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  • What is the role of bamboo in making handicrafts ?


    Bamboo trees are one of the most fastest growing plants in the world. It has the largest economical and cultural value in India and south asia. Bamboo products are very eco-friendly in nature and it can save from the hard pollution. India has the more than 10 million hectare area on which the bamboo resources are situated.  

    The bamboo tree is one of the most prolific entity in the world of handicrafts. There are more than 25000 bamboo based handicraft units in which more than 20 million people are connected as the employed person. It also provides more then 6 lakh jobs every year to the people. in 2015-16 fiscal year, the net worth of bamboo based handicrafts was 25000 crore INR.

    In India, the bamboo handicraft industry is considered as the informal and decentralized industry especially in southern India. In southern India, the baskets, mats, carpets, vases and furniture items are very famous. The popularity of the bamboo industry is indicating to the fact that the India has more than 25% market share in the overseas market.

    Bamboo grass is used to make the curtains which are used in the interior decoration. These are the very famous products which are both handmade or can be machinery made too. Traditional tools and different machinery are used to loom these curtains and the final output varies in both the methods.

    In all the southern Indian states like - Goa, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, there are many registered and non-registered companies under many government and state government institutions. They are working for the development of the handicraft industry in southern India.   


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  • What is the significance of LITEROM as ERP software ?


    Modules of LITEROM -

    1. Administrator Module

    2. Users Rights Management

    3. Students/Teachers/officers/Other staff profile management

    4. Time Table Management

    5. Students/ Teachers/ Officers / Other staff I Cards Management

    6. Examination (Academic Record) Management

    7. Alumni Management

    8. School’s Global Settings for each module

    9. Admission Management

    10. Attendance Management

    11. Fees Management

    12. Vehicle (School Bus) Management

    13. Library Management

    14. Stock (Inventory Management

    15. Asset Management

    16. Purchase Management

    17. Health Management

    18. Hostel Management

    19. Gate Security Management

    20. Transport Management

    21. Front Office Management

    22. HR / Payroll Management

    23. Accounts Management

    24. SMS Management (Attendance updates to parents, Fees Updates, Academic Updates)

    25. Data Synchronization (Online/Offline)

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  • how srilanka contributes to the handicraft industry ?


    The relation of India and Sri lanka have been friendly so nice with each other from the centuries and they both only have the one or two time war type situation. The story of Ram - Ravana epic war is the world famous war between the India and Sri Lanka. Both the countries have the renowned names in the South Asia and they are the separated by the Pak Straight.

    Sri Lanka is the place of talented craftsmen and is the good mixture of the modern and traditional designs.  Like India and China, Sri Lanka have the much potential for the giftware, home decor, furniture and toys, wellness spa products.

    The craftsmen of Sri Lanka are also aware of the latest trends of the handicraft market and they are as well aware to make the contemporary designs as per the international requirements. There is a very good requirement of the Sri Lanka's handicrafts in all over the USA, UK and Japan and other european and asian countries.


    Government initiatives for handicraft development -

    • providing important packaging facilities

    • providing consultancy services

    • proper knowledge management to the export of handicrafts

    • make 1000 handicraft villages for the economic development of country

    • to provide insurance & pension facilities for the artists

    • to provide the proper training and development programmes by opening the proper handicraft training centres.    

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  • What is the role of Indian expo center and EXIM bank in handicraft promotion ? 

    EXIM bank -

    The EXIM bank (export - import) bank of India is the leading financial institution which is the best entity to manage the export and import operations of the other financial institution. This bank/ financial institution was initiated on the 1 January, 1982 for promoting and managing the foreign trade and handicraft export in India.

    The authorised capital of EXIM bank is 200 crore and its paid up capital is 100 crore. EXIM bank has many other functions to perform -

    • to finance the handicraft trade of India and the third party industries.

    • to provide machinery and technology on lease to merchants.

    • to finance the joint ventures financing

    • providing loans to Indian Merchants.


    Indian Expo center & Mart -

    Indian Expo center and Mart is one of the leading institute of handicraft products export in different part of India and other part of the world. Although it is also a platform where international level of buyers are connected with the platform to source their handicrafts. It is expected that the Indian Expo center and mart will soon be established in to the wholesale market for the handicraft products. In twice of a year the handicraft fair is organized at Indian Expo Center and many buyers from worldwide are collected at the fair to visit the handicrafts center.

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  • What is the uttar pradesh conribution to the Indian Handicraft products ?


    Uttar Pradesh is the fifth largest state in terms of area and is also one of the most populated state in Northern India. It handles overall 15% of total population of India. Up also contributes approximately 8% GDP of India.

    The state is also famous for flora and fauna which are good for pastures. Uttar Pradesh is as well famous for the cities like Saharanpur and Moradabad which are famous for woodwork and metalwork in handicrafts.

    Uttar Pradesh has been the largest state in providing the employment and enterprises to many of more than 90 lakh people whether it may be registered or unregistered companies. In addition to this the handicrafts of Uttar Pradesh has more than 60 % partition in the Indian Exports. There are many special economic zones developed in many cities of UP like - noida and Moradabad and many economic parks are developed.

    The important handicraft products which are being produced in UP which have a significant role in export they are , - carpets, metal frames and wooden handicrafts. Besides this the jewelry, hardware, software, printing and leather products are also notably transported to the Indian Economy.

    In the UP economy to make more contribution in handicraft sector, it is necessary for the state government to increase the production level and enhancing the export units. First it is necessary for the government to identify the sectors which are having the great demand in domestic as well the international market.

    In addition to this it is also necessary to provide some training programmes related to technologies which are necessary to make the production more smooth and less time consuming.

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  • What is the condition of the furniture market in USA, China and Japan ?


    The market nature of wooden industry is always volatile and inflexible in nature. Today what is in the trending will not be in trend tomorrow. So due to look at the huge competition, it is necessary for all the ecommerce and small furniture oriented companies to work on new varieties and patterns to stay up in the competition.

    It is necessary to have eminent level of  capital and financing facilities to make a success for a country. Today there are many type of major countries which have their own manufacturing base of furniture segment and they are as well ranking good in top furniture exporting countries. Like - Malaysia, China, India, Germany, Japan, Korea etc.

    China is undoubtedly a furniture giant for the world. This is the result due to importing nature of USA. USA is totally dependent on China for its furniture market segment. China is experiencing the great opportunities for entering in the USA furniture segment and it is earning a huge potential of revenue. USA is importing most of the bedroom and home decor furniture from China. The other countries market share is shrinking continuously in this segment.

    Besides USA, europe is also considered an endless opportunistic market for the asian countries. European countries are as well opened for the different export especially for child furniture, flat furniture, PC related furniture, living room  also has a very good scope for the exporting countries.

    In Japan, besides of being a small country, still it has a growing opportunity for the furniture segment. In Japan people they have the tendency to accept the high price but they are not ready to compromise on quantity. There is a very open opportunity for cupboards, corner furniture and large tables.

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  • What is the kind of cities important for zari and leather products ?


    What is the main role of zari products ? -

    Zari is a special type of thread which is made of silk and velvet to make intrigue patterns. This is also available in many golden and silver threads of form. It is also considered as a raw material for zardosi embroidery. It is also used in making sarees, home decor and other type of clothes. Real Zari is made of mixed coating of gold and silver plating. Today is the era of imitation zari embroidery which is made of copper and silver mixed coating.

    Zari embroidery is very famous work in India which is employing more than 1.5 million artisans. Surat, Bareilly, Agra, Varanasi, Hyderabad are also the vulnerable zari embroidery making places in India in which surat is most vulnerable.

    Products - zari sarees, banarasi sarees, kanjivaram sarees, salma, lace, beads and wires etc.


    What is the main scenario of the leather products ?

    Leather industry is the main industry of Indian market and economy. It has the main role in manufacturing the leather shoe uppers and footwear. Over all 900 million pairs of shoe pairs are prepared every year and are exported from India every year.

    Main cities of Leather handicrafts -  

    There are more than 1 lakh people there who are totally or partially dependent on their living on leather products. Mainly Mumbai, Delhi, chennai, Jalandhar, karnal are the following states in producing the leather products. There are more than 2000 leather units which are manufacturing the leather units itself.

    Products -   

    mainly footwear, belts, bags, shoes, pants etc.

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  • What is the role of wooden table in a house ?


    Wooden material is considered as the best raw material in the world because It can be used as the wonderful material for making any type of stuff. Wooden stuff is considered to make every type of things and objects in this world - building, furniture, real estate, houses and chairs, tables, cabinets, desks and fuel.  

    There are many types of wood in this world. Some woods are costly and some are as well affordable. The obvious reason is this that the crafting time and designing skills on the wood affect the cost of wooden stuff. It is highly water resistant, climate and weather resistant and air resistant. So it can be used inside and outside both places at the house.

    The overall quality of wooden table is this that the use of wooden tables is unlimited. It can be used for reading, placing books, table lamps, clothes, digital accessories and media devices, toys, TV, computers, scanners, printers, cabinets etc.   

    The overall qualities of wooden table are generally this -

    • cost effective

    • highly durability

    • climate and weather resistant

    • corrosion resistant

    • beautiful in look

    • available in every size and designs

    • easily transportable

    • easily hand covered with curtains

    • can resistant air and weather

    The overall disadvantages of the wooden tables and other material are as following -

    • sometimes very costly

    • easily blunted

    • needs to be polished

    • needs proper maintenance

    • needs more work to get crafted

    • hard to get proper wood for the consumption

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  • What is the role of Jodhpur in Indian Handicrafts ? 


    Indian Handicraft industry has been very famous because of its quantity, quality, low labour cost and large quantity of natural resources for making handicrafts. Today handicraft sector has made a primary or secondary source of income for more than 5 million artisans and craftsmen.

    The wooden handicraft is still very famous for its durability and cost effectiveness. It pays more than 45% of Indian handicraft export market. It is considered as the second most important source of income for people after agriculture. In India, EC project is also implemented in some Indian states which is initiated to promote the wooden handicrafts in all over the India and as well overseas.

    Status of Jodhpur In Indian Handicrafts -

    Jodhpur is the second largest district of Rajasthan after Jaipur. Its handicraft section has provided the sustainence not only to the economy of the Rajasthan state but also paid a significant role in the Indian Handicraft section as well. That is why he Jodhpur handicrafts have created the employment opportunities for more than 3 lac people.

    Here at Jodhpur, all the handicraft items are made of wooden and iron material and the incredible fact is this that they are 100% exported to the foreign market. The wooden furniture and home decor items are made with the unmatchable quality and design which are very much in demand.

    The current worth of the Jodhpur handicraft market is worth 1500 crore rupees. The popularity in Jodhpur has been increasing at the faster pace in last three to four decades. The uniqueness and sturdiness of Jodhpur handicrafts shows the rich and diversified culture of the city.

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