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    How ColdFusion interacts with the server portlets?


    Portlets are the key drivers of content stimulation for any portals. In ColdFusion 9, many server products and projects are available for ColdFusion API for support. Today’s portlets are compatible with the eleventh version of the web services for remote portals.

    The web services, which interact with the WSRP v1 version are also called the WSRP producers. Through this WSRP consumers can access the ColdFusion 9 portlets. ColdFusion portals are accessed from the remote server even if they are situated on the client server.

    Here is the case when the portal server is a java server, then it does not follow the routine server rules. In this case, ColdFusion 9 enterprise edition is used for supplying the information to the Java portal server.

    ColdFusion 9 server provides you many functionalities and features, that allow you to access the portlets via web services. There are many CFCs which can be used to deploy portlets for local and remote services.       

    ColdFusion 9 includes many out of the box service portlets, which completely follow the standards of Java local servers. There are always the specific methods and functions like - doview which work for consuming web services.

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