • presentation layer

    • application layer

    Security problems exist in every face of the ERP software like - entry in business processes, internal interfaces and internal database. The security problem will persist in those scenarios where different business components will interact with each other and the client and customers will interact with the whole system. In those scenarios, a small error can be lethally fatal.

    Security approaches to the organization -

    • New security policies should be easily defined and maintained by the organization time to time.

    • Accessing/denying permission to users carefully by the administrators

    • To perform the user authentication properly for the new and old regular users

    • Task performing privileges should be done properly by the certain users or roles

    • The user is granted access as per according to the authorization rules

    • Timely verification is necessary for to access the relevant sources

    • Properly logging and tracing of the relevant events  

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  • What are the reasons for downfall of the erp software in developing countries ?


    Do you know that 70% of ERP systems in the developing country were not successful because they did not get the expected benefits and the non support of Government regulations ? Now let’s dig out that what are the actual reasons which stop the developing countries from successful erp implementation.

    The first factor comes in to an individual’s mind that cost is the biggest factor because generally it is seemed that the financial gap between the developed and developing countries is at the extreme. But is it true that the cost is the only factor which is a bigger interruption in the successful implementation of the ERP software.

    No, it is not really true. One of the actual reasons of unsuccessful implementation of the ERP software is a huge gap between the organization requirements and current ERP software. The poor performance of the erp software is generally occured by the poor business infrastructure, informal working policies, misfits, insufficient human resources and financial limitations.

    The interest and commitment level of top level management also effects the ERP software performance. Top level management is responsible for the allocation of funds and the judging of direction in which an ERP software is going. So it is necessary to have top management involvement in the companies of developing countries for the successful implementation.

    This is also necessary for the users of the software also to get properly involved with it. How much earlier the users will be involved with the software, it will help you to implement the changes in the software on time. The proper change management also helps in making successful to the erp software.  

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  • Why was project SANGAM a turning point for air india ?


    Air India is the largest international carrier company of India which is owned by Air India Private Limited - a government owned enterprise. The company has its main hub in Delhi and Mumbai as secondary one. Company serves its services in more than 90 destinations. Company is the third largest domestic airline carrier in all over India.

    Why erp was needed in Air India ?

    There was a premiere crisis period for Air India. There were fewer passengers and the company was converting into low cost airline. There were decay of cargo and passengers in premium class specially and the fuel costs were also started to increase.

    To deliver better operating margins and profits, Air India started to implement the “Project Sangam” in which it was predicted that a future project Air India will be prepared and the existing business process will be restructured. This project was also emphasising on the adoption of international business practices. The erp software of SAP was selected.

    There were following recommendable features of project sangam -

    • to make erp software more accessible from any device and anywhere.

    • to make business reporting system more scalable.

    • separate reporting suite should also be available.

    • to provide the most accurate and reliable data for accurate analysis.

    • Proper information recording should be done in context of all employees.

    Benefits of project sangam -

    • better and accurate decision making support

    • standardization and harmonization of business processes

    • integrated and single source of employee data

    • reduction of operating costs

    • enrichment of jobs and frontline staff

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  • How erp software is helpful in managing your human capital ?

    For a company/business/organization human resources are the biggest term. The company invests highly in recruiting them as being talent as well they try to train them to optimize their skills and companies also provide all the stuff which is required for them to operate their functions.

    Companies needs the 100% dedication from the employees when fulfilling their motives. Companies want to manage their human capital as efficiently as possible because overall the maximum cost of organization is spent on the human capital. To manage all of this HR, A good ERP software is always required to evaluate and manage their performance.

    In an organization there is much complexity included in handling the things manually. All the communication channels work should work properly for the proper information flow in the organization requirements.

    The lower level employees will be able to know that to whom they are going to report. The managers can easily track, measure and respond as per according to their activities.

    By reviewing and monitoring the productivity of the employees, company can also stop the useless expenses for the human resource. ERP software also tracks the current demand and supply of the current organization. Company can also focus on the existing and future projects.

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  • Are all the erp software costly ?

    When we talk about myths about ERP software, one of the major problem is pertaining the cost and budget of the ERP software. It can directly motivate or demotivate the company from implementing or non implementing of the ERP software.

    So today there is the biggest question arises that Is the erp software really expensive ? The answer is ”a big big no” because after spending two decades in the ERP development from its infancy, we are in that era, where erp software is available in multiple of varieties and modules.

    The plus point is this that these ERP software are based on cloud technology and open source customisations. In additional the number of modules can also be increased or decreased as per according to the business complexities.

    There are many type of direct and indirect costs attached with the implementation and purchasing with the readymade software. But the overall cloud technology and open source facilities has lower down the cost.  

    Yes, there are some costs incurred while maintaining and operating the ERP software. But these costs are sufficient enough to bring huge amount of main production/operational cost saving and profit potential to the company.

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  • Why is the Indian education software is in so poor stage ?

    The Indian education industry is developing worldwide with a pleasant growing rate. The Indian education industry is distributed amongst more than 800 educational institutes and more than 30000 universities. More than 35 million students were being enrolled in the 2016-17 session.  

    Today education industry is changing rapidly. With the passing of time, the key players, textbooks and curriculum reforms have been changed primarily because in the education industry it is more emphasized on the individual behaviour and personality and it effects the whole decision making of key players.

    Today there are many root systematic and infrastructural problems in the Indian education sector. The efficiency of the schools is only limited to serve mid-day schools and infrastructural facilities in central governments. Budgetary constraints, limited manpower, technological resources are the other possible reasons for stoppage the growth of education industry of India.

    There is also lack of research opportunities in Indian education industry. Today there are many talented and intellectual students who leave the country every year in context of performing research opportunities.

    This factor tells that there is a lot of financial support and a great financially stable competency model should be developed which can provide financial opportunities. Today in the staff of teachers, they are burdened with a lot of administrative tasks and there becomes a lot of distortion from the root learning capacities.  

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  • What are the reasons behind the implementation of the erp software by LG electronics ?


    How LG companies implemented the erp software ?

    LG is the south korea based company which is the electronics company. It has 119 subsidiaries available worldwide and there are more than 80000 people working as an employee. The company is actively working in the following segments - entertainment, wireless and mobile communications, transportation components, home appliances etc.   

    Why ERP was felt needed in the LG company ?

    There were following reasons responsible for the implementing ERP software in LG company -

    • high maintenance costs

    • inefficient decision making

    • lack of transparency

    • underuse of resources

    • more manual processes

    How ERP was implemented in the LG company ?

    To launch the erp software in LG company was not a cakewalk but it was implemented in to five different planned phases in five consecutive years (2002 - 2006). It gave the following benefits to the company -

    • boosted employee morale and productivity

    • transparency in the manual and automated process

    • centralized and integrated single ERP system

    • readily available real time reporting

    • easy sharing of best practices

    • facilitated learning through the online prepared manuals and reports

    • performance appraisal on the base of actual performance, competencies and standards

    So the overall moral of the story is this that the LG electronics company became able to improve its HR practices & policies by using the automated erp solution and it is still using this software by innovating new modules and services.

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  • WHich is the best erp software for managing the dry food industry ?


    The dry food industry is an important one industry that is connected to the dry food industry. The business processes are quite easy to see but complex in nature like - moving dry goods, storing goods, shipping it to the customer etc. In this all phenomenon, packaging of material has no standard procedure, it can make a product more successful or a failure.

    By using the ERP software, a dry food company can easily handle following operations -

    • inventory control

    • stock control

    • handling of raw ingredients

    • rapid data sharing with the administration

    • analytical dashboards

    • handling of raw ingredients and food safety

    • ensure proper labeling

    • tracking production cost & quality at each stage of manufacturing

    There are three type of benefits, an organization can get by implementing the erp software -

    Suppliers side -

    The supplier is associated with the ERP software of the company and it can also see the current stock of the company and formulate the demand of the customer and the next purchasing of raw material can also be decided by the supplier side.

    Operations and logistics -

    The dry food company can decide and differentiate their products from each other and the competitors after getting the data and one of the task of logistics department is to purchase the raw material from the suppliers. ERP software can improve the order management of the organization.

    Finance -

    The financial data can be found easily by the erp financial officers and the real cash analysis can be done easily and the real time cash can be allocated on time. The proper accounting consolidation, process management & workflow collaboration can be easily maintained by the ERP software.

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  • What should be process implementaion in the organization for aligning ERP software ?


    A ERP software is always available to support & integrate the business processes and to provide the consistent flow of the information available in an organization. At the post implementation level, ERP software works on the many different processes like - supply chain management, customer relationship management, supply chain management etc.

    How to implement the complete process workflow in an organization -

    There are following steps for the complete process framework -

    • process design

    • process management

    • process workflow

    • process application

    The process implementation should be done in a way that it should be relevant to the organizational goals. For fulfilling this purpose, this is necessary to understand the basic needs and business processes of an organization.

    To complete the business processes, it is necessary to be an organization based goal centric approach. It is necessary to be properly aligned in terms of an organization to get the business objectives.     

    How to represent the processes to an organization -

    • organization view

    • process view

    • function view

    • data view

    • output view  

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  • WHy was Utkarsh ERP software was implemented in to the bhilai steel plant ?


    Bhilai Steel Plant (BSP) is a public sector undertaking and it is established according to a second five year plan. It is headquartered in Bhilai which comes under Chhattisgarh and it is the first company of producing and manufacturing the steel rails. Currently its production is more than 10 million tones.   

    Why ERP was needed in the Bhilai Steel Plant ?

    As per according to the official sources, the lethal reasons for implementing the ERP in BSP were related to the packaging, raw materials, suitable plant reengineering, reporting and planning, upgradation of existing systems. BSP decided to implement the erp project named Utkarsh which has its own remarks in plant management, sales and distribution & production planning.

    How ERP was implemented in the Bhilai Steel Plant ?

    It was absolutely not easy to implement ERP software of SAP in a PSU like Bhilai Steel Plant. Approximately 300 people were involved in the implementation of Utkarsh ERP software and approximately 3000 end users and customers were trained in operating SAP.

    There were following features involved in the implementation of ERP software -   

    • management reporting

    • access via web portal

    • different levels of user accessibility

    • proper training and documentation

    • user manual management

    • online availability of stocks

    • order based information is possible

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  • What is the erp success secret of the tisco ?

    Tata iron and steel company private limited (TISCO) is an Asia’s largest integrated private sector steel making company. It is headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra and it is a subsidiary of Tata Group. The annual capacity of steel making production is 14 million tones.

    Why ERP was needed in TISCO private limited  -

    The two factors were responsible for the implementation of the ERP in a company alike TISCO that they were not customer friendly and they were also not aware from the demands of customers. The existing systems were not updated and advanced and they were full of errors, redundancy and complexity.

    As per according to the company requirements, the overall SAP system adoption was necessary not only in the environment but also in the hearts of the staff of the company and administration as well. After a careful implementation of the company environment the ERP implementation decision was finalized.

    After a careful planning, the version of SAP ERP 3 was decided to imply in the organization. It took a complete year to implement the software as per according to the company policies. TISCO never left the learning and adapting new things so they got successful in earning the profits in over a short period of time.

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  • What is the erp software tiers for your organization ?


    How ERP vendors should be selected by the small scale companies ?

    ERP systems are decided for a small business by using their revenue scale. Businesses should have the following information about their budget constraints for implementing their ERP software. It can help in deciding the feasible ERP solutions.

    There are following tiers for selecting the proper erp vendors -

    Tier I ERP vendors -

    There are many corporations whose annual turnover is more than 1 billion dollars. These are also known as multinational corporations and they have their own presence in multiple of geographic locations.

    Tier 2 ERP vendors -

    These multinational companies come in the category of revenue worth of in between 50 million dollars and 1 billion dollars. These companies have single or two locations worldwide. These are called mid sized companies and they adopt middle term budgets for ERP allocation.

    Tier 3 vendors -

    In this tier, the ERP companies have the revenue worth in between 10 to 50 million dollars. In this arena, the client requirements are lower and installation of ERP software is easier to implement.     

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  • What is the erp software tiers for your organization ?


    How ERP vendors should be selected by the small scale companies ?

    ERP systems are decided for a small business by using their revenue scale. Businesses should have the following information about their budget constraints for implementing their ERP software. It can help in deciding the feasible ERP solutions.

    There are following tiers for selecting the proper erp vendors -

    Tier I ERP vendors -

    There are many corporations whose annual turnover is more than 1 billion dollars. These are also known as multinational corporations and they have their own presence in multiple of geographic locations.

    Tier 2 ERP vendors -

    These multinational companies come in the category of revenue worth of in between 50 million dollars and 1 billion dollars. These companies have single or two locations worldwide. These are called mid sized companies and they adopt middle term budgets for ERP allocation.

    Tier 3 vendors -

    In this tier, the ERP companies have the revenue worth in between 10 to 50 million dollars. In this arena, the client requirements are lower and installation of ERP software is easier to implement.     

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  • What kind of information is necessary for storing in ERP software ?


    What kind of information should be retrieved in a ERP software ?

    Information is the piece of collected data which further takes the form of a raw material to be processed by run time applications. In this post we will try to understand that in a ERP software which types of information can be stored in an ERP software -


    Strategy information -

    This information is generally related to the information which is completely related to the objectives and long term policies of an organization. Like - acquiring of new organization, diversification of plants, innovating new products etc.


    Tactical Information -   

    This information is generally required to control over the business resources like - budgetary control, service level, inventory management, stock planning and control and productivity level of employees etc.


    Operational information -

    This information is generally related to the plant/ business level tasks and operations and it is also related to the shift specific, operator specific and machinery specific. This information is generally related to the proper conduction of the operational activities.


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  • What is the new latest success formula of the technological companies ?


    Definitely, there is a huge need to invest in research opportunities on the topic of growth in technological industry. Firm growth has been abducted by only and only the product differentiation and innovation. It has been a topic of debate about the innovations in product design and category in IT industry.


    Cloud computing is a new thinking and approach in technology industry which is helpful in highly technological industry to gain its motives and is also helpful in getting the other motives like - infrastructure problems, pay per use methods as well. Although the differentiation of ERP in cloud industry has been a matter of discussion between the large and small scale enterprises.


    Firstly there were SAP like companies whose target were large enterprises, Later on they started to target SME companies. Traditionally there are more than 120 million companies in more than 130 countries. It can dramatically increase the cloud ERP demand in the whole world.


    Today there is a new era of the saas based cloud ERP software. Using the SAAS software can open the door for the new vendors by enabling task distribution. Competitor dynamics also can attract and influence the working model of the organization although it is an extra variable. Mostly Technologically successful companies are MSME companies.    


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  • What is the new PLM software necessary for the organization ?


    Manufacturing and operational processes are also the part of PLM solutions. Today manufacturing and operational processes are not separated from each other. It is necessary to develop a conceptual and systematic framework to provide a complete feedback to the user.

    In PLM software, many processes are significant. First process is identified at customising software processes and deployment need is initialized for such application or a range of tasks. There is no need of traditional or formal methods to initialize and customize the software execution processes.

    In mapping of software processes, many number of groups of processes are made and at ultimate, the specific needs of the organizations are decided and according to the priority they are sequentially performed.

    These are the following steps to decide the PLM execution process -

    • identify main attributes of an application

    • decide hierarchical needs

    • planning and analysis

    • verification and deployment

    • implementation of activities

    Many PLM software provides the facility to work on a collaborative platform in context of the specific aspect and it is based on the system engineering processes. In initial the PLM software were limited to the aeronautics, space and military industries but today there is a great scope for the PLM software in every industry.  

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  • What is the initiatie for the artisans for 2018 ?

    What are the new initiatives for artisans in India ?

    • In 2016, Indian Government identified more than 20 lakh handicraft artisans and they issued these cards to the artisans. All type of union and state territories are connected to this initiative.

    • For income stability and enhancement of the artisans, Indian Government identified the 20 necessary handicraft clusters. In addition to this, handicraft commissioner have also signed the MOU with the Punjab National Bank to provide the Mudr Loan.

    • Pushtaini hunar vikas yojana was implemented in 2017 to provide training about carpet weaving to the handicraft artisans.

    • In NCR region, Indian Government has issued 100 industrial garment machines to each Garment factory and they have also issued 18 crores to each of the center to provide more than 1000 direct employment for the artisans.

    • Up to december 2017, the export of about 25000 crore INR was performed and more than 200 crore rupees were invested on the promotion of export initiatives because of this is direct source of handicrafts. Hope you have liked this post ! Thanks for reading the post !  

    by - Indian Crafts and Dreamteam Technologies

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  • How can ERP make you successful ?


    ERP software (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a standard, customizable and open source application packages which has the features of executing core processes and automating activities related to the administrative and departmental activities, so that the coordination and communication gap between the different entities of an organization can be parsed off.

    Success factors contributing to ERP implementation in an institute or organization –

    • Complete top management support

    • Proper data analysis and forecasting methodologies

    • Proper user training and involvement

    • Successful change management implemented practices

    • Minimal opposition of departments

    • Ready to go aptitude by employees

    • Clear goals and objectives by organization side

    • Effective communication system

    • In depth knowledge of software consultants

    How to implement the ERP software in an organization successfully? –

    The biggest reasons of the non implementation of an ERP solution successfully is that the ERP implementation is done by the routine employees with an inadequate training and another one is not supporting top and middle level management. But still some actionable steps are for to be taken into consideration ERP implementation –

    • Software should be easy enough to understand with low complexity.

    • By providing proper training schedule to the key users.

    • By awaring key users about the benefits of the ERP solutions in the surrounding environment.

    • By ending various legacy problems between the partners.

    • By employing the employees lacking education in ERP solutions and provide direct training.

    • By selecting the appropriate ERP solutions which is best suitable towards company needs.

    • Selecting the ERP solution which can be secured enough with the firewalls and provide 24 X 7 support.

    Advantages of ERP –

    • Tells management about the ongoing status of activities in their organization.

    • Encapsulates the better coordination between the departments and the management.

    • Time and cost reduction in processes.

    • Innovates new technology in organization.

    • Helps in faster decision making

    • To achieve the competitive advantage and goals and objectives.   

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