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  • What is the difference of the codeigniter versus laravel matrimonial scripts?


    As one of the best server side scripting languages, PHP is one of the best languages among all the companies. The biggest benefit of PHP is that it let provides a user stay on the key programming concepts and provides the high scalability. There are two frameworks like - Laravel and Codeigniter of PHP which have tremendous benefits to make applications.


    Let’s discuss some of the basic differences between both of these platforms -


    • Codeigniter is a platform which is full of library functions. It provides all the functionalities of work within less period of time. Laravel has bundles which implements the functionality into the application.


    • Codeigniter framework is a platform which is based on the MVC framework. Laravel is a framework where it lets you coordinate development with the latest features of language like - namespace, overloading, array syntax.


    • Codeigniter framework is necessary for a web application to ensure its popularity and scalability where Laravel framework is necessary for the multiple backend cache problems.


    • Laravel provides the serial documentation of each and every coding functionality, so that each and every coder can work very extensively. Codeigniter framework has very easy processes so that even the geek developer can work on it.


    • Laravel has the inbuilt documentation features wherever codeigniter framework has no inbuilt authentication features.   


    • Both the codeigniter and laravel framework support PHP language and HTML embedment which is useful for web and mobile development both.


    • Laravel supports the unit testing feature by its inbuilt modules. Codeigniter has no inbuilt testing modules.


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  • What is the difference between the android and ios applications?


    If anyone goes to market, there are always two main operating systems for mobile applications. They both contain more than 90% of the mobile application market. Both of these platforms are android and iOS. 


    Both of these platforms are similar in many aspects but they show the significant difference against each other. Let’s try to elaborate the basic differences between both of these platforms.


    • iOS has always been a little bit higher than the Android. When Apple launches their updates, it is implemented equally on all kind of iOS versions.


    • iOS has a long term friendship with their users and they have also much resale value than android phones.


    • Android platform helps you in providing the third party app compatibility services and iOS generally is very strict with that.


    • The reliable customer support of iOS platform is higher than the android platform. You will find the solutions of your problems very easily at any Apple store.


    • Both Android and iOS platforms provide the data back-up facility with very reliability through third party platforms like - onedrive and dropbox.


    • At Android platform, monthly security policies are introduced but iOS platform has a very occasional need of security updates.


    • Android has much more diversity and flexibility in terms of hardware in comparison to software. It is available on many hardware platforms.


    • Android provides you very much control and authority over your own device and iOS provides less flexibility due to third party integration problems.


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  • How youngsters are reacting towards the marriage and cohabitation?

    In the USA, the marriage succession rates are on the decline for many years. Even the trend of cohabitating with a partner without marriage is in fashion.  But the surveys tell a different story. The satisfaction rate is much more in the married couples.


    Still the percentage of the people having live-in relationship are much more in trend than the married couples. The people living in relationships are in between the age of 20 to 60. Since 2005, this ratio has been increased from 3% to 7%.


    In the USA, many youngsters believe that to live in live-in relationship is better than not to marry while on the other side many people see marriage with full of social benefits.  This ratio of percentage is approximately more than 50%.


    Married adults have shown the tremendous level of satisfaction and trust more than individuals who are not married. Whether it is related to trust, division of responsibilities, balancing of personal and professional life and anything else, married individuals are more happy.


    More of individuals having the cohabitating relationship with their partner are mostly engaged in their college degree or starting their professional life. These individuals see their relationship status as the first step to the marriage. 


    Many non-engaged individuals who are involved in cohabitation, they show finance as their reason not to engage or marry their partner. These people are completely ready to raise their children just like a married couple.


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  • How is the India responding to the mobile app market?


    India is the fastest growing market sector in the whole world pertaining to android apps and iOS apps. India is very much ahead in competition in case of mobile app downloads for both platforms. 


    In the last two years since 2017, the country has seen the tremendous growth in the mobile app downloads that is India. Although China has been the most extreme in the case of the app usage and terms. India has overtaken USA in terms of mobile app downloads.


    The most famous app downloads in India are Netflix and Tinder as content streaming services. Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger are the most used one in terms of social media installs. Indians are also interested in downloading the chinese mobile apps like - UC browser and Vigo Video as well.


    By the end of 2022, India will have more than 40 million downloads in the app platforms. The growth rate of the market would have reached up to more than 200%. The latest and advanced broadband services are paying an important role in changing the consumption habits of people.


    In the USA, when app market was in its initial days, users had very few choices in apps. In India, a user has more than 2 million apps as choice. Here gaming mix, social media, video streaming apps are at the top position. 


    The app user base in India has reached up to larger than the population of USA. If your company has no app development and marketing strategy for Indian market then you should make a one. This country of more than 200 million internet users has huge potential for app market.     


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  • Why a responsive matrimonial website is so much necessary?

    The word responsive script may be very confusing to the newbie programmers and laymen. But it is necessary to maintain the responsiveness the matrimonial script. A responsive matrimonial script is helpful in getting the device compatibility on the user screens. 


    In 2015, Google also declared the mobile responsiveness a minor ranking signal and also the creation of the separate mobile index for the websites. This is an indicator of the importance of responsive scripts.


    The importance of having the best responsive matrimonial scripts is that the user would see only the essential information on your website. From a search engine point of view, it can increase the search rankings of your websites dramatically.


    Benefits of having the responsive matrimonial website -


    1. Cost effectiveness and time friendliness of website.

    2. Improved user experience and ease of management.

    3. Increase in the percentage of visitors, lead generation and conversion.

    4. A non-responsive matrimonial script can lose 30-40% of their visitors.

    5. Increase the reach of users on smaller devices.


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