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  • What is the importance of ERP in modern economics ?


    A ERP system is an integrated system/software/application which covers all functional areas of the logistics, production, finance, accounting and human resources management.

    It is comprised of one application, one database, one information management system which reveals the information of optimum utilization of resources.

    The main problem with ERP information system is that it is not capable to manage the different functional areas of the organization.

    The ERP system is comprising of the enterprise system factors like  - vendor, customer and manufacturers. Each and every transaction is processed by the ERP system one by one.

    The ERP system is always made around the specific boundaries of the organization. It does not treat the stand alone activities and considers them as interlinked processes.

    The CEO of the company tries to understand the truth in different variations and the proof can not be questioned.

    By having this information, a customer service representative can have this information and they can keep tracking all the information about the orders.

    ERP system adopts the complex calculations and methodologies to complete this process.

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  • What is the global fair role in promoting handicrafts ?


    Fairs and exhibitions are one of the most effective ways to promote handicraft items since the beginning. Global autumn fair is one of the fairs in which the number of the retailers and craftsmen are eager to showcase their products and catalogs.

    In it the retailers gain the opportunity to showcase their products and catalogs in front of the UL public like - gift retailers, store buyers, multi store retailers and independent working retailers.

    This fair can be considered as a golden opportunity for the Indian craftsmen because in UK there is a lot of promotional opportunities for the Indian Handicrafts. The UK handicraft market is interpreted to have the worth of 350 million euro.    

    In the global handicraft fair, It is told to another craftsmen that how to take the advantage of the global handicraft market which is going at the rate of 12% in b/w 2015 and 2019. The craftsmen showcase their products and services to the global public. It is the best way to promote the handicraft industry mainly owned by local and rural artisans.

    What kind of products are shown to the public in global autumn fair -

    soft furnishing


    home decor


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  • What is the welfare intiative for the handicraft artisans in 2017-18 ?


    A women empowerment plan is always necessary in India in about every sector. In handicraft industry, almost 23 crore implementation plan was allocated for the scheduled caste sub plan in which approximately 10 crore rupees have been invested on the fiscal year 2017-18. Approximately 30 crore rupees have been implemented on the welfare of tribal areas.

    The implementation project has been implemented successfully in the following states like - Maharashtra, Jammu & Kashmir, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Uttrakhand & Tamil Nadu. The handicraft sector is operated mostly by SC/ST and tribal caste people. Most of them are weavers and handlooms.

    Approximately more than 45 lakh artisans are belonging to the scheduled castes and tribes. Government is providing the following type of financial support for the facilities like - modernization and upgradation of technology, input support, marketing support, publicity and exhibitions, infrastructural support, research and development etc.

    There is programmes especially for women empowerment also implemented in handicraft industry because 70% workers of textile industry are women from India. They are directly or indirectly associated to the textile sector for their standard of living. There is more than 50% women attached to the wool and silk industry.

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  • What is the scope for wooden industry in India ?


    The wooden timber is always high scoring on all of the parameters - durability, climate resistance, availability and sustainability. Our Indian wood store is always needed to have good human supervision and management for its long time survival.

    There is also needed to leave carbon footprint in the local and global environment to reduce global warming as well to fulfill the requirement for wood in kitchen needs. Wooden furniture is always helpful in radiating warmth in balance, adding natural beauty to your home.

    There is a growing need of the wooden timber in fashion in next five years.  This industry is growing at the rate of 30% and there will be 2 million artists attached to the woodworking industry. The kitchen industry is worth of more than 3 million dollars. So the industry of wooden handicrafts will be at its peak.

    There are many factors which can affect the wooden manufacturers - work expertise, production process complexities, shipping and delivery complexities, raw material, customer preferences and most important - innovating new designs in wooden handicraft items etc.

    India has the biggest challenge to remove the need to import the wooden furniture from the major competitor countries like - Italy, China, Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia and Japan. There is needed to accelerate the growth of the Indian furniture trends and lifestyle.

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  • WHat are the neww challenges of ERP vendors in 2018 ?


    2018 is the year of the cloud technology which can transform the ways of people for doing the businesses. Customers are expecting to get more benefits from the analytics capabilities of a cloud ERP software.

    Today ERP vendors should have the visibility control on the ERP software and they should have the control on the complete project life cycle phases, so that it can be understood that where the project is going risky or over budgeted.

    To develop artificial intelligence in the organization, companies should adopt the strategy of feedback loop so that after learning from the mistakes, incremental changes can be performed easily. It helps in cutting the financial and accounting costs.

    Some big ERP vendors also develop the applications and advanced analytics But it is applicable only in the specific business areas. Most businesses are not even ready to invest in this sector. So it can be said that the business future of these big ERP vendors is in danger.

    In big businesses, there is a CPM system (corporate performance management system) to manage the complex ledgers and accounting systems so ERP vendors have the need to develop these CPM systems to remove the accounting complexities.   

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  • What are the emerging trends of the ERP in 2018 ?


    The ERP industry is still passing through its inception era. Today the biggest problem in this segment is this that the ERP vendors can have the best products in front of the customers but it is dependent on the overall B2B consumers that they should adopt it or not. To try new technologies customers have to be risk-averse.

    It is the consideration of the Nucleus research center, that the 2018 is the year of the value based cloud ERP ( enterprise resource planning ) technology. The main aim will be on the departments in a manufacturing industry like - Finance, Accounting, Inventory management. The cloud ERP software will be based upon the proper analytics based approach.

    In 2017, the ERP vendors were in the search of the ERP customers, which were willing for the customised application to fulfill their special requirements. Today the 20% of the customers are not satisfied of the performance of their existing ERP software applications.

    Cloud ERP software vendors have the need of developing the applications which are flexible to the customers. It is the consideration of the nucleus research center that the ERP vendors have the need to work on their applications to make it more value delivering.

    2018 is the year that will be a stepping stone in the path for the customers who are willing to change their way to operate their business cycles. By getting the ability of the cloud ERP software customers will be completely able to get the proper data for review and monitor their business performance.

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  • What is the new role of the virtual reality in handicraft industry ?


    Virtual Reality is a computer generated and three dimensional environment which makes a user interactive experience which realizes a user of lifelike things in a virtual environment. It provides a user better understanding about the objects and entities.

    What is the use of the virtual reality in handicraft industry ?

    Virtual reality is the basics of handicraft industry and it makes the 3D presentation of a project. It also helps in the coordinating and communication with clients. It also helps in finding details of aa project so easily. As per according to the VR concepts, it also provides applications for web, printing and sales support to the project.

    The basic benefit of the virtual reality is this that it is the best online way to explain the variant product designs in a simple and realistic way. With this, it is the easiest way to explain way to explain the dynamic and static products at the same end. The customer can be get able to understand the real implementation of the project.

    The advantage of the virtual reality in handicraft industry is that the products also can be shown in different sizes, feasibility and colors. The recording of the presentation can easily be done in a mobile device and proper documentation can be done and it can also be shared with the people.    

    The availability of the 3D data will increase simultaneously with the passing time and the further changing trends in routine technology will be able to increase digitization but there is a lot to see remaining. Overall the future of the VR is bright.  

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  • What is the status of wooden timber in China ?


    The local tribes and communities living in the forets, living in any country, are famous in utilizing the forest products in the multiple of ways. Generally the timberwood is used as the firewood, utensils and medicine making. Generally we can say that the forests are used to make the products which have both non commercial and commercial value.

    In china there is a land full of flora and fauna which is an appropriate place  for woodland. Generally trees of large size are more useful than the trees of small size. Generally these woods are used in making in the sticks, shoes, hats, hats and ropes. Specially bamboo tree is generally used to make the handicraft and furniture items.

    There are many furniture items which are still of the use of farmers. They are not used for the purpose of selling. still shoes are not used to make from these furniture. In China rural areas the selling of handicraft items specially wooden stuff is not easy. The monitoring of timber use is mandatory as per the forest conservation act 1930-32.    

    The plants and small size trees are generally grown in China for domestic and money uses. In china, the making of wooden furniture is very low so the tree population is still high in natural environment.

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  • What are the wooden tray idals of India ?


    A wooden tray is something which is used to carrying over the food or other drinking members to guests in a home or office. It is not essentially made of wood only but it is also made of other metals and the mix of the too as well like - silver, steel, gold, brass and iron. Today acrylic and plastic trays are also in fashion because of being affordable. It is generally popular in some asian countries and UK as well.

    Type of trays -

    Paper trays -

    The paper trays are manufactured from the paper, glue and other ingredients. It is as well prepared from the ancient time in India, Asian countries and Europe. These trays were also decorated with the flower and fruit based patterns.

    Oven tray -

    It is generally used to cover up the oven when something is being cooked in to oven in kitchen. It is also helpful in removing liquid mixing with the food material while being cooked to. It  is also known as baking tray.


    Plastic or fiber tray -

    Generally plastic or fiber trays are used in cafeterias. They were generally divided in different shallow compartments in which directly different dishes can be served to the guests. It is generally made of plastic or fiber.


    Metal Trays -

    Generally these trays are made of the different metals like - silver, gold and brass. Generally these metal trays are generally used in hotels or houses. They can also be decorated with the different animal or flower based designs.


    Wooden trays -

    It is made of different type of wooden material and timber like - maple, oak and pine. They are also designed with different animal and flower designs. They can also be carved.  These are generally used in houses and offices as well.

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  • What is the overall state of online furniture market in India ?


    Today India’s online furniture industry is expected to become  very significant in these current and upcoming years. Now that time is gone where people have to go for purchasing the overall furniture from their home or office or to give orders to make any furniture stuff. This era is digitized era. Everything is available for your delivery at a single click of button.

    In this post we will see that what is the overall scenario of the Indian Online furniture industry -


    • Indian online furniture market is worth 140000 crore rupees. It is basically very competitive and decentralised segment market.

    • India’s furniture industry is expected to have the current growth rate of 20% for the next five years and the overall stock furniture is expected to reach at the more than 35 billion USD.

    • In last year at 2017, the current market score was 15000 crore increment in profits and the home decor furniture industry is expected to have the worth of 50% CAGR. Home furniture industry is the fastest grown furniture industry in all over India.

    • Internet is also becoming the net income source of furniture dealing companies and the overall 40-50% repeat customers are from the smartphone devices.      

    • At last as per according to the Make in India campaign it has been decided to declare and launch many new initiatives for furniture and it is promised to make India the third largest economy by 2030.

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  • What is the role of wooden table in a house ?


    Wooden material is considered as the best raw material in the world because It can be used as the wonderful material for making any type of stuff. Wooden stuff is considered to make every type of things and objects in this world - building, furniture, real estate, houses and chairs, tables, cabinets, desks and fuel.  

    There are many types of wood in this world. Some woods are costly and some are as well affordable. The obvious reason is this that the crafting time and designing skills on the wood affect the cost of wooden stuff. It is highly water resistant, climate and weather resistant and air resistant. So it can be used inside and outside both places at the house.

    The overall quality of wooden table is this that the use of wooden tables is unlimited. It can be used for reading, placing books, table lamps, clothes, digital accessories and media devices, toys, TV, computers, scanners, printers, cabinets etc.   

    The overall qualities of wooden table are generally this -

    • cost effective

    • highly durability

    • climate and weather resistant

    • corrosion resistant

    • beautiful in look

    • available in every size and designs

    • easily transportable

    • easily hand covered with curtains

    • can resistant air and weather

    The overall disadvantages of the wooden tables and other material are as following -

    • sometimes very costly

    • easily blunted

    • needs to be polished

    • needs proper maintenance

    • needs more work to get crafted

    • hard to get proper wood for the consumption

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  • What is the role of Jodhpur in Indian Handicrafts ? 


    Indian Handicraft industry has been very famous because of its quantity, quality, low labour cost and large quantity of natural resources for making handicrafts. Today handicraft sector has made a primary or secondary source of income for more than 5 million artisans and craftsmen.

    The wooden handicraft is still very famous for its durability and cost effectiveness. It pays more than 45% of Indian handicraft export market. It is considered as the second most important source of income for people after agriculture. In India, EC project is also implemented in some Indian states which is initiated to promote the wooden handicrafts in all over the India and as well overseas.

    Status of Jodhpur In Indian Handicrafts -

    Jodhpur is the second largest district of Rajasthan after Jaipur. Its handicraft section has provided the sustainence not only to the economy of the Rajasthan state but also paid a significant role in the Indian Handicraft section as well. That is why he Jodhpur handicrafts have created the employment opportunities for more than 3 lac people.

    Here at Jodhpur, all the handicraft items are made of wooden and iron material and the incredible fact is this that they are 100% exported to the foreign market. The wooden furniture and home decor items are made with the unmatchable quality and design which are very much in demand.

    The current worth of the Jodhpur handicraft market is worth 1500 crore rupees. The popularity in Jodhpur has been increasing at the faster pace in last three to four decades. The uniqueness and sturdiness of Jodhpur handicrafts shows the rich and diversified culture of the city.

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