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  • How HDFC bank implemented the instagram campaign #spenditwell?

    HDFC bank is at the epicenter of all the banking sector in India for more than 25 years. It is another name of transparency, loyalty and reliability and very loved bank in India.


    Many of the marketing audience of the HDFC bank includes the millennials, anage group which includes the people crossing 50 of their age. Their spending habits are different than young age.


    Now the question was how to aware these people about the credit/debit cards in front of HDFC online marketing staff. So they decided to operate #spenditwell campaign on instagram. 


    The overall purpose of this mass campaign was to increase the brand awareness of Millennia cards in the millennials in a cool and fun way and drive the queries towards it.


    In this campaign, many influencers like - Arjun Kanungo, Rana daggubati, Sana Sheikh, Radhika apte were included. The posts were generated in a high quantity for the maximum engagement.


    HDFC millennials online marketing team generated the thumb-stopping content so that nobody could ignore it. This campaign ignored reach of 19 million people, 22 million impressions, more than 100000 visits a day span and a 500% increase in Google search. 


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  • How was Godrej Lalhit instagram campaign implemented ?

    Godrej Lalhit is a company which deals in home insecticide company. This is one of the largest market share of India in which goodknight and Lalhit products of Godrej deal with the largest part. 


    Lalhit considers its motive to remove the cockroaches in the kitchen of your house, in which they are hidden in difficult to reach places. Keep in mind that cockroaches are the main cause of diseases like food poisoning.


    To promote the products on social media especially instagram, different profiles of cockroaches were made and then new users were followed. In each profile, their life and eating behaviour were briefly described. 


    The roaches were spread across the profile to like and comment on the photographs of the other users and those users started to get strange notifications about these profiles. When they checked their profile, they got notifications about Godrej Lalhits.


    This campaign was about to educate instagrammers about the disease but since the Diwali was near, it was not appropriate to show the disease message to users. Godrej had to be aware about this specific thing.


    Godrej roach profiles got more than 3 million hits and 8% of engagement. These profiles commented on more than 6000 food photos. Godrej considered that people share more than food pictures on instagram.    


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  • A spontaneous view of Amazon


    Amazon is a fortune 500 company which is based in Seattle. It deals in ecommerce, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and digital streaming. 


    It is popularized as ecommerce venture established in 1994 by Jeff Bezos. Amazon is the world’s largest revenue holding company in the whole world & second largest private employer in the US.


    Amazon was started as an online bookstore but later expanded to sell electronics, clothes, DVDs, furniture, food, toys, jewelry and video games. 

  considers itself a customer-centric company and says it will fail if not follow the demands of customers. 


    In 2002, Amazon started the AWS (Amazon Web Services), which provided data on website popularity, internet traffic patterns and other statistics for web publishers and marketers.


    Amazon is also doing good in employees retention as well. Amazon has more than 6 lakh employees, which handle the complex engineering algorithms.    


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  • hacking apps an android


    Android is the most useful and popular operating system and most of its user-base consists of hackers who create useful apps for android platform. Let’s focus on some of the hacking apps like - 


    AndroidRAT - 


    This is a popular remote administration app because it takes control of android platform and gathers the information from it. It tracks online information like - contacts, SMS, opening browser URL etc.


    Orbot - 


    It is developed android app which is developed by Tor browser. It hides your real IP address and torifies all TCP traffic for your android device. 


    Hackode - 


    This app is a toolkit for multiple professionals of ethical hackers, pen testers and IT specialists. It includes the functionality of google hacking, whois scanning, SQL injection, RSS feeds and many more.


    Fing - 


    This app is also a network toolkit in which it also monitors a network traffic. It measures the following aspects -


    • Mapping the devices

    • Network security risks

    • Identify intruders 

    • Connectivity to wifi networks


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  • WHy android apps are so compatible in IT development companies?

    Today most of the businesses are engaged towards the android apps to get their maximum customer base. Android app market has covered upto 80% market of app market in India.


    Android app development has many operating, technical and financial benefits. Businesses can get the following benefits by using the android apps - 


    • Enterprises can get a high return on investment, because after a low amount of investment, developers can easily get testing done on any device.


    • Android apps provide faster deployment facilities to you because it has very rapid application development life cycle. 


    • Android apps are so versatile, because they give the multiple operations execution facility at once. 


    • Android apps are so adaptable because it integrates with all the mobile app platforms like - smartphone, PC, Laptop, tablet etc.


    • Android is an open-source platform and it provides the integration with the multimedia tools and data management functions. 


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