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  • What are the methods to make an online matrimonial script?

    A matrimonial business has the enormous scope in India. After reaching it at the worth limit of 2000 crore rupees, the interest of people has increased in this arena especially in last 20 years. Businesses are taking interest to solve the marriage related problems of individuals by providing them the most efficient professional services.

    A matrimonial business website can be made by using the following methodology –

    By using a opensource readymade software

    By using the custom application

    By using the opensource software –

    It is one of the most trending ways of building the matrimonial websites via matrimony script and software. These days business webmasters are using these software just by installing them on the web hosting properly after purchasing the software.

    By using the readymade software, a proper matrimonial website is prepared in minutes. And the most advantageous thing is to be less intimidating and highly cost-effective. The cost of these software starts from the 5000 Rs to 20000 Rs. To update the content through these software is also very easy.

    By using the custom application –

    This method is costly and time consuming than using the software. But still this method is effective for those businesses which are willing to make their website as per according to their preferences.

    Generally these websites cost starts from 50000 to 2 Lakh INR. These prices can differ as per according to the customer preferences. This method is completely cost-effective in the long term for webmasters.

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  • How to promote the online matrimonial business in India?

    The number of online matrimonial websites is increasing day by day. According to latest surveys, online matchmaking business is already touched the heights of 1500 crores rupees and it will soon reach up to 2000 crores.

    To promote a website is more important than to make a website. That simply means that digital marketing aspect of the online matrimonial business is becoming more and more necessary. Especially when the online matrimonial business is under great pressure, because of and bharatmatrimony.

    How to promote an online matrimonial website -    

    There are the following methods for promoting an online matrimonial business –

    Launch your own matrimonial app to increase the user-engagement and daily profile updating.

    To increase the relevant content in the website through blogs.

    Proper social media marketing and campaign for the website.

    Invest your time and resources for the SEO activities of the websites for gaining the highest search engine rankings.

    Establish proper video campaigning on the YouTube and other relevant platforms. 

    Doing proper email targeting and implementing proper bulk emailing.

    When it comes to the marketing aspect of the website, the scenario of the online marketing always changes. The environment of online matrimony business is not easy too. But businesses should try hard to do their tee in promoting themselves.

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  • What is the status of the online matrimonial business in India?

    India is a country where marriage is considered a vey sacred relation. It is not only a relation of the two individuals but also binds the two families as well. In India, marriage is considered as a relation, which binds the two individuals for the full eternity. In India, there is approximate more than 11 million marriages happens every year. 

    In Indian ancient scriptures, there are 8 types of marriages. But in today’s arena there is a tradition of arranged marriages as well loves marriages. Here, parents choose the most suitable life partner for their children.

    The old system of arranging marriages into Indian families was done via Newspaper advertisements, word of mouth conversations, relatives and local priests. But the complete system has been changed after coming of the online matrimony websites after the entrance of bharatmatrimony and in 1997.

    Online matrimony business is growing rapidly in India. Its growth rate is measured at the rate of 25% every year. The online matrimony sector is full of expert professionals which are not only having the knowledge of digital media but also aware with these traditional Indian cultural values.

    The online matrimonial sector has the total worth of 2000 crore INR. The reason of this overall success in a very short period of time is consistency, more privacy, convenience and time-saving. The overall pace of development will be continued in the online matrimonial sector for the upcoming years as well.   

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  • What is the role of the course instructor in the online education?

    An instructor is a person who is in charge of the classroom. An instructor is generally a full term employed professional for a specific curriculum. There are sometimes adjunct instructors available in an institute who have short term employment.
    A facilitator also plays the role of the instructor specifically in an online learning environment. An instructor and facilitator has any real significance if they can help to students in making connection with learning objects.
    There is always a requirement in the online institutes that they require the instructors with proper subject matter expertise, not only holding the teaching skills individuals. If they have the required online teaching skills then a student can win at the earliest.
    To get the proper knowledge of the instructor’s credentials, students must proceed to the institute website. Every institute has its own different page pertaining to required credentials. In the lacuna of this, students must move to the right school or institute.
    Instead of the traditional classroom teaching, it is the sole duty of the online incharge to help the students in making information available at the right time and making them workable with those concepts.     
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  • What are the redirects in the ColdFusion framework?

    Redirection is a process in any programming language, in which a user is traversed to another page from current page to provide the real information. The redirected page can be a broken or parked domain page, so redirection is necessary in this case.
    In coldFusion framework, there is facility to serve the redirection facility by using of two methods -
    permanent redirects.
    temporary redirects.
    permanent redirects -
    A permanent redirect should be used when no page exists. In this type of redirection, 301 redirect status code is used. It is implemented by the <cfheader> in the ColdFusion framework. This is generally used for search engines as well and they will index the correct file.
    temporary redirects -
    It is used in the case where a user is being redirected to another page based on a logical rule. In this case, <cflocation> tag is used to induce this redirection. This actually sends HTTP status code of 302 code which means  - “moved temporarily”.
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