• What precautions are necessary for the matrimonial website developers?

    Today the most preferable thing online is internet matrimonial services. It is very difficult for individuals to find their perfect match offline so matrimonial websites provide them the much better options for selecting their life partner just on their personal dashboard.


    Sometimes matrimonial website applications provide their profile searching facilities in very low cost. There should be the best matrimonial features which have been gained as input from the best matrimonial industry experts.


    In a matrimonial website, there should be a good work on editing, adding, updating and the maintenance of all the user profiles. Good matrimonial website developers also prefer the website monetization services via their matrimonial scripts.


    The best matrimonial web developers should also have great knowledge of PHP to develop matrimonial scripts. Today there also staff management and franchise management module are provided as a brand reputation model schemes.


    Matrimonial sites should be developed with proper security standards and it should be as per according to the website user expectations. There should be the advanced search facilities for the users like - locality search, education and keyword research etc.

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  • What is the status of the online matrimonial business in India?

    India is a country where marriage is considered a vey sacred relation. It is not only a relation of the two individuals but also binds the two families as well. In India, marriage is considered as a relation, which binds the two individuals for the full eternity. In India, there is approximate more than 11 million marriages happens every year. 

    In Indian ancient scriptures, there are 8 types of marriages. But in today’s arena there is a tradition of arranged marriages as well loves marriages. Here, parents choose the most suitable life partner for their children.

    The old system of arranging marriages into Indian families was done via Newspaper advertisements, word of mouth conversations, relatives and local priests. But the complete system has been changed after coming of the online matrimony websites after the entrance of bharatmatrimony and shaadi.com in 1997.

    Online matrimony business is growing rapidly in India. Its growth rate is measured at the rate of 25% every year. The online matrimony sector is full of expert professionals which are not only having the knowledge of digital media but also aware with these traditional Indian cultural values.

    The online matrimonial sector has the total worth of 2000 crore INR. The reason of this overall success in a very short period of time is consistency, more privacy, convenience and time-saving. The overall pace of development will be continued in the online matrimonial sector for the upcoming years as well.   

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