• What should be the features for users in a matrimonial script?


    There are many matrimonial features which should be the necessarily there in matrimonial scripts, like -


    • There should be advanced matrimonial search function so that users don’t have to worry in searching for their life partner.


    • There should be multiple currency dealing facility in the website. There should be the SMS gateway integration facility to send email messages.


    • Website should be compatible for both free and paid users. Admin should easily navigate the website functionality to manage the various functions.


    • Admin should have the facility to approve the profiles to make it a genuine profile of the matrimonial website.


    • There should be the partner preference updation facility in the website so that they can get the proper recommendations.


    • A matrimonial website should have the facility to choose the membership plan. They can make their payment online and offline as well.


    • Users should have the facility of profile visibility options. The matrimonial script should have the matrimonial script monetization features like - banner advertisement, and membership plans.


    • Admin can upload files and other necessary documents in the bulk documents.


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  • What features you find in PHP matrimonial scripts?

    Online matrimonial business is increasing day by day. In this competitive era, interested web owners are ready to develop their matrimonial websites in a very less period of time. PHP scripts are doing the wonders in this scenario of developing the matrimonial sites.
    Some PHP matrimonial scripts are there which are capable to develop your website in minutes with a very user-friendly layout. They are mostly based on the latest frameworks like – Laravel, Codeignitor and CorePHP.
    These PHP scripts provide the advanced search facility, which is based on many search parameters. These matrimonial scripts can handle both of the free and paid subscription of users.      
    Users can search their preferred life partner as per according to their location or profile id. The interface of these matrimonial websites is so easy that there is no need of specific guidelines to handle any matrimonial profile.
    Generally these matrimonial scripts are of two types. By using the readymade clone scripts, a webmaster can develop the websites with predefined features. By using the custom solutions, a matrimonial website will be based upon the unique features.
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  • What are the advantages of the online matrimonial business in India?

    With the emergence of the online matrimonial websites, traditional Indian marriage model is completely changing. These online matrimonial websites are a boon for those individuals who are eligible for marriage and able to handle this responsibility but they can’t get successful because of any reason.

    Main advantages of online matrimonial websites –

    • They provide thousands of profiles to find an ideal match to an individual.
    • These sites provide an individual to select their life partner on the base of their profession and community.
    • These websites have no geographical and demographical boundaries.
    • There is no need of any intermediate agent to select the life partner for your children.
    • There is no possibility of a fake profile. Complete data is safe on the website hosting server.
    • There is an additional option provided for the chatting to know more about your preferred match.
    • These matrimonial websites save time and money.

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  • What are the dark sides of the online matrimonial websites?

    The emergence of the online matrimonial websites has crushed the old ancient system of parent dominance for selecting the life partner for their children. Today to search a life partner is just few clicks away just because of these online matrimonial websites.

    The emergence of the online matrimonial websites has also brought many dark sides which is also becoming the danger for the Indian traditional marriage system. We should enlighten the some of these dark sides as well like – 

    - Genuineness of the matrimonial profiles is still questionable. 

    - Privacy of the people on these matrimonial websites are easily hampered.

    - Generally people don’t pay much attention to the information sensitivity much while submitting to the website. 

    - Mere chatting and one time personal chatting is not enough to justify the opposite person for being the life partner.

    - Persons approaching for the international matchmaking should confirm the details of the person with the embassy of that country.

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