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  • What should be the ideal features of matrimonial scripts?


    In India, matrimonial business sector has reached upto 32 billion dollars. The popularity of matrimonial businesses in India is due to growing internet oriented businesses and religious sects.


    Throughout the assistance of the readymade matrimonial script, a webmaster is capable to create his customized website application without any technical skills. There should be some basic qualities in a matrimonial website like - 


    • Basic features like - profile, email and analytics code setting, social media links and all type of banner handling.


    • Additional features like - add or remove the data like - country, religion, state, education, occupation and mother tongue.


    • Perform members related settings like -  adding, deleting, disapproved, pending, approved and pending status info etc.


    • Perform data transfer like - photo transfer and video transfer etc.


    • Management related functions like - advertising, email, SMS, coupon code management, registration management and chat management.


    • Searching related functions like - member profile management, advanced search, sorting and match creating. 


    Matrimonial script is the most effective online medium, which is helpful in getting the error free matrimonial script. If the website is prepared successfully then it will definitely help you in getting the thousands of profiles.


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  • What are the precautions for using the matrimonial websites?


    There are 2 types of marriages in India - one is love marriage and the other one is arranged marriage. The third marriage type is taking place as internet marriages. With this the era of online matrimonial websites has been initiated in India.


    With the coming of the these matrimonial websites, thousands of profiles are in front of the people wishing for the marriage. But with the advent of these matrimonial websites, many severe problems are occured. Like - 


    • There are many fake profiles to misguide you.

    • Provide all kinds of proper and genuine data for the matrimonial site.

    • Good efforts are really required to check the authenticity of matrimonial profiles.

    • Only chatting and one time meeting with the persons is not enough to select the appropriate life partner.

    • There are multiple sometimes thousands of matrimonial profiles are available in which selection of proper life partner is quite tough.


    There are tons of matrimonial websites on the internet today, which claim to provide you the best life partner for your life. Please try to select these matrimonial websites carefully because to select the correct life partner is always necessary and complex for you. 

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  • What features you find in PHP matrimonial scripts?

    Online matrimonial business is increasing day by day. In this competitive era, interested web owners are ready to develop their matrimonial websites in a very less period of time. PHP scripts are doing the wonders in this scenario of developing the matrimonial sites.
    Some PHP matrimonial scripts are there which are capable to develop your website in minutes with a very user-friendly layout. They are mostly based on the latest frameworks like – Laravel, Codeignitor and CorePHP.
    These PHP scripts provide the advanced search facility, which is based on many search parameters. These matrimonial scripts can handle both of the free and paid subscription of users.      
    Users can search their preferred life partner as per according to their location or profile id. The interface of these matrimonial websites is so easy that there is no need of specific guidelines to handle any matrimonial profile.
    Generally these matrimonial scripts are of two types. By using the readymade clone scripts, a webmaster can develop the websites with predefined features. By using the custom solutions, a matrimonial website will be based upon the unique features.
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  • What do you consider the best - matrimonial website or dating app?

    Today matrimonial websites like – and are still dominating in the traditional marriage sector in comparison to the mobile dating sites. Especially in the metro cities, these online dating websites are getting more successful in attracting the youth to get their partner.

    The flow of the dating apps was started in the Indian market when Tinder got successful in attracting more than 7.5 million daily swipes in the country. The flood of many new online dating apps started but in nearly four years either many of them have shut their business or taken over into some other big business.

    In a survey performed by the social media wing of ASSOCHAM in 2010, it was declared that the online dating apps have a very great scope in India in terms of popularity. Soon the online dating industry crossed over the worth of 500 crores INR. Now the question arises that will online matrimonial websites will come on toes in front of this hurricane of dating apps?

    The current situation is nothing like that. Online matrimonial sites such as and are still standing at the top position in the market.  In 2018, the revenue of market share of automatically rose with 15% rate and the dating apps were regularly struggling to find more revenue and traffic.

    A dating app generally earns revenue only when their users select any paid service. The main point of concern is that the individuals of late-20s are just there to find a friend only. They would generally search on the matrimonial website to search their life-partner. They are more successful in monetizing their traffic into subscribers with a very high success rate.

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  • What are the advantages of the online matrimonial business in India?

    With the emergence of the online matrimonial websites, traditional Indian marriage model is completely changing. These online matrimonial websites are a boon for those individuals who are eligible for marriage and able to handle this responsibility but they can’t get successful because of any reason.

    Main advantages of online matrimonial websites –

    • They provide thousands of profiles to find an ideal match to an individual.
    • These sites provide an individual to select their life partner on the base of their profession and community.
    • These websites have no geographical and demographical boundaries.
    • There is no need of any intermediate agent to select the life partner for your children.
    • There is no possibility of a fake profile. Complete data is safe on the website hosting server.
    • There is an additional option provided for the chatting to know more about your preferred match.
    • These matrimonial websites save time and money.

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  • What are the features of the best web development company?

    Today to have a website is the biggest need of any business. To fulfill this purpose, many of businesses think of an ideal web development company. So what makes an IT company the best web development company in Jodhpur, which can deal worldwide with the every type of website and many other software applications like – CRM, ERP as well.

    An ideal website development company has the following characteristics to have, like –

    Extensive portfolio of work and experience –

    An extensive portfolio of the company showcases the fact that what a company has to offer. The work portfolio of work also shows the talent of company to coming out of the mistakes in selecting and creating website design.

    Provide mobile friendly websites to client –

    Today not having the mobile-friendly website simply means that you are going to lose those visitors who use their phone to navigate on the websites. To have a mobile friendly website can give you the higher rankings on search engines. A proper mobile compatible website is help for your business on having the better search presence. An ideal web development company of course understands this thing very well.

    Have 24 X 7 X 365 availability for clients –

    The main benefit to have your availability online is very helpful in attracting the international visitors. Your website completely explores your development services, web development platforms and testing initiatives, digital marketing initiatives as well to the visitors at once.

    Use of latest development platforms -

    A quality web service provider has the portfolio on developing the websites by using the latest development tools like – laravel, codelgnitor, PHP, CSS and MySQL, Coreldraw etc. Today many companies are offering the web design and development services with many handsome packages.     

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  • What are the dark sides of the online matrimonial websites?

    The emergence of the online matrimonial websites has crushed the old ancient system of parent dominance for selecting the life partner for their children. Today to search a life partner is just few clicks away just because of these online matrimonial websites.

    The emergence of the online matrimonial websites has also brought many dark sides which is also becoming the danger for the Indian traditional marriage system. We should enlighten the some of these dark sides as well like – 

    - Genuineness of the matrimonial profiles is still questionable. 

    - Privacy of the people on these matrimonial websites are easily hampered.

    - Generally people don’t pay much attention to the information sensitivity much while submitting to the website. 

    - Mere chatting and one time personal chatting is not enough to justify the opposite person for being the life partner.

    - Persons approaching for the international matchmaking should confirm the details of the person with the embassy of that country.

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  • What are the methods to make an online matrimonial script?

    A matrimonial business has the enormous scope in India. After reaching it at the worth limit of 2000 crore rupees, the interest of people has increased in this arena especially in last 20 years. Businesses are taking interest to solve the marriage related problems of individuals by providing them the most efficient professional services.

    A matrimonial business website can be made by using the following methodology –

    By using a opensource readymade software

    By using the custom application

    By using the opensource software –

    It is one of the most trending ways of building the matrimonial websites via matrimony script and software. These days business webmasters are using these software just by installing them on the web hosting properly after purchasing the software.

    By using the readymade software, a proper matrimonial website is prepared in minutes. And the most advantageous thing is to be less intimidating and highly cost-effective. The cost of these software starts from the 5000 Rs to 20000 Rs. To update the content through these software is also very easy.

    By using the custom application –

    This method is costly and time consuming than using the software. But still this method is effective for those businesses which are willing to make their website as per according to their preferences.

    Generally these websites cost starts from 50000 to 2 Lakh INR. These prices can differ as per according to the customer preferences. This method is completely cost-effective in the long term for webmasters.

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  • How to promote the online matrimonial business in India?

    The number of online matrimonial websites is increasing day by day. According to latest surveys, online matchmaking business is already touched the heights of 1500 crores rupees and it will soon reach up to 2000 crores.

    To promote a website is more important than to make a website. That simply means that digital marketing aspect of the online matrimonial business is becoming more and more necessary. Especially when the online matrimonial business is under great pressure, because of and bharatmatrimony.

    How to promote an online matrimonial website -    

    There are the following methods for promoting an online matrimonial business –

    Launch your own matrimonial app to increase the user-engagement and daily profile updating.

    To increase the relevant content in the website through blogs.

    Proper social media marketing and campaign for the website.

    Invest your time and resources for the SEO activities of the websites for gaining the highest search engine rankings.

    Establish proper video campaigning on the YouTube and other relevant platforms. 

    Doing proper email targeting and implementing proper bulk emailing.

    When it comes to the marketing aspect of the website, the scenario of the online marketing always changes. The environment of online matrimony business is not easy too. But businesses should try hard to do their tee in promoting themselves.

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  • What is the status of the online matrimonial business in India?

    India is a country where marriage is considered a vey sacred relation. It is not only a relation of the two individuals but also binds the two families as well. In India, marriage is considered as a relation, which binds the two individuals for the full eternity. In India, there is approximate more than 11 million marriages happens every year. 

    In Indian ancient scriptures, there are 8 types of marriages. But in today’s arena there is a tradition of arranged marriages as well loves marriages. Here, parents choose the most suitable life partner for their children.

    The old system of arranging marriages into Indian families was done via Newspaper advertisements, word of mouth conversations, relatives and local priests. But the complete system has been changed after coming of the online matrimony websites after the entrance of bharatmatrimony and in 1997.

    Online matrimony business is growing rapidly in India. Its growth rate is measured at the rate of 25% every year. The online matrimony sector is full of expert professionals which are not only having the knowledge of digital media but also aware with these traditional Indian cultural values.

    The online matrimonial sector has the total worth of 2000 crore INR. The reason of this overall success in a very short period of time is consistency, more privacy, convenience and time-saving. The overall pace of development will be continued in the online matrimonial sector for the upcoming years as well.   

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