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  • WHy was change neccessary for the elimited company ?


    When a completely new ERP software is about to be launched in the organization, it is always necessary to perform the change management as well. In the entertainco company the need of change was felt needed and the change was needed permanently as per according to the management needs and business operations.

    In that erp software, first it was necessary to develop software requirements as per according to the relevant stakeholders. It was also needed to develop the whole solution as per according to the system needs so that there should be no gap between the desired and gained output. At last, user acceptance testing was already necessary for end user to provide its involvement.

    For the change management and user training, EntertainCo limited company prepared the inhouse development team, in which total 13 members were included from the development team of the team in which 5 of them were also included for the ERP system support.  

    The company also implemented the user training workshops for onsite purposes. SAP manager was allocated to the entertainco company felt that the end user support was necessary to showcase the inner capabilities of the inner system. It created feedbacks for the SAp system to refine it.   

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